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Introduction page 2 Transcript pages 3 -4 Resume page 5 Extra ² Curricular Activities page 6 Achievements pages 7 ² 8 Letters of Recommendations page 9 Senior Collections page 10 Internship pages 11 - 14 Pattern Development II pages 15 ² 16 Pattern Development I pages 17 -18 Basic Construction 1 pages 19 -20 CAD ² U4ia pages 21 -22 Photoshop and Illustration page 23 Advanced Illustration page 24 Art drawing and 2-D design page 25 2Fundamentals of Fashion page 26 Historical Costume page 27 Textiles page 28 Problem Solving in Fashion page 29 Visual Merchandising page 30 Advanced Product development pages 31 -34 Product development pages 35 - 39 Fashion Show Production page 40 Merchandise Planning page 41 Entrepreneurship page 42 Fashion Study Tours page 43 Career Days page 44 Fashion Competitions pages 45 - 47



I am a fashion designer and fashion merchandiser who has competed in over five fashion shows and five competitions, in which I have rank and placed in. As well as, assist in organizing a fashion show attended by more than 3,000 people and raised over $30,000 for the show. I am a hard worker who is passionate in what I do and continue to do so as shown in my portfolio.


Job Target:

Objective Statement:



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‡ Your Description Goes Here




Extra ² Curricular Activities

‡ Your Description Goes Here

‡ Former executive / present member of aFAD (

Association of fashion and design) . aFAD activities include sponsorship of student trips to career seminars in Kansas City, Chicago and Dallas; guest speaker presentations; and community service projects. Students also gain practical experience (as well as scholarship monies) by participating in the Fashion Group International, Inc. seminars. ‡Helped in the production of Catwalk for the Cure. Fashion show to raise money for Susan G. Komen Breast cancer foundation. ‡Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity. ‡Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society.


‡ Dean·s List 2007 ² 2008 ‡ 1st place for Personal Shopper at Kansas City career day, 2008. ‡ 2nd place for Personal Shopper at Kansas City career day, 2009

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‡ Your Description Goes Here


Letters of Recommendation


Senior Collections
Course Objective: Three ² five garments created for a production of an apparel line from the conceptualization to the construction of sample garments.

Outcome: Spring 2011


Birdies 116 West 18th Street Kansas City, MO 64108


Course Objective: Complete 280 hours in a supervised internship in fashion design and merchandising. Must earn a satisfactory evaluation.. evaluation.. Outcome: Gained experience in retail sales. Learned how to run a business by buying, merchandising and marketing. I helped in PR and production of West 18th Fashion show sponsor by Birdies. One of my tasks was to help sew and create the headpieces worn by the models and help style the models.



The fashion show was called The Decadent Summer. Pictures show the models from the show and the headpieces I help create for the show.


Internship Sponsor Evaluation





Pattern Development II
Course Objective: Fundamental concepts for developing original designs by using draping techniques. Outcome: To learn different methods in creating a garment and able to develop new design techniques different from pattern making.

Draping on dress form without cutting the fabric.



Pattern Development II


Draping a little black dress.


Pattern Development I
Course objective: Fundamental concepts of drafting for the female form and pattern manipulation techniques to develop original garments including children and adults.

‡ Your Description Goes Here

Outcome: Able to create a pattern and make changes where needed for a correct fit on human form.

Design a pattern with a cowl neckline, circle skirt, and a lace cutout in the back.

Pattern of a bodice


Pattern Development I

‡ Your Description Goes Here

Drafted a pencil skirt.

Drafted a straight skirt.


Basic Construction
Course Objective: Apparel construction techniques using commercial patterns. Outcome: Capable of basic sewing techniques and when to use such techniques such as a French dart, blind hem, design ease, roll line, staystiching, zippers and so on.

‡ Your Description Goes Here

Example of sewing a invisible zipper.

Sewed pajama pants with ½ inch seam allowances.


Basic Construction

Constructed a fitted vest. Constructed a- line skirt awith inverted pockets. Construction of a black jean jacket with button holes, collars and top stitching.


Course Objective: Introduction to the principles and techniques of computer aided design used in the fashion industry.

CAD ² U4ia


Outcome: Learned techniques to establish well design flats. Create well design illustration designs with computer techniques different from Your from hand. drawingDescription Goes


Create own plaid and weave by selecting yarns and shading to create a pattern.

3 piece children collection by using vectors, changing line style, filling line drawings printing, and creating color palettes.


CAD ² U4ia

Design a line with variety of styles. Project included designing a collection, altering fabric, drawing flats by manipulating stitch lines, scaling ,grouping, managing color ways, and drawing with symmetry and vector shapes.


Photoshop and Illustration
Course Objective:

Outcome: Spring 2011


Advanced Illustration
Course Objective: Creation of fashion flats and specification sheets. Focus on the technical ability to translate a creative idea into a working blueprint. Outcome: Create fashionable croquis to illustrate and explain our design concepts as a collection. Create different croquis poses and movement to show the garment through illustration.

Still in Progress


Art Drawing and 2-D Course objective: A Design problematic approach to
the process of seeing and drawing through a applied investigation of natural and man ² made forms.

‡ Outcome: To express what I Here Your Description Goes
really see through different media tools and different drawing techniques.


Fundamentals of Fashion Course Objective:
Overview of the global fashion industry from textile production to the retail level.

Outcome: Knowledgeable in today·s top fashion designers and retail businesses.
Retail Report and Board

Mood Board


Historical Costume
Course Objective: The study of apparel and fashion accessories from the beginning of time to the present. An analysis of global cultural forces that parallel social, economic, political and technological influences on fashion trends will be examined to determine impact. Outcome: Learned fashion repeats itself from past decades. Able to be inspired and incorporate past design concepts into something contemporary.

‡ Your Description Goes Here

Reports about comparing fashion today to 1920·s and early 1900·s.


Course Objective: Study of fibers, yarns, fabrics, and finishes, as they pertain to both residential/commercial fabrics and apparel textiles. Outcome: Understand the different types of fabrications and the way the fabric should be used. Such as, what Your Description fabrics stretch, wrinkle, shrink, weight, and types of yarns.



Goes Here

reate a eave pattern with zippers.

Design a collection with fabric swatches.


Problem Solving in Course Objective: The Fashion planning, buying, selling,
and promotion of apparel and accessories on all levels of the fashion industry, Case Studies include merchandising mathematics, product development, vendor Your Description Goes relations, negotiation strategies, and conflict management. Outcome: Knowledgeable in the fundamentals of mathematics in all aspects of the fashion industry.



FormulasFormulasOpen to buy: Planned Sales + Planned End of Month Stock + Markdowns ² Inventory on Hand ² Merchandise on order. Profitability: Expense % = $ Expenses / $ Net Sales Gross Margin % = $ Gross Margin / $ Net Sales Profit % = $ Profit / $ Net Sales $ Net Sales = $ Profit / Profit % Markup as a Percent: $ Markup = $ Retail - $Cost 29 Markup % Based on Retail= $Markup / $Retail

Visual Merchandising
Course Objective: Exposed to background lighting, styling, visual placement, display focal points, along with photography perspectives to include catalog, magazine, and ad layouts.


Spring 2011


Advanced Product Development
Course Objectives: Direct application of building a product line from specifications and sample development through the production process and distribution channels. Analysis of apparel quality from an industry perspective is explored. Outlook: Able to

‡ Your Description Goes Here take create a
product line from idea to production and then final product through researching, sourcing, merchandising, marketing and developing that final product.

Hang tag and magazine advertisement.


Advanced Product Development


Advanced Product Development
Logo and Target Market Analysis


Advanced Product Development
Window Display

Marketing and ad plan.


Product Development
Course Objective: An examination of the design, manufacture and marketing of products in today·s global economy. Outcome: Understanding of the different types of style sleeves, coats, jackets, dresses, neck lines, silhouettes, etc. Create a product through the whole process of product development.

(Above) Color wheel. (Left) Types of Silhouettes.


Product Development


Dress Styles

Skirt Styles



Product Development


Cooties is a fashion line for children . Involved creating a line through the whole product development process. Including a logo, hang tag, mission statement, flats, order form,


Product Development


Product Development

Spec Sheet and Order form I created for the Cooties Company.


Fashion Show Production
Course Objective: An experiential based fashion Objective: experience that provides opportunities to develop various forms of fashion productions and promotions. Outcome: Learned about the process that Your Description Goes HereThe Missouri State University Fashion Department goes into putting on a Cordially Invites You to Our production. Such as promotions, Spring Fashion fundraising, designing Show 2010 and the responsibilities that each area goes April 24th into making that final 4:00 p.m. (Doors open at 3:15 p.m.) show.



Springfield Expo Center 635 East Saint Louis Street Springfield, MO 65806

Models and the audience during the ´Believe ´ Fashion Show. (below)

Location parking is available.

Tickets: Pre-Sale - $8 Available April 5th-23rd PCOB Building
(Corner of McDaniel & South Street.)

At the Door - $10
For information contact Jenifer Roberts: 417 -836-5493

(Above) Fashion show invitation I help create.


Merchandise Planning
Course Objective: To be familiarize with the terminology, Objective: fundamental principles and techniques of merchandising calculations.

Outcome: Spring 2011


Course Objective: Entrepreneurial concepts of opening a Objective: business through the development of a business plan.

Outcome: 2012 ‡ Your Description Goes Here


New York City

Fashion Study Tours
Course Objective: Study of and visits to museums, design Objective: studios, historic sites, trade shows, conferences, and conventions related to the fashion industry. Outcome: I went to New York City in which we visit Tommy Hilfiger, fashion showrooms, and alums. Learned how a fashion business is run and what happens behind the scenes of fashion line.

‡ Your Description Goes Here


Kansas City, Dallas and Chicago

Career Days
College students majoring in fashion, interior design, marketing, merchandising, etc. are given the rare opportunity to learn from top business experts and leaders in the design world. Career Day offers design competitions, career related seminars, panel discussions and a Job Fair.


Fashion Competitions

‡ Your Description Goes Here

Store Concept Board, Kansas City. Placed in top five. Create the logo, Credit Card, Business Card / Envelope, gift card, hang tag, and store bag for the store named STEM.


Fashion Competitions

‡ Your Description Goes Here

FGI Personal Shopper 2nd place, 2009

FGI Personal Shopper 1st place, 2008


Fashion Competitions
Catwalk for the Cure fashion Show rank top 0.

‡ Your Description Goes Here

FGI fashion show Kansas City, skirt rank in top 30.

Project Puppy fashion Show


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