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Operant Conditioning (Module 24

‡ Reinforcement Schedules (24-3) ‡ Applications of operant conditioning (24-6) ‡ Contrasting Classical and Operant Conditioning (24-6)
By: Heidi Dubois

responses are reinforced sometimes and others they are not .com/videoplay?docid=-4710328542494327290# ("Schedules of reinforcement.Reinforcement Schedules ‡ Continuous reinforcement.reinforce the response every time it occurs .google." 2008) .Learning occurs rapidly. 2010) http://video.The initial learning is slower but extinction is a lot less likely to occur (Myers. Extinction also occurs rapidly as soon as the reinforcement stops ‡ Partial (intermittent) reinforcement.

provide reinforcement after an unpredictable number of responses ‡ Fixed-interval Schedules.reinforce the behavior after a set number of responses ‡ Variable-ratio Schedules.reinforce the first response after a fixed time period ‡ Variable-interval Schedules. 2010) ‡ Fixed-ratio Schedules.reinforce the first response after varying time intervals (Kentridge) .4 Schedules of Partial Reinforcement -Skinner (1961) and his collaborators compared these four schedules of partial reinforcement (Myers.

Reinforce good behavior.Reinforce good work to influence the productivity ‡ At Home. 2010) .Reinforce small success then slowly increase the challenge to help faster skill improvement ‡ Work.Computers and texts would help learn in small steps reinforcing correct responses immediately. ‡ Sports. explain bad behavior and punish them calmly in order to produce desired behaviors (Myers.Applications of Operant Conditioning ‡ School.

Monitor how often you partake in your goal behavior 3. State your goal 2. Reduce the rewards gradually . Reinforce the desired behavior 4.Steps to Reinforcing a Behavior 1.

‡The continuance of performing the desired response action following the use of partial reinforcement is known as partial reinforcement extinction effect (PREE) (Sangha. & Kontos. & Lukowiak. McComb. ‡ Groups that receive partial reinforcement show greater resistance to extinction than groups that receive continuous reinforcement (Pittenger. . 1988) . Scheibenstock. Johannes. Flora.Analysis of partial reinforcement ‡ Partial reinforcement is when the desired response is reinforced sometimes while other times it is not. Pavlik. ‡The use of partial reinforcement makes learning the desired response a longer process than if continuous reinforcement was used. 2002).

Partial Reinforcement Video Example ‡ http://videos.howstuffworks.htm?sort=company ("Understanding: partial reinforcement." 2008) .com/tlc/29828understanding-partial-reinforcementvideo.

Applications of Partial Reinforcement ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Slot Machines But 10 Coffees Get 1 Free Scratch Tickets For every 6 times you clean your room you get to go out for ice cream .

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