The term originated from the latin word ¶ADVERTO· which means ¶TO TURN ROUND· Form of communication Intended to persuade the target customers Denotes the means employed to draw attention of public to an object or purpose .

CHARACTERISTICS OF GOOD ADVERTISEMENT  Should be of interest to the target customers interpret the message in the intended manner influence the audience  Should  Should .

ROLE AND IMPORTANCE 0F ADVERTISEMENTS y Advertising is telling and selling y Becoming more widespread y A big part of our lives y Increases the market share .

¶NO ADVERTISEMENTS. NO PROGRAMMES· .y Educates the consumers about the new products y Blood life of media sector y Provides financial needs to the programmes.


how we ought to treat others and how we ought to run or manage or own lives Concerned with what is wrong or right Interested in character as well as conduct Deals with the principles concerning human behavior In other words.What is ethics?   How we ought to live.e. i.. ethics is distinction between right and wrong         .

it doesn·t mean that the business is unethical .ETHICS IN ADVERTISEMENTS y marketing ethics sets the guidelines for which good marketing is practiced y companies should advertise their products in an ethical manner and mostly they do this y Ethics is generally linked with the purpose of advertising y When puffery is done .

condoms etc. and audience demographics such as children y y . alcohols.y Advertisers should sell the products or services they represent Advertising agents and companies should also be truthful and ethical There arises a tension for controversial products such as tobacco.

When is an advertisement considered as unethical? When it ² Has degraded or under-estimated the substitute or rival·s product Gives false or misleading information on the value of the product Fails to give useful information on the possible reaction or side effects of the product When it is immoral .

CRITICISMS OF ADVERTISING  Not without social cost  Public places . such as schools  Frequent uses . psychological pressure may be harmful .

durability etc as advertised.Critical Evaluation Ad message is becoming more and more exaggerated. Consumer finds many advertisements as false. or misleading. deceptive. they may not buy it again and develop an aversion for every other product of that company . If they find that the product lacks in quality.

CONCLUSION Advertising is not actually unethical but it can distort the truth Major corporations increasingly fear the damage to their image associated with press relevations of unethical practices Marketers need to understand what good ethics are and how they can incorporate them .

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