GREEK ARCHITECTURE a.k.a. columns, columns everywhere

Greek column: Corinthian Capital .

Greek Column: Doric Capital .

Greek Column Ionic Capital .

Acragas. Temple of Castor and Pollux .

Temple of Concord .Acragas.

Acragas. Temple of Juno Lacinia .

The Acropolis at Athens .

Acropolis. Athens: The Erechtheum 5th Century BC .

Athens: Temple of Athena Nike .Acropolis.

Aegina: Temple of Aphaia .

Temple of Aphaia (interior) .

Sicily: Temple of Concord .Agrigentum.

Corinth: Temple of Apollo .

Delphi: Marmaria. Sanctuary of Athena .

Didyma: Temple of Apollo .

Eleusis: Telesterion .

Epidaurus: interior corridors in foundation of Tholos .

Epidaurus: Theater .

Hagia Triada: Staircase from Agora to Upper Courtyard .

Knossos: Palace .

Lindos (Rhodes): Staircase to Acropolis .

Mycenae: Lion Gate .

Olympia: Temple of Hera .

Olympia: Palaestra. Doric Colonnade .

Paestum: Temple of Hera III .

Paestum: Temple of Hera I (Basilica) .

Paestum: Temple of Poseidon .

Priene: Theater .

Sardis: Temple of Artemis Cybele .

Segesta: Temple .

Segesta: Doric Temple .

Selinus: Temple E .

Sunium: Temple of Poseidon .

The Great Altar of Zeus .

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