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Bead Bar Wants Computers

Hardware choices should be driven by the specific software the company needs to run Some of the requirements Meredith Computers for managers Suzanne Computer in each studio Mitch Notebook (laptop) needed for cruise ships Julia Keep the total hardware cost under $20,000 Miriam Marketing can save money by using
computers to develop their own materials Rachel Mobile computing needed for traveling purchasing rep Jim Must be ergonomically designed Chapter2

Bead Bar Consultant

How Computer Hardware Issues Affect the Bead Bar
Meredith Needs to understand the technology and terms Suzanne Computers in studios to improve studio operations Leda Use computers to improve franchise record keeping and marketing Mitch Portable computer to allow working while traveling Julia Concerned about costs, including ROI Miriam Use multimedia to develop marketing materials Rachel Use bar codes and handhelds to reduce errors and streamline operations Jim Upgrading skills of employees and finding new employees to hire with the proper computer skills

Bead Bar Software Requirements

Computer software requirements Meredith Buy or hire a programmer? Suzanne Software to manage employees and
inventory in studios Leda Easy to use Mitch Contact management and presentation software Julia Tax software and office suite, including spreadsheet Miriam Digital picture editing Rachel Software will need to be maintained and updated Jim Employee benefits Chapter 3

Bead Bar Software Issues

How software issues affect the Bead Bar
Meredith No software piracy permitted Suzanne Office suite should include database; employee scheduling and tracking of hours worked Leda Can we find COTS franchise management software? Mitch GUI required Julia QuickBooks required Miriam Desktop publishing tools needed Rachel Bar code scanner software for inventory tracking Jim How are computers and software going to change employee jobs, training, and recruitment?

Data Needs at The Bead Bar

Meredith Too much data to handle manually Suzanne Difficult to analyze sales trends Leda How to share data with franchisees? Mitch Track cruise line offerings Julia Time consuming and difficult to compile financial reports Miriam How to track marketing campaigns? Rachel Keeping track of inventory in a timely manner Jim Need to have accurate data on employee benefits, retirement plan contributions, and beneficiary information Chapter 4

Bead Bar Consultant

How database systems affect the Bead Bar
Meredith Implement a data warehouse to identify trends Suzanne Database to schedule and manage employees and track inventory Leda Enterprise database to improve communications with franchisees Mitch Track sales leads Julia Create financial statements Miriam Data mining results of direct mail campaign Rachel Track inventory and automatically set reorder points Jim Track employee information; concerns over training

Bead Bar Consultant Networking Needs

Meredith How to build a network when there is no premises wiring? Suzanne Need to connect all locations Leda Connectivity would allow easier exchange of ideas with franchisees Mitch Remote access to corporate network from anywhere Julia Minimize costs and improve data collection and communications with all locations Miriam Electronic sales data and marketing materials Rachel Work flow systems to reduce paperwork Jim Use of electronic forms instead of paper forms Chapter 5

Bead Bar Consultant

How can the Bead Bar use networking technologies?
Meredith Wireless connections Suzanne Connect all studios to org. software Leda Remote access to org. software for franchisees Mitch Can we access from onboard ships, also? Julia Cost benefits of wireless networking Miriam Improved inventory control due to more rapid transmission of sales and inventory data Rachel Improved efficiency Jim Will we need a network administrator? How about new policies and procedures for using and accessing the network?

Internet and WWW at the Bead Bar

Leased lines to connect Bead Bar Headquarters with each studio would cost more than $1,000 per month. Meredith believes that the Bead Bar should have a Web page. Some of the uses for the web site might be:
Sell jewelry Promotion of studios Communicate with franchises Help establish brand name

Suzanne wants high-speed connections to studios Mitch wants to be able to search the WWW for information on the cruise industry. Julia is concerned about the controlling the costs Rachel wants to process franchise purchase requests using an intranet to improve response time. Chapter 6

Impact of Internet and WWW

Meredith The Internet makes The Bead Bar a global company and expands market. Leda and Miriam Use Web site to improve brand image and to create franchisee web sites. Mitch Search for information on cruise industry and opportunities to leverage the Bead Bar. Julia Pleased with low cost of Web site and reduced costs to connect headquarters with franchise locations. Rachel Intranet will offer opportunity to reengineer purchasing procedures. Jim Develop policies for employee training and also for appropriate use for business purposes.

Using Information Systems for Decision Making Expansion is on the horizon.

Three new studios Five new franchises Many difficult decisions

Meredith Needs help making strategic decisions Suzanne Where to locate the new studios? Leda How to evaluate potential franchisees? Mitch Scheduling and routing sales appointments Julia Purchase or lease new buildings? Miriam Where should we focus our marketing resources? Rachel How do I maintain the right inventory at the right price? Jim Needs help with hiring decisions
Chapter 8

Bead Bar Consultant

How Decision-Making Technologies Affect the Bead Bar.

Meredith EIS looks to provide needed support and a reality check on previous decisions Suzanne GIS help to determine new studio locations Leda Develop a DSS to evaluate franchise applicants Mitch Use genetic algorithms to solve the sales appointment problem Julia Use Excel to perform What-if and goal-seeking analyses Miriam Use expert system to determine the best marketing media Rachel Intelligent agents to search for best pricing Jim Expert system to assist employees in selecting best combination of benefits options

Business Integration at the Bead Bar

Expansion and growth generate increased need for integration. Finance Sales Purchasing Meredith Needs an overall view of the business Suzanne Needs help managing the increased complexity of additional studios personnel, budgets, and inventory Leda Needs to improve interaction with franchises Mitch Needs to manage more sales people entering new markets Julia Needs increased functionality in the financial software Miriam Wants to know information systems can be used to keep in better contact with their increasing customer base. Chapter 9

Business Integration at the Bead Bar (continued)

Rachel E-business and growth of locations means increased need to manage inventories and order fulfillment Jim Growth means we need a better way to handle job candidates, employee benefits, and employee reviews

Bead Bar Consultant

How Integration Issues Affect the Bead Bar
Meredith Cost versus functionality of ERP systems Suzanne Should it be ERP? Or CRM? Both have advantages and disadvantages Leda Likes vertical market integration to ensure franchisees so not purchase supplies elsewhere Mitch Sales force automation would greatly improve management of the sales force Julia SCM helps to reduce inventory costs whereas ERP financials would produce financial statements more quickly

Bead Bar Consultant (continued)

Miriam Wants CRM to manage marketing campaigns Rachel SCM or ERP procurement module to manage inventory and costs Jim ERP human resources module would improve management of HR processes

Competition at The Bead Bar

The Bead Bar faces increased competition and needs to find ways to use information systems to generate competitive advantage.
Meredith How to know if the Bead Bar information systems truly improve the business and how can they be used to help create a competitive advantage? Suzanne How to share knowledge and collaborate about designs ? Leda How to lock in franchisees? Chapter 10

Competition at The Bead Bar

(continued) Mitch How to use IS to keep advantage in the cruise industry? Julia How to value the current information systems? Miriam How can the marketing team share knowledge and collaborate? Rachel How to demonstrate increased efficiency and reduced costs achieved through information system? Jim How to use systems to assist in transitioning new employees into the Bead Bar environment?

Bead Bar Consultant

How Issues on Managing Information Systems for Strategic Advantage Affect the Bead Bar
Meredith Understanding the strategic role of information systems has changed the way I think about technology Suzanne Wants to build KM system to share bead designs Leda Using KM systems to streamline the value chain makes the Bead Bar more attractive to franchisees Mitch Use IS to create differentiation for cruise line customers Miriam KM system for collaboration on marketing campaign Rachel Use IT for incremental improvements in business processes Jim Develop KM system to improve retention of valued employees

Bead Bar Consultant

Developing and Purchasing Information Systems The Bead Bar needs digital cameras and new software to share bead designs.
Meredith Software development needs to run smoothly and not disrupt business Suzanne Needs to be easy to use Leda Wants to know if COTS is available to do the job Mitch Wants flexibility for expansion to cruise ships Julia Wants to make sure cost is not too high and good ROI Rachel Can this help us to better understand our operations? Jim How do we juggle employee schedules to cover both work and system development activities? Abe How will this new system interface with our existing hardware, software, and networks? How much will it cost to maintain?

Bead Bar Consultant

How Information Systems Development Issues Affect the Bead Bar
Meredith Quality systems can give us a competitive advantage Suzanne End user involvement is key for system success Leda Developing new systems quickly will enable us to react to changing markets and attract new franchisees Mitch We want to extend this to cruise ships ASAP Julia Outsourcing would enable use to control costs

Bead Bar Consultant (continued)

Miriam Using an RFP helps make better decisions Rachel DFD provides better understanding of operations Jim We will need a new policy on end user software development Abe Choosing which SDM, outsourcing, RFPs, and SLA all affect my job

Bead Bar Consultant

Securing Information Systems How to safeguard the Bead Bar technology against natural or man-made disasters and business interruptions
Meredith Worried about hackers or terrorists Suzanne What about studios located in Manhattan if there should be another terrorist attack? Leda Do franchisee systems pose a security problem? Mitch How do I secure my laptop computer and the data that it contains?

Bead Bar Consultant (continued)

Julia Concerned over the accuracy of the data in financial systems Miriam Security of marketing data and systems Rachel Need for improved business continuity plans exposed by the reactions to 9/11 attack Jim Need to update HR policies to include security actions Abe Burden of all planning for security and business continuity

Bead Bar Consultant

How Security, Disasters, and Data Retention Issues Affect the Bead Bar?
Meredith and Suzanne Security is everyones business. Leda Franchisee identification system Mitch Passwords must be complex to duplicate and the passwords must be used Julia Sarbanes-Oxley has increased our data retention requirements for financial data

Bead Bar Consultant (continued)

Miriam Need to develop policies on who can access confidential information Rachel and Jim Work with Abe to develop comprehensive disaster recovery plan Abe Work with Rachel and Jim on disaster recovery plan including technical, educational, and procedural approaches