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When you think about fruits, do you think f an apple? Apples are one of the most popula fruits there are! Did you know that there are Hundreds of kinds of apples? Did you know That apples can be used to make different products? It¶s time to start our Apple Webquest!

The Task
‡ Use the internet to find information about apples. ‡ Complete the apple fact sheet. ‡ Read about growing apples. ‡ Discover different types of apples.


Apple Facts
Directions: As you complete the Apple Webquest, use words from the w to fill in the blanks to the questions below.

Word Bank: orchard fruit fall trees

1. Apples are the ________ of an apple tree. 2. Apples grow on ________. 3. An apple farm is called an ____________. 4. Apples are picked in the ___________.

1. Click here

and read about apples. Complete your Apple facts worksheet, as you work. 2. Click here

and learn about the seasons of an apple tree! 3. Click here

and read about the different types of apples and words that describe them. Complete your apple types of apples worksheet while you work.


Types of Apples
Directions: As you complete the Apple Webquest, write a few types of ap

We tasted Red Delicious apples, Golden ppples, and Granny Smith apples. Which did you like the most? Why?

Links We¶ve Visited
http://www.usapple.org/consumers/kids/tree.cfm http://www.usapple.org/consumers/kids/tree.cfm


Other Resources to Check Out
http://www.primarygames.com/squigly/question1.htm http://www.applejuice.org/seekword.html http://www.applejuice.org/johnnyappleseed.html

At the end of this webquest you will be able to name sever facts about apples. ‡ Talk about the seasons of an apple tree. ‡ Name several types of apples. ‡ Write about what you learned in you Apple Journal.