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I have done my B. I opted Logistics & Operations an management field. .tech in Computer Science from Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology. I joined Pearson Education as an intern on 25th of may 2011. MBA student of Jaypee Business School. I feel very lucky that I got this great opportunity to work with highly experienced experts in my interest area for such reputed company.I Nitish Kumar Sinha.

What will be my job. present scenario and also some of it s few future plans. like it s history.Very First Day - th 25 May 2011 ‡ On the very first day I was introduced to the staff who were working in the Warehouse located at Dasana by Mr. Mukesh Khandelval (Senior Manager Customer Services). He provided me basic informations about the company. what would be my authority. . He told me about what I am supposed to do and also what not supposed to do.

3. . 4. Mihir sir solved my query by providing the following points 1. Business expension. Earlier this field was outsourced. 2.Why New Warehouse ??? The Very first question that raised in my mind was Why Pearson is establishing a new warehouse in Dasana . Totally manual to partially automated. Major business is from NCR reagion.

He provided me vary interesting facts like they planned to establish their own warehouse about three years ago. Kelly Cunnigham about the major steps while establishing any warehouse.Major steps while establishing any warehouse I asked Mr. . He answered my question by giving the example of Pearson itself.

. 3. So keeping these points in mind first of all we draw a circle taking Delhi as the center and the radius was chosen satisfying the time and traffic constraints. which satisfy all of our need. 4. Pearson ensures that within 24 hours after receiving the order delivery would get done..) 1. In this 70%. About 70% of the business is from NCR region.Steps (contd. around 50% is from Delhi. Within this range we tried to find the proper location. 2.

Through these points I got the basic idea about the starting point of any warehouse establishment. Finally 3 locations were shortlisted.5. in which this (Dasana) location was the most cost effective and satisfying all constraints. .

My Learning Overall process Return Sort QC QC QC Migration Fresh Stock Dispatch Putaway .

Few of the causes of return are books were not sold. damaged. Receive the stock Sort Unsold Old Edition more than a fixed years? (no) (yes) QC Putaway Damaged Defective Pulp . old edition.Return Stock received form the distributers.

Receive the existing stock QC Putaway .Migration Stock received from existing warehouse.

Fresh Stock Receiving Receiving the new stock directly from the printers. Receive the new stock QC Putaway .

Picking/ Packing/ Dispatching Processing the customer s order. Generate the picking slip from book master Pick the exact amount from the given location Pack it Generate invoice More order??? (no) (yes) get the picking slip any discrepancy inform QA people end of process. .

. Wide span: around 1. The main motive of this process is maximum utilization of the total available space and also in such a sway so that it helps the overall process to get easily done.Putaway The processes of putting the pallets on their exact location. There are 4 types of location 1. 2. Contains around 36 or above boxes in one location. Although the counting depends on the size of the box. Full pallet: around 5 feet height. Contains around 3 or 4 boxes in one location. 4. Contains around 10 to 24 boxes in one location. 3.5 feet height. Shelves: contains loose books. Half pallet: around 3 feet height.

. Randomly checking the condition of the received books i. While receiving: 1. executed efficiently as it was expected) in it. Consistency between received and claimed quantity. Orientation of the labels must be correct. 6.e. 2. While putting the boxes in the pallet ensuring the locking.e. The height of the pallet must not exceed the specified limit. 5. Received ISBN must match with the ISBN written in the challan. 3. is there any defects in it.Quality Control Whatever works are done there must be quality (i. 4.

The height of the pallet must not exceed the specified limit. Consistency between printed quantity and kept quantity. 6. . Shrink wrap is done properly. 5. In case of any inconsistency take corrective measures. 3. Quantity of books in each box must be equal. Is the allocated location is consistent with the standards. 7. 2.Quality Control (contd. 4..) While Putting the pallet: 1. Checking whether pallets are kept at their allocated location.

5. Picking the correct quantity. Picking the books from the correct location. 3. While packing ensuring that the books of each order slips are kept in proper way. Picking the books having the same ISBN as mentioned in the picking slip. 4. . Systematically following the procedure while working with Bookmastr.Quality Control (contd. In case of any inconsistency inform Quality assurance people. 6..) While Picking/packing: 1. 2.

Safety Measures Few points regarding safety inside the warehouse are. 3. 7. 5. Try to avoid sandal / sleepers. Equipment must be handled by the trained person. . No climbing on racks. 2. 4.. No riding on hand pallet jacks. In case of fire evacuate facility immediately. It is advised to use shoe. Damaged pallets must not get used. 6. 1. Using mobile should be avoided in the facility.