907. Warid Telecom (Pakistan).7% over FY2009. The operating profit of the group was S$2. Pacific Bangladesh Telecom (Bangladesh). The group primarily operates in Australia.973. Globe (Philippines) and AIS (Thailand).3 million ($2.4 million) in FY2010. satellite and pay TV. The group provides range a range of communication services and solutions including fixed. respectively.739. SingTel and Optus in Singapore and Australia. internet. The group recorded revenues of S$16.084.870. .3 million ($2. an increase of 13% over FY2009.3% over FY2009. an increase of 13.1 million) in FY2010. Its other businesses include the sale of telecommunications equipment.Background Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel or "the group") is a prominent communications group with operations and investments in 19 countries and territories. Telkomsel (Indonesia). The group's major operations include wholly owned subsidiaries. mobile. Its net profit was S$3.9 million ($11. and controlling interests in Bharti Telecom Group (India). info-communications technology.827 million) during the financial year ended March 2010 (FY2010). It is headquartered in Singapore City. data. Singapore and employs about 23.000 people. an increase of 20.

SWOT Analysis .

Strengths: ‡ First and oldest telecommunication firm in Singapore ‡ Has monopoly over control of satellite dishes ‡ Has good telecommunication infrastructures ‡ Good customer service .

Weaknesses: ‡ Under partial control of the government ‡ Liable to policies made by the government ‡ Low transparency on network connection speeds ‡ Disadvantaged in the Cable TV race ‡ Bad customer experiences from Mio TV & Box being a flawed product .

Opportunities: ‡ Expansion to overseas network. SingTel Optus ‡ Expansion in services into the Open Net optical fiber internet services ‡ Chance to fix flaws in Mio TV & Mio Box (e.g. lack of bandwidth) .

Threats: ‡ Competition from other telecommunications providers Star Hub and M1 ‡ Growing customer dissatisfaction in internet services ‡ Fierce competition between Star Hub s Smart Home system ‡ ‡ .

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