Loyola Academy Degree & PG College
Old Alwal, Secunderabad-10.

‡ The Department of Animation design was started in 2008. ‡ The Department offers a three-year Under Graduate Program in the name of B.Sc Animation Design.

‡ The Department of Animation Design strives to produce welltrained Animation professionals to meet global Animation production industry standards. ‡ LOYOLA ACADEMY vision is to bring in the global standards to Indian animation industry to put India on the top of the global animation map.

Faculty profile, adequacy & competency
Staff Name
Mr. B. Bhaskara Rao Mr. A.Ramesh Mr. R. Ravinder Singh Mr. K.B. Sharath Chandra Raju Mr. S. Uma Maheshwara Rao

Lecturer in Animation Lecturer in Animation Lecturer in Animation Lecturer in Animation Lecturer in Animation

M.F.A. M.F.A M.A M.Sc Maths M.A

Visual arts & 3D Texturing Flash Animation, Visual Arts 3D Animation & Rigging C, VFX, Dynamics Modeling, Lighting & Rendering

Student profile according to programmers of study, gender, region etc.


Girls Boys

Girls Boys


Boys Girls

Boys girls

Boys Girls


1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year



2 -


25 4 5

6 3 2




1 -

4 9 9

6 6

38 22 29

‡ The department has a good collection of books in the subjects of Drawing, Sketching, 2D Animation, 3D Animation and Visual Arts ‡ It also has a good number of videos that consists of tutorials on different modules for both 2D Animation and 3D Animation. ‡ The department also has an Animation Films collection.

‡ In the practical instruction period, 2D & 3D Animation Films are screened to see reference works for Animation, Rigging, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Dynamics, Story Telling, Editing, VFX, and Audio/Video Editing. ‡ Animation industry professional are frequently invited to deliver guest lectures on modern animation production dynamics ‡ Field visits to Animation studios to experience the real-time animation production ‡ The department conducts Clay-Modeling Work Shop once in every year. ‡ The department also organizes nature-painting sessions and small studytours within the City.

Participation of Teachers in Academic Activities other than Teaching and Research
‡ B. Bhaskara Rao and R. Ravinder Singh are the lectures in the B.Sc Animation Design at Loyola Degree College and we are also board members in the Board of Studies in Animation Design Course in Osmania University.

Mr. B. Bhaskara Rao ‡ The generosity of artists has come to the fore again this time around their compassion extends to the multiple sclerosis affected. We are 42 artists have come forward with paintings, sculptures and prints are auctioned. The proceeds of which are go to the Hyderabad chapter of the multiple sclerosis society of India. There are 400 registered participants involved in this premium. Iqbal patni presented poetry Based on the artists works donated by the artists. In this show from auction nearly we got Rs 13 lack for sclerosis society of India. ‡ Mr. B. Bhaskara Rao participated at State Level Art workshop conducted by Telugu University in the month of February 13th 2010.

Freedom through art
Mr. B. Bhaskara Rao participated in a one-day art workshop at Charlapalli Jail conducted by Icon Art Gallery on 30 September 2010. A group of 12 artists had interacted with one-hundred and twenty prisoners and motivated them to paint on the concept of PEACE WITHIN US . Display of painting and drawings are exhibited at Icon Art Gallery from October 09 to October 20.

International students film festival (September24th to september28th, 2010)
Mr.B. Bhaskara Rao has attended international students film festival conducted by Film and Television Institute of India on the eve of its golden jubilee celebrations. The best student films from

premiere film-making schools were screened in short film-film, documentary and animation categories in the festival.


B. Bhaskara Rao displayed his works of paintings in an art exhibition tilted Tiranga in Icon Art Gallery from august 15th 2010 to 26 august 2010

‡ B. Bhaskara Rao displayed his works of paintings in an art exhibition titled KALAPA VRIKSHA -Tree of life at Icon Art Gallery from 2nd august 2010, to 13th august 2010,

Participation of the department in the extension activities of the college.

‡ The students and lectures of Animation Department has visited the National Service of Child Labor to interact and with the children. Students taught basic drawing and sketching to the children.

‡ Animation Design first year student drawing and paintings were displayed in September 2008.

‡ The Department of Animation Design had organized a clay-modeling workshop in August, 2008. Mr. Sarcar, Head of the Department of Painting, S.V. College of Fine Arts was the resource person. The students learned the various techniques of clay-modeling in the workshop. On final-day, students displayed their clay models in an exhibition. ‡ A one day visit to the State Gallery of Fine arts at Madhapur, Hyderabad was organized for the students of Animation Design to interact with Mr.Jain from Kerala who was holding display of his works in August 2008. Students were accompanied by the Mr.Bhaskar Rao, HOD, Department of Animation Design.

Involvement of students in academic / co-curricular and other activities of the department.
Clay-modeling workshop the National Service of Child Labor Participation Resonance -a week-long annual festival Ethnic day One day workshop on sound for Animation production. Educational and Industry-interaction tour to Mumbai and Pune Two day workshop at Bangalore by gaming Xpress on 3D Gamming Visit to University of Hyderabad Visit to College for Fine Arts at Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University( JNAFAU) ‡ Delegate participation in International Students Film Festival Film conducted by Television Institute of India, Pune.
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

Development and expansion plans of the department for coming 5 years
‡ The Department is planning to introduce two new departments dedicating one department for 2D Animation production and another for 3D Animation Production. ‡ The Department is also planning to introduce a full-fledged degree course purely for 3D Animation, 3D Gamming and Game Engines. where it cover all the modules that are there in the 3D Software and as also programming languages skills such as MEL/ Python, Flash Action Scripting where these are used for the Gaming purpose.

Photo Gallery

Other Highlights
‡ Well-established centrally air-conditioned two animation labs with sixtyeight high-end computers ‡ Two LCD projectors ‡ Licensed Autodesk Maya software 2010 ‡

70 i Ball Digital Drawing Pads

‡ 40 easels and boards for drawing painting and for 2D animation ‡ 80 CDs and DVDs of 2d and 3d animation movies

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