Starting A Project Plan

Define the Project Goal
Short duration project, uncomplicated project, project plan can be 3 5 pages document Long duration project, complicated project, project plan can be 30 40 pages document Purpose of project plan document the proposed project is an much detail before any word on project s products begins. It gives everyone a chance to adjust the plan before work is started . Iterative process Start with the project goals & objectives First few project plan will very time consuming 1st component is Goals or mission project why you are performing the

    Developing & writing a solid goal statement verb statement Communicate that to the project stakeholders. training. 3. or wedding: To hold a barn restoration conference for up to 100 people on august 25 . Build etc Examples 1.000 square foot log cabin home by June 1 4. onea goal statement might be. seminar. Action verb Provide. Construction projects: To select an appropriate lot on the Michigan and build a 4. Developing a registration process for a one-time only banquet. Prepare. 2. To facilitate the timely registration for this year s awards banquet. Event Conference. Goal for new computer system: To provide a new purchasing system for the company that will reduce purchase order turnaround to 3-days and will cut 3the purchase of excess inventory by 10%. Develop.

Rather than explain the why. realistic & time framed Verb statement 4 to 5 objectives will usually cover the entire project Examples New Computer System a. Construct cabin within 3-months of closing on lot purchase 3- 2. Agreed upon. implement new system within 3 months of selection. train user. research & select appropriate lots for cabin within 22months. With owner. b.Create Project Objectives     1. . Install. Log cabin construction project a. b. they explain the what What will project do Own definition of objectives Specific. Research & select replacement purchasing system with in 22months of receiving project go ahead. measurable.

Exclusions: a.3. Ongoing system support . Select & install a replacement purchasing system & train the end users. Determine Project Scope & Exclusions  Project Scope Total amount of work involved in a project  One or two simple sentences   1. on hour sessions on August 25. Examples New Computer System Scope: Research . Development of the training program b. Hold a conference with at least six. Barn Conference a. Develop & implement a pre registration & registration system by June 10 b. What is not included.

Septic system b. Exclusion: a. research & select appropriate lot for cabin. Interior papering & painting Awards Banquet Scope/Exclusions Scope: Select and honor up to three employees at a banquet for all employees. Travel & transportation to and from the banquet facilitation. Dinners for spouses and families. Log cabin construction project Scope: With owner. research and select cabin plans & specification & construction of cabin. b. Exclusion: a. 3. .2.

Purchasing system Intermediary deliverables  Survey of potential systems  Short list of systems to investigate further  Investigation results of each system  Selected system Final Deliverables  Installed purchased system  Trained end users  New purchasing process  Examples:  .Define Project Deliverables   Tangible Results Two categories  the product or service of the project.  Intermediary Deliverables are those that are produced to be used in subsequent portions of the project. End or Final Deliverables are those that are turned over the client at the end of the project.

and so on  Barn Conference       Intermediary Deliverables Survey of potential facilities Short list of facilities to investigate further Results of facilities investigations Select facility Conference brochure Registration process . ceilings. and so on  Walls. Log Cabin construction project Intermediary Deliverables  Survey of potential lots  Short list of lots to investigate further  Results of lot investigation  Select lot Final Deliverables  Plumbing pipes and fixtures  Electrical wiring and fixtures  Heat ducts. furnace. roof.

     Final Deliverables Six speakers Six sessions Lunch for 100 Morning and afternoon breaks for 100 Handout packages .

. operational. time. 3. A constraint is something that limits a project Technical. resource. legal. geographic. political Examples: Software project Technical Constraint New package must run on the existing infrastructure Log cabin project Operational Constraint Coordinating & scheduling the sub-constraint subBarn Conference Geographic constraint With the location limiting the conference attendance 2.Evaluate Project Constraints    1.

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