process of learning and growth by which managerial personnel gain and apply knowledge, skills, attitudes and insights to manage the work in their organisations effectively and efficiently -According to flippo

Planned & organized ongoing DEVELOPMENT Long term process Self development .

Improve performance To exploit full potential To meet future needs To prevent obsolescence To replace elderly executives To fulfill career aspiration To utilize organization resources optimally .

Top management Middle line management Middle functional executives & specialists .

Analysis of development needs Appraisal of present managerial talent Inventory of executive manpower Planning individual developmental programmes Establishing & evaluting training and developmental programmes .

Methods of Management Development ‡ On.The-Job Method ‡ Off-The-Job Method .

On ²The-Job Method ² Guided and controlled experience under the manager.  Coaching  Job rotation .

he sets goal .€ Coaching ² In this superior plays the role of guide and instructor. . what he wants and suggest how it may be done. tells .

which can occur when performing the same job over an extended period of time . The purposes of job rotation are (1) to give employees experience with all organizational activities as a training process and (2) to offset boredom.Job Rotation .Moving an employee from job to job.

€ € € € € € € € € In-Basket Method Business Games Case Study Role playing Lecture Group discussion Programmed instructions Conference method Sensitivity training method .

.Business games ² are the classroom simulation exercise in which individual compete with each other. Business games are to teach trainees how to take management decisions in an integrated manner.

€ In-Basket Method ² in this method each team of trainees is given a file each individual studies the file and make his recommendations on the situation. Later the observations are conclusions are put in the form of a report. .

Case Study ² in this method an actual business situation is described and in writing and trainees are asked to analyse the problem situation and suggest solution. .

In this trainees act out a given role as they would do on the stage.€ Role playing ² it is the method of human interaction which involves realistic behaviour in imaginary situations. .

€ Lectures ² these are formally organized talks by instructor on specific topics. It is a simple way of imparting knowledge to a large number of persons with in a short period of time .

€ Programmed instruction ² this method incorporates pre-arranged and proposed acquisition of some specific skills or knowledge. Information is broken into meaning units and these units are arranged in a proper way to form a logical and requiential learning package. .

This is followed by a critical discussion. .€ Group Discussion ² In this paper is prepared and presented by one or more trainees on the selected topic.

develop interpersonal competence and sharpen teamwork skill. .€ Sensitivity training ² It is also known as called T-Group and laboratory training. In this the trainees are brought together to discuss themselves. The purpose is to increase self-awareness.

€ Conference Method ² is a formal meeting conducted with an organised plan . In this problems of common interest are discussed. .

€Evaluation of Management Development .

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