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3RD Ordnance Battalion (EOD) FRG Newsletter


Volume 1 Issue 1

From the Battalion Commander

Welcome to the first publication of our Battalion-wide Family Readiness Group newsletter. Suzanne and I are honored to be part of the 3d EOD BN and are still getting somewhat settled in. We come to Fort Lewis from Fort Bragg, NC where we were stationed for over nine years, three 12 month deployments to Iraq and multiple additional deployments including Thailand, Philippines, Korea and Jordan. The intent of this newsletter is to provide a forum for each of the company FRGs to show what they are doing and also provide a place for us to inform our families of activities, installation support agencies and their capabilities, and consolidated calendar. This is NOT a replacement for all the great products and work that each of our company FRGs produce. This is also not a consolidation of all our FRGs into a single battalion-level FRG. I am a big supporter in allowing and encouraging company FRGs to maintain their individualism and identity. You know your Soldiers and Families the best. We are here to help you. I encourage all of us to make this and future installments of this newsletter helpful for all families. It is important that relevant information is provided to our families and that we are doing everything possible to assist them when our heroes are deployed. Please feel free to provide any feedback that will make this product better and I personally thank you for your support. Families can never be thanked enough for their sacrifice and hard work when the Soldier is deployed.
LTC Bill Downer

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Command Sergeant Major

I also would like to welcome you the to the Battalion Family Readiness Group newsletter. I recently arrived from Fort Leonard wood, Missouri and it is a privilege for me to be selected as your Command Sergeant Major and serve the Soldiers and families within the battalion. I am here as a single Soldier but I do have two children of which have become adults and moved on with their own lives. I have always been an avid supporter of the FRG and understand the value that each group brings to the families and Soldiers of the organization. It is vital that we maintain that presence throughout the battalion in order to support the families within it. With units continually deploying and redeploying it is imperative that we have a support network in place to help our families and Soldiers at all times. I am confident that we have that here and look forward to being a part of it. I personally thank all the families for their support and dedication to their Soldiers and I look forward to meeting you all in the coming weeks. CSM Robert Doig

3RD Ordnance Battalion (EOD) FRG Newsletter


Upcoming Events:
yMRX to Fort Riley (28 Sep - 9 Oct) y4 Day weekend (9 Oct12 Oct)

Hail & Farewell In the past few months weve said goodbye to:
LTC Nordmeyer MAJ Elder MAJ Nikkila CPT Dawson CPT Laase CPT Lee CSM Puig 1SG Daniels SFC Williams SSG Clovis SGT Anderson SGT Stankevicius

As the beautiful Fort Lewis summer tapers away, the HHD finds itself heading into a busy fall season. We have had a successful reintegration following our deployment. Weve said farewell to members of our family who have moved to other units or have completed their military careers. And weve welcomed new members-from our new E-3s to our Battalion Command team. Now as we continue to support our companies in their mission, we begin the preparations for our own upcoming deployment. These preparations will include our individual training (Weapons ranges, classes,etc) and our unit training (mission rehearsal exercises (MRX) held in Fort Riley, KS). Our ultimate goal ? To ensure we as a unit are set up for total mission success while continuing to provide staff support. We plan on achieving that goal through training that is efficient and worthwhile. We understand how important it is that our soldiers are given the maximum amount of time with their families and friends, and therefore plan on making the most of each training event to minimize redundancy. It will be a busy six months., But the support of our families will undoubtedly help pull us through. As always,, we appreciate your patience as we ask your loved ones for their valuable time. We assure you that we are doing all we can to balance the demands of training and work with down time. Unfortunately, we do not have an active FRG right now. However, with the help from the Battalion FRSA (Ms. Tammy Flores), an FRG would be a great way to ensure that our families are kept informed and connected during the time leading up to and through the deployment. If anyone is interested in taking the lead on this endeavor, please let us know ! We will provide all the support we can. Again thank you for your continued support, patience and time ! Something to add ? Congratulations ! Birthdays!
MSG Ryan 19 Sept PFC Ruybal 8 Oct SGT Diaztorres 11 Oct SPC Gonzalez 14 Oct CH Buchanan 15 Oct SPC Frisk 15 Oct CPT Do 18 Oct SGT Castleberry 24 Oct SGT Sheets 31 Oct If you have anything youd like to share with the families of the HHD or suggestions of what youd like to see in our newsletter, please feel free to send them to LT Emily Worthing at

And weve had the opportunity to welcome:

LTC Downer MAJ Better MAJ Schoonover CPT Wessling CSM Doig SFC Leon SPC Morris SPC Stamper PFC Strawser PV2 Darby

To MAJ Better for his promotion, effective 2 Sept. To SPC Whitted for competing in the 71st Ordnance Group (EOD) Soldier of the Quarter Board. He represented himself, the HHD, and the Battalion very well !

3RD Ordnance Battalion (EOD) FRG Newsletter



Hello again from the Spartan Company Headquarters in Yakima Training Center. I hope everyone is healthy and in good spirits. The company has been conducting an aggressive training schedule. The coming months promise to be busy and we appreciate your support at home. We are continuing to develop our first FRG event and complete the establishment of our FRG chapter with regular monthly meetings. These possible events include but are not limited to a trip to the Silverwood Amusement Park, White Water Rafting, Paintball, Pool Parties and BBQs, and even local Yakima Bears Baseball Games As most of you know, we have just recently welcomed our new FRG Leader, Stephanie Applegate. She is doing a wonderful job supporting the families and the soldiers of the 53rd Company. Thank You Stephanie for what you do each and everyday to support the company !

Thanks for all you do ! CPT Edward R. Runyan Commander

3RD Ordnance Battalion (EOD) FRG Newsletter


Welcome to the first issue of the 129th Ordnance Company (EOD) Family Readiness Group (FRG) newsletter. Our newsletter will cover; upcoming events, promotions, births, FRG Meetings, etc. Information on local events and activities will be provided by the battalion Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) within the newsletter. Please ensure you read about these activities. I would like to thank all the soldiers and families for being active participants in our previous FRG Meetings. We will continue to give the Soldiers and Families of the 129th the opportunity to provide input on what they would like to see in future FRG meetings. Based on the recent FRG Surveys we will conduct meetings once every two months on a weekday evening. We will continue to reassess this as we get closer to deployment. . As a new FRG we are required to fill two volunteer positions. I would like to thank Mrs. Ellie Hite for volunteering to be our first FRG Leader. Our other required position is the FRG Secretary. This position is currently vacant. If you would like to volunteer for this position, or would like to help with the FRG in any other capacity, please feel free to call myself or the Battalion FRSA, Tammy Flores. As we continue to grow we will have additional Volunteer opportunities. As a former single Soldier and now married with four children, I understand how important families are to a Soldier. I look forward to hearing from you and just know I am here to help. Thank you for all the support that you provide to your Soldier.

Upcoming Events
Company Mountain climb 1 Oct 09 FRG Meeting 1 Oct 091800 At the company Company FTX 13-16 Oct 09

SSG David Knight coming to us from Fort Bragg, NC

SGT David Cookhe is ETSing after 6 1/2 years in the Army

CPT Jason Hite First Sergeant

I would also like to welcome everyone to the Family Readiness Group Newsletter. Helena and I have always been supporters of the FRG and we look forward to continuing to help the unit grow. As we get closer to our one year anniversary as a unit here on Fort Lewis, I want to welcome Staff Sergeant Knight from Fort Bragg, N.C. he is a much anticipated addition to our growing family. We must also bid farewell to SGT Cook who joined us from the 707th EOD CO for a short period and ETSd this month. He served the Army for over six years and deployed two times to Iraq. His first deployment was as a Signal Specialist and his second deployment was as an EOD Team Member. His contributions to the Army, EOD and our Unit are greatly appreciated by all and we shall miss him. Thank You SGT Cook for your service. In closing, I want to Thank all of our Families of the 129th EOD CO for their continued support of the FRG and all of your Soldiers. Your contributions to this company is what makes this Company such a success.

1SG Frey

3RD Ordnance Battalion (EOD) FRG Newsletter


From the company commander
Welcome to the first publication of the 710th EOD Company newsletter. I come to the 710th from the HHD, 3d EOD Battalion. I assumed command on 6 August 2009, so currently we are in the process of re-shaping the company to better support our growing need. Currently we have no established positions in the company FRG. So we are looking for volunteers that would be interested in being the FRG Leader. If interested in a position, you can contact Tammy Flores (FRSA) at 253-967-9969 We would like to also take this time to bid farewell to our soldiers that have departed the 710th.
MAJ Chavez SFC Wilson MAJ Better SFC Rolfe MAJ Better SGT Macialek SSG Peltz SSG Hooks CPT Vail SSG West

SSG Cohen

SPC Wojtwowski

First Sergeant
I would also like to welcome you to the company

Thank You all for your Support CPT Ty Dawson

Family Readiness Group newsletter. I arrived to the 710th from the HHD, 3d EOD Battalion as well in the middle of June. I would just like to say with the coming changes we are making to the Company, there will be TDY for most members of the 710th after the new Year. Establishing a FRG for the 710th is something that will provide value to all the family members of the 710th and we will need at least an FRG Leader that is willing to take on this rewarding task. If interested in fulfilling the FRG Leader position, you can contact Tammy Flores (FRSA) at 253-967-9969. 1SG Daniels

3RD Ordnance Battalion (EOD) FRG Newsletter


707th Company

To all 707th Families,

Thank You all for your support. We could not have done it without you all. At this time, the soldiers are all doing great, just continuing to move forward into theater at this time. It is a busy time as you can all imagine. A great big Thank You to everyone for the Goodie Bags and all of the hard work you contributed to help get the company ready for the deployment. We appreciate it.

From 707th Company

3RD Ordnance Battalion (EOD) FRG Newsletter


759th Company
This month the soldiers of the 759th EOD Company are wrapping up final preparations for the companys first deployment since 2006. 12 Soldiers from the 759th, 5 more from sister companies across the 20th SUPCOM, 1SG Simeroth and CPT Ralston completed the seven-week Weapons Intelligence Course at Fort Huachuca, Arizona to meet the requirements for our upcoming deployment. For this deployment, we have been tasked with a new mission for Army EOD-Weapons Intelligence. In the past, the EOD member of the Weapons Intelligence Teams (WIT) has been filled by Air Force and Navy Techs. This rotation, the Army is fielding the entire WIT task force. The deploying soldiers of the 759th reluctantly leave behind our families and friends for the next 8-12 months, as we partner with members of the 203d Military Intelligence Battalion as the WIT Task Force. During our deployment we will conduct battlefield forensic investigations to help identify and capture bomb makers and other insurgents attacking coalition forces and the people of Iraq. The company rear detachment, led by SSG Robert Fortney and SGT Adam Stoffel, will continue our stateside EOD Mission and support our FRG until we return. The company FRG Leader, Jana Ralston, will remain at Fort Irwin to assist the families of our deployed soldiers. CPT Jonathan Ralston

3RD Ordnance Battalion (EOD) FRG Newsletter


787th Company

The families and friends of the 787th EOD Company welcomed home their soldiers on Tuesday, September 15th. It was a joyful experience for everyone involved. The Family Readiness Group (FRG) began homecoming preparations in August with an FRG meeting and a reunion workshop with Army Community Services (ACS). Baskets were prepared for the single soldiers and generous donations were collected for all the soldiers. Every soldier received a welcome home gift from the FRG. Our August FRG meeting included a special guest, LTC Downer. LTC Downer shared deployment and homecoming from a soldiers perspective. We appreciated his insight and expertise. Also at the meeting we formed a group to prepare the single soldiers welcome home baskets. We discussed our FRG calendar for the remainder of the year, and would like to reevaluate our plans for fun events with the FRG since the soldiers are home. Our September recipe exchange is cancelled until further notice. Also in August, Pamela Allen, from ACS, conducted a reunion and homecoming class for our FRG. Kristi Nicholls donated pizzas and drinks for our Friday evening gathering, helping to make it a relaxing and fun experience for all. Mrs. Allen gave us some practical tips and tools to help make the homecoming transition easier for our families and relationships. We have enjoyed working with Mrs. Allen throughout the deployment process, and this class was as interactive as her others, and she got everyone involved in discussion. Lastly, our single soldier gift baskets were a group effort that was lead by Tammi Moen. Our first wave of soldiers that returned in August had a basket prepared for them by Stephanie Tilley. The rest of the baskets were a group effort amongst the FRG including a donation from Mary and Dale Kelly. The highlight of the welcome home donations were the gift certificates collected by Kari Bross, including a complimentary 16 pizza from Farrellis for each and every soldier in the unit. A huge THANKS to all of you that made these welcome home gifts a success. The 787th FRG would like to continue to support those soldiers and families that are in waiting for the return of their loved one. If you have any special ideas that you would like to have our FRG work on, please let Sue Ho know by email or phone 208 866 4689.

Thank You, 787th Company

3RD Ordnance Battalion (EOD) FRG Newsletter

By Chaplain (CPT) Stephan H. Buchanan


Prior to becoming an Army Chaplain I was serving in a local church ministry in Springfield, MO. Four weeks after putting my packet in for the Active Duty Chaplaincy, I received a call from my branch accepting me to the Army and with short notice orders to move to Fort Lewis and deploy. Within one week I was at fort Lewis and 28 days later I was with the 3d EOD HHD in Afghanistan. Because of the short notice, my wife and I decided to wait until we returned from the deployment to move. My lovely bride, Alaine Buchanan, comes to us with a lot of knowledge and experience. She taught Religious Studies / Philosophy at the university level for four years and she is currently working on her PhD in Biblical Theology from Regent University, Virginia Beach.

The 3d EOD Battalion Unit Ministry team is a relatively new addition to the Battalion. SGT Clarence Slaughter and I, yes, my assistant has the cool name of SGT Slaughter, deployed with the Headquarters Detachment (HHD). We returned in early May. After Block leave, and PCSing to Fort Lewis, we are now on the ground and ready to serve. SGT Slaughter and his wife Cynthia come to the battalion with a wealth of knowledge and experience as they have served in many units through out the world. Most notably, they spent 4 years in Korea in both battalion and brigade positions. Some of you may have seen Mrs. Cynthia Slaughter here at Fort Lewis. She works at the ID Card Facility in Waller Hall.

Unit Ministry Team

As a team, as a family, we are all here to serve throughout times of stress, deployments, redeployments and reunions. In the next weeks and months to come, SGT Slaughter and I will continue to circulate to the EOD Companies. Lastly, if any one, Soldier or spouse, needs help or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact SGT Slaughter or myself.

A Short Note Life, especially in the Army can be a hard venture for the whole family. When life unexpectedly throws me a curve ball, I try to remember : Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through the LORD God who strengthens me. When life gets hard, do not hesitate to call on God, he can handle it. If you do not know how to call on God, ask a friend, or even your Chaplain, I am sure he would be happy to help.


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Chaplain Stephan H. Buchanan Email: stephan.h.buchanan@ Phone Numbers: Office: (253) 966-6651 Cell: (253) 973-3428 SGT Clarence D. Slaughter Email: Phone Number: Cell: (253) 548-4883

St. Barbara, The Patron Saint of EOD

3RD Ordnance Battalion (EOD) FRG Newsletter


Family Readiness Support Assistant newsletter

Battalion FRSA
Hello, my name is Tammy Flores and I am 3rd EODs Family Readiness support Assistant. I am fairly new to 3rd EOD, but not new to the Army. I have only been in my current position for 6 months and during this time, I have learned so much from so many different people, so thank You to all of you. My husband has been in the Army for 22 years and we have had the opportunity to travel the world and during that time, I have played an active role in volunteering within my husbands Units. I have been an FRG Leader and also have held other volunteer positions for approximately 10 years of our 22 Year career. We have three beautiful children and one granddaughter. Since, I have been in this position I have met a lot of wonderful people both in this Unit and beyond. To the Soldiers, Spouses , volunteers and the supporters within 3rd EOD I just want to say THANK YOU for what you do each and everyday to support the families and more important, your Soldier.

Welcome Home
Well this is a really busy and also bittersweet time for the Battalion right now, as most FRG Leadership Training of you already know; As you are probably reading this, we have great news to share. Oct 21st/22nd 9:00-2:30 Call FRC We have just welcomed home one of our company's (787th) from their deployment. @ (253) 967-9496 to register. We wish the families the best, and as they get to spend a lot of fun wonderful times Registration opens one month prior. getting to bond their family together again, rekindle their marriages, soldiers meeting their brand-new babies for the first time, and get lots of hugs and kisses from the Childcare available with prior children that have grown up in the time that there soldier was deployed. We cant registration. Optional Food Handlers forget about the people back home that have supported our Soldiers during the course available for training participants from 2:30-3:30 on the first deployment. From Wives, Moms, Dads and even Strangers ; all donating treats, care packages to as simple as sending money and making phone calls. We couldn't have day of training. done it without the support from you all. I would also like to send out a Great big Thank You to Sue Ho for her dedication as an FRG Leader in supporting the families of 787th during the deployment, all the while raising her own family. You are a great FRG Treasurer Training asset to 3rd EOD and we could not have done it without you and your duty to Oct 28th 6:30 7:30 p.m. volunteering. Covers fundraising, guidelines for

FRG Funds, Maintaining FRG Account/Audit, Forms. Call FRC @ 253-967-9496 to register.

We also have to say goodbye for a short period of time, to our fine soldiers from (707th) as they departed in Sept for a 12 Month deployment. These fine soldiers said goodbye to their families so they can go out and support the mission. Soon enough the soldiers and their families will start planning for the day that they will be reunited with there loved ones again. While they are away, please keep our Soldiers and their families in your prayers each and everyday. During the deployment I would recommend for family members to get to know one another, join a support group or attend a class that you have always wanted to attend. First and foremost make sure to take care of yourselves. As most of you know, we have recently had the honor of having Melissa Fitzgerald take on the responsibility as the FRG Leader for 707th Company. I know that she is going to do a wonderful job in supporting the Family members as well as the soldiers. I have to say that in the short time that I have known Melissa, I have to say that she is kind, and a dedicated spouse. I have no doubt that she will do a wonderful job in supporting the families. (Between her and the families of 707th, they have already arranged a goodie bag for soldiers while they are on the plane) I look forward to getting to know her better and also working with her, so that we can assist you all in getting through this deployment together.

Resource of the Month

The United States Postal Service offers free packing material to spouses and family Members whos Soldiers are deployed oversees. To take advantage of this offer, you will need to call 1-800-610-8734 and press option 1 for English and then option 1 to speak to a Representative. The package includes, 6 boxes, Tape, Address Labels and customs forms. These boxes are all flat rate boxes.