Beginning Stages of the Research Process


Marla Brigitte M. Galvan Hazel R. Gapoy Ma. Eliza E. Refugio

Report Formulating a Research Problem Conceptualizing a research design A research Constructing instrument for data colection Writing and presentation of Data Stages in Research Process Selecting a Analysis of Data Collecting Data sample .

Research Process? • Step-by-step process of developing a research paper.. .. • It involves What do we mean by.

Importance of Training? • Increased job satisfaction and morale • Increased efficiencies in processes. resulting financial gain • Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods .

Importance of Training? Cont…. • Increased innovation in strategies and products • Increased motivation • Increased productivity .

. Training Failures CAUSES: • To help you becoming aware of your unique learning Combination EFFECTS: • Low Morale.Causes and Effects of. Waste and Preventable Errors ..

.Training Failures • Knowledge of the subject • Understanding the learning process • Personality of the Instructor • Leadership • Professional Attitude Remedy for. ..

consider the following… .

Einstein was four years old before he could speak and seven before he could read. .

Isaac Newton did poorly in primary school. .

Beethoven’s music teacher once said of him. “as a composer he is hopeless.” .

A newspaper fired Walt Disney because he had “no good ideas”. .

The biggest mistake of past centuries in teaching has been to treat all [people] as if they were variants of the same individual. . and thus to feel justified in teaching them the same subjects in the same ways. .Howard Gardner Phi Delta Kappan. 75(7) 1994.

The Let Me Learn Process ~ discovering learning and ourselves ~ .

Whay do we use the LML? • hearing and understanding the voice of the learner • to understand ourselves as learners (both students and educators) • facilitating the learner’s success .

. • Patterns are NOT styles Every individual has a combination of patterns ..learning patterns? • Patterns are behavioural schemas with which one approaches a task • Learning Patterns start forming when the brain starts developing What do we mean by.

..Our Learning Patterns. My Sequence My Technical My Precision My Confluence …interact .

Sequence • • • • Follows a plan Follows step-by-step directions Organizes and plans work carefully Completes a task from beginning to end without interruptions .

etc .Precision • Seeks and processes detailed information carefully and accurately • Takes detailed notes • Asks questions to find out more information • Feels comfortable when surrounded by books. articles.

Technical • Works autonomously and hands on • Likes to solve problems • Likes to physically demonstrate things and not with pencil and paper requirements • Learns from real-world experiences .

Confluence • Avoids conventional approaches • Seeks unique ways to complete any learning task • Starts before all the directions are given • Takes risks: fails and starts again .

a class or your own learning .. the LML Process • To help you becoming aware of your unique learning Combination • To help you recognize and appreciate the patterns of others • To teach you how to develop strategies for working on tasks • To help teams work together successfully • To help you understand how your unique pattern can contribute to the success of a team.The relevance of..

A Power Card We would know about how we like to learn We would know about how others like to learn We would know how to use this knowledge to aim for success by learning with intention .

this is just the beginning. “Learning is about taking action.. It is never simply about what we put in our heads.. Peter Senge ” .

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