With the passage of time and growing business environments. corporate firms and other issues in the organization need has arise to take utmost care of employee within the organization as they are the real assets of the companies so in employee relation came into existence . . wages and any sort of grievances.During 19th century we had Trade Unions and Labor Unions to protect the rights of labor·s or any dispute regarding work.

. employee recognition. and boosting the morale of employees to make the working environment more healthy. It is one of the most important function of the management that is take care by HR department.Employee Relation is a much broad concept. live and at the same time fulfills the management·s expectations and maintain the work culture and ethics. ER department takes care of employee grievances.

company has to bear loss and it creates unhealthy work environment which is neither beneficial to management nor the employees. ‡Disinterest in the job profile ‡Need·s promotion. ‡Dissatisfaction with the work and organization. ‡Need·s Salary hikes. ‡Frequent absenteeism ‡Unhealthy relationship with the employer or immediate boss and colleagues. . ‡Lack of concentration on work. Thus due to above given issues the work suffers a lot. ‡High attrition rate. or long break hours. ‡Hostile environment on floor ‡Not meeting deadlines ‡Poor target achievement.Employee has many issues within the organization that contributes below given conflicts so organization needs to focus on Employee Relations :‡Hinders work productivity and quality. bonus and other incentives. ‡Frequent breaks. ‡Discrimination and Favoritism among employees. ‡Coming frequently late to office.

Employer & Employee Relationship Relations within organization Employee & Employer Relationship Employee Relations among themselves .

The employee should feel their importance in the organization and not be treated as machine. anxiety among each other. An effective Employee Relation involves making work culture. gift vouchers. feedback and they should also be included in decision making which can help the management to have varied opinions.Relationship influences behavior at work place. informally. officially and socially that may leads to love. disrespect. education concession. Attitude and perception differs from person to person and it leaves impact on the relationship if the message is miss communicated. employee & employer relationship an employee & employee relationship more healthy by motivating and raising their morale by giving positive feedback. . fear. insecurity. respect. employer & employee relationship. suggestion. People interact with each other formally. hate. holidays trips. monetary benefits. challenging work environment. Employees Idea·s. and recognition in front of all the staff members.

‡To boost the confidence. creativity and make employees come out with new innovative ideas and opinions. encourages employees to give their 100%. ‡To foster·s work culture that is live. ‡To encourages employees participation in decision making.‡To creates healthy and balanced relationship within the organization as well as among the employer & employees. ‡To develops more coordination and better communication to avoid conflicts in the organization. seminars. challenging and dynamic. ‡To treat all the employees fairly without any discrimination and favoritism. morale level. learning and culture programs. ‡To brings out inner potentials. .

health check ups on regular basis so that they feel that special attention and care is given to them. ‡To make employees more productive. with better infrastructure and other additional facilities like Gym. ‡To help employees to be more flexible so that they are ready to take extra additional responsibilities as an when need arises. skilled and proficient in their work. ‡To maintain work culture where employees feel that work place is their Second Home which is stress free.‡To makes employees more responsible and focused towards their task and make them feel their importance and their contribution towards the organization. ‡To maintain health of employees by providing free medical facilities. food courts. music while having coffee in rack room. . efficient.

new innovative techniques and ideas from employees. ‡It reduces absenteeism. ‡It increases quality and productivity of work. ‡It can retain more talented employees. ‡It maintains healthy relationship among all the staff.‡It maintains harmony at the work place. ‡It improves moral level of employee·s and makes them more responsible. . ‡It reduces cost on training due to low attrition rate. ‡It reduces attrition rates. boss and colleagues. ‡It encourages more creativity.

more focused towards the work and management's expectations. ‡Management and Employee·s both are satisfied. quality is outstanding it attracts more client·s. . ‡Reduces unnecessary cost on hiring employees from outside as it can get good talent from within the organization. new business. ‡It makes employees stress free. ‡Better Time management and its utilization. ‡It enhances optimum utilization of all the given resources. employees are excellent. enthusiastic. challenging projects and more profits to the organization. ‡When work culture is good.‡It can meet deadlines and 100% target before and on time.

Following are the ways to maintain better and healthy employee relation:‡Have one to one session in a month where employees can come out with their personal and professional problems. ‡Employee·s can be rewarded by giving monetary rewards. ‡Employer can keep party and dinner for the staff members once in a month so that it makes the bond more strong. ‡Once in 6 months free holiday tour tickets can be given to chill. gift vouchers. ‡Regular health check ups should be conducted and concession can be given to certain limit for him/her and family. . ‡Give positive feedback in front of all the staff members for the excellent job done. ‡Movie tickets can be given where one can enjoy with their family on weekends.

‡Seminars should be conducted to increase their knowledge and inner potentials. ‡Life insurance.‡Marriage Anniversary / Birthday cards and gifts can be given to the employee. free breakfast. ‡Recreational facilities should be given like free beauty parlor for male and female employees. . ‡If employees work extra hours overtime should be paid or bonus can be given for hard working. free juice to keep them healthy. education allowance for him/her and children. ‡Transport facilities can be given during rains when its really hard for them to cope and reach on time. He /She should be given permission either to take leave and spend quality time with his family on that special day. ‡Should arrange staff picnics. health insurance should be given for their safety.

‡Welfare activities can be conducted on weekends.‡Annual event should be conducted where employee·s can participate and show their talents. ‡Free t-shirt with company·s logo or jackets can be given to employees in a year. . ‡Discounts coupons can be given on shopping during Diwali or other festival time. ‡Internal job promotion should be encouraged so that employee get opportunity to grow within the organization. ‡Soft skill training should be conducted on regular basis to make employee·s more confident. skilled and proficient in their work.

‡Credit cards. . magazines. ‡Certificates can be given for excellent performance. ‡Can provide flexible working hours. ‡Scholarships. ‡Reward with books.‡Low cost or free meals can be given to employee·s. CD. ‡Meals passes. ‡Club facilities. ‡Writing personal notes about good performance to the employees. ‡Club membership. ‡Health Club. ‡Loan facility. photo frame. ‡Maintenance of House Accommodation.

.So a well planned Employee Relations is a key to success for healthy environment. balanced relation where employer & employee both are completely satisfied and finally to avoid all the conflicts at work place to get desired results to reached the organizational goals.

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