How We Fight A Virus

y From Dr. Klappa s presentation I set my

mind look at how are immune system fight a virus or intruder. Moreover his explanation of how we fight against the HIV virus. y I tasked myself therefore to produce a dark and ominous film to hook in my target audience.

How We Fight...
The lymph node is where the attack begins for both the HIV Virus and the White Blood cells. Whilst the HIV attaches itself to a B-cell, other B-cells in the system produce antibodies to neutralise the virus by analyse the virus antigens. In this circumstance before infecting the immune system the B-cell divides and multiples, whilst the half which is attached to the virus dies protecting the immune system from harm. Now the white cells attack sending the correct anti-bodies to attach to the virus neutralizing it. The Antibodies also act as a beacon at this point and signal another type of White Cell Macrophage This cell begins to chase the virus and when caught, engulfs it destroying the virus and destroying the attack.

3 Act Structure
y Act 1
y The Virus travel through the system looking for a host to attach to. y When insight the virus attacks the B-Cell an latches to the cells receptor.

y Act 2
y Before virus infects the cell it divides and the half which is attaches dies. y Meanwhile another B-Cells disperses the antibodies which charges down upon the virus

y Act 3
y The Antibodies attach to the Virus via the Antigens and neutralise the virus y Once connected to the virus, the macrophage identifies the virus as an intruder in the

system and attacks the cell engulfing the virus.

Target Audience
y My Intentions for this film was to be for

High School Children. More evidently the later years due to the dark ominous tone which I intend. y My evidence for this is in the success of dark films such as Harry Potter , Twilight and in some respects Tron Legacy which received a good response from children at this age. y My assumption therefore in this case, that the correlation of these movies styles. Used in my work would gain better attention from the audience in question.

The Storyboard
y The Storyboard was an

attempt to make the animation action-packed to keep the teenagers enticed.

Concept Art
y The concept art was a vital element which allowed to play around with the feel of this animation and no doubt became the element which i took my brainchild of this feature being dark and ominous.

Concept 1
‡I saw this image as my beginning structure allowing me to engage with the environment which I want. As you can see my subconscious had already directed me along the highlighting key areas and darkening others.

Concept 2
‡I found my self with this looking at the material aspect and how the characters and stage would look. As you will see the colour scheme remains the same but the colour schemes remains the same. As for the character design the majority followed this image. However I altered the white cells for a better effect later on.

Concept 3
‡In this final attack i looked the animation of the white cell attack. I noticed that the my idea was to have the cell manipulate it body to engulf. However after this I notice the colour scheme for design and the shape when deformed looked more like a tooth. I turn it had to be changed.

Character Design
The designs for attributes came with a purpose to be un pleasant and alien in affect. Appealing to a more dark approach.

The HIV Virus
The HIV Virus was a specific challenge as I need it to appear both alien to the body and slime and dark at the same time. My design focused on brainstorms and collated together their strength to finalise design.

HIV Wire Frame
‡For this model the wireframe was complex due to the use sphere and motion of the tentacle. However due to this I could achieve more fluid motion from the bending of the tentacles.

Virus 3D
‡The result was the following. I decided to use a scale texture along with tentacles which are pointed to imply an unnatural being.

The B-Cell
y My Intention for the B-Cell was

for it to appear organic the images to the left where trying to achieve my notion.

B-cell Wireframe
‡Where I could I attempted to have less polygons. In situation like these it was possible to achieve as the design was best made via the actual material.

B-cell 3D
‡The B-cell was a tough design. The Material was key. The mossy growth which appears on the cell display my notion for an organic look which I tried to create again with the Macrophage

The Macrophage
‡When looking at the Macrophage the initial idea was to make the design more of a predator but after a closer look at it actual image it appeared more deformable and squid like. Therefore I went with this idea.

Macrophage Wireframe
‡Like the virus the wireframe showed a complex model and the reason being was similar to the virus. The use for this model was intent on deforming both the main body and the tentacles.

Macrophage 3D
‡The result was the following. I wanted to keep the B-cell texture and the main body of the Macrophage to be the same. However due to it purpose I wanted it also to appear to be able to deform it self unnatural, which I displayed which the translucent tentacles

The Antibodies where simple to design and followed the design from diagrams and previous pictures. However the use of the bright blue was to identify with the audience the good vs. the villain.

Anti bodies Wireframe
‡The Antibody was again not complex and didn t need to be high in polygons. Therefore I limited the model to 3 cylinder and combined them together for a complete design.

The Stage
‡The Stage was the are of my animation and consisted of a single tube with blood cells flowing through. To do this I also used particle system which I then edited via scripting so that the cells will rotate in disarray and fell more organic.

Stage 3D
‡When textured the stage represent the vein as a cavernous area with lots of dark spots. Again compliments the tone I was looking for.

Stage, Character and Lighting
y To finalise my plan little

lighting was used and only used to light a small area of the stage which included the character. The idea behind this was to have a dark abyss that alienates the action from particles gone by or other animation which are no longer needed in that scene.

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