was hit by an internal financial scam. aggravating its situation more than any other Indian IT company. Tech Mahindra bought a controlling stake in the organisation and declared that it had to solve the problem of surplus workforce at Satyam which ranged between . Satyam Computer Services Ltd.Triggered by subprime mortgage crisis. Amidst these layoffs. US Financial Crisis (2008) resulted in engulfing world economy with sudden downfall in all the major economic indicators leading to unprecedented layoffs. As the future of the company hung in a dilemma.

.000-10.000 associates. Amidst speculations of massive job losses. the company announced an innovative scheme ² the Virtual Pool Program (VPP) ² to address the issue of surplus workforce while at the same time retaining talent. can VPP be called as an effective talent management strategy amidst downturn? VPP has also been called as an indirect way of laying-off people. However.€ 7.

M Damodaran and Gautam S Kaji are Additional Directors € . S Balakrishanan are Directors. Tech Mahindra has a controlling stake in the company.Mahindra Satyam (Former name: Satyam Computer Services) is a Hyderabadheadquartered Global IT Services company. 2009. Deepak Parekh. C P Gurnani and Ulhas N Yargop are Nominee Directors. A S Murthy is named the CEO of Satyam. € Vineet Nayyar is the Chairman / Chair Person of the company. On February 5. C Achuthan. Tarun Das. Chander Prakash Gurnani is the current CEO. T N Manoharan.

000 associates will be part of this program during the period that it is in operation. .This innovative program is applicable to those based in India and allows associates to take time-off from work on a reduced pay structure for up to six months while they continue to retain their employment with the company.000 to 10. The company anticipates that approx 7.

€ One time exercise € Reduce pay € Recalls € Personal aspiration € Out placement support € Online learning .

€ Un .support by employees. € Talent management. € Develope performance. € High profit gain.

€ Satyam supposedly has a fairly strong "fixed price" model. . € Satyam's reach in both the middle east and AUS/NZ markets. services etc. € Missing out on the broad "general business" areas of Retail. manufacturing.€- TM has traditionally been in the telecom vertical and is perceived as a "vertical industry" player. distribution.

MS Dynamics). Oracle. Custom development (non-product) and managed services € Culture : Not sure how they'd be able to reconcile the bottom load model of Satyam at cheaper rates to the vertical strength model that TM has € Parity : This just has to do with employee status and relationship management ? € .Management /Thought leadership : Especially in the areas of Packaged applications (SAP.

€ The opening of the COTS (read as ERP/ CRM) market.The biggest opportunity for TM would be the opening of the horizontal "multinational" enterprise. € . € Ranging from Travel industry to retail to pharma/healthcare.

€ Cost advantage ? (esp. € Would be on a very aggressive P&L) and the market perception / environment.€ Client / customer and account retention (and this one needs no elaboration). . given that most of the contracts that Satyam needs to deliver on.

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