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Moringa Planting, Processing and Utilization

Tomasa R. Camu TNHS Science Teacher

Planting Malunggay at Home ‡ Prepare well drained sandy loam soil in a pot ( damaged plastic pail or empty plastic containers which can hold at least 10 Kg of soil ‡ Plant 1 ft long malunggay stem ‡ Put your plant pot in an area with adequate sunlight ‡ Add organic fertilizer once in a while ‡ .

Ideal for pakbet. pansit. also known as ´drum sticksµ are cooked and have a taste like asparagus. cusido. chopsuey. They are eaten much like green beans. nilaga.Processing and utilization of Malunggay ‡ Pods and Flowers ‡ The young pods. Macaroni corn soup.sotanghon or miki .

cusido. Vegemeat burger ‡ Prepared into tea ‡ Converted into powder . fish and meat balls.Malunggay Leaves ‡ Young leaves are commonly taken as fresh and cooked as gulay sa gata. lumpia. egg omelet.

10 am ‡ Pound in mortar and pestle ‡ Let the pounded leaves pass thru your strainer ‡ Keep the powder in a tightly sealed container away from heat and light ‡ Home made powder is good for 6 months . preferably between 8.Malunggay Powder for family use ‡ Gather young leaves of malunggay ‡ Air dry for 24 hours ‡ Sun dry for 2 hrs. in a bamboo bilao.

Malunggay Tea ‡ Gather young leaves 3rd to 5th leaves from tip of a stem ‡ Air dry for 24 hrs ‡ Roast in a low flame until crispy ‡ Let cool ‡ Put in tea bag and seal ‡ Packed in plastic or tightly sealed jar ‡ Can be stored for 6 months .

Effects of Malunggay ‡ Nutritional ‡ Prophylactic ‡ Therapeutic .

07 mg thiamin. ‡ 100 gms or 1 cup of cooked malunggay leaves contain 3. B and C. 0.1 g protein. omega oils. and 53 mg of vitamin C. 0. 3 times the potassium in bananas. 1. iron.6 g fiber.820 mg betacarotene. 4 times the calcium and twice the protein in milk.7 mg iron. ‡ High in HDL (high density lipoproteins). 2. 0.1 mg niacin. Lydia Marero of the Food and Drug Research Institute FNRI) .Nutritional Value ‡ ‡ Source of calcium. 29 mg phosphorus. 4 times the vitamin A in carrots. antioxidants. phosphorus and vitamins A. a source of amino acids. (Dr. 1. ‡ Comparative content: Gram for gram.14a mg riboflavin. 7 times the vitamin C in oranges. 96 mg calcium.

Cu.84%Ca 71% Fe.S. Pregnant / 100 g of Lactating fresh leaves women Children 100 g of . Protein. and B vitamins 100% of Ca. Fe.How much is enough? Consumer Dosage Infant 25 g leaf powder % of RDA 40% protein.27% Vit A.61% mg 1/3 of daily need of Ca.

Gulaman (partly dissolve in evaporated milk and added when cooked) ‡ 1 tsp per 3 eggs in leche flan ‡ 1 tsp per 5 eggs in omelet ‡ 1 tsp per 500 g of pork adobo ‡ I00g per 1 kg in making pan cake. siopao puto .Malunggay Powder as food additive /nutrient enhancer ‡ 1/10 tsp per 3 tbsp of milk (toddlers) ‡ 1 tsp per 3 tbsp of milk for children and lactating mothers( 1 to 3x a day) ‡ 1 tsp per Liter of fruit juice/soup/milo ‡ 1 tsp per small sachet of Mr. embutido.

snacks.Malunggay for Prophylactic and for Wellness ‡ Pure powder 1 tsp taken 3x a day ‡ Drinks and foods with malunggay eaten during breakfast. lunch. merienda and dinner ‡ Tea before taking a bath and before bedtime .

‡ Visible Prophylactic Effects ‡ Frequent urination with urine volume 2x the usual ‡ Free flowing mucus or phlegm without head ache or body pains ‡ Loose but controlled bowel movement ‡ Gas emission .

arthritis. body pains. joint pains and general weakness . allergy. kidney stones . restores skin condition. asthma.gallstones. dysmenorrhea. rebuilds bones and damaged tissues and organs. urinary tract infection and upper respiratory tract infection. anemia. migraine. strengthens the immune system.General Wellness ‡ Joint effects of nutrients prevent and control the following: diabetes. manages sugar and blood pressure level ‡ .