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Design Research DM5557: Stage 1

Design and Branding Strategy for Local Property Project in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Presented by Naphak Phiphatweerawat 1027180


Project Background Thailand
Trend of Property market in Thailand 1. Good locations, small furnished units with affordable prices. (CBRE, 2010) 2. Lifestyle has changed which led to a need to own a first or second home out of CBD area. (CBRE, 2010) 3. More and more developers aim to invest more in other cities ex. Phuket ,Chiang Mai. (bangkok post,2010)

Buyers Trend of Property + Market in Thailand The change of lifestyle has effect the way of living. new generation trend is not housing but move to apartment and condominium instead. .

The other major trend to affect property in Chiang Mai is the noticeable influx of foreigners choosing to settle in Chiang Mai. It is generally regarded as cheaper. 2010) .+ Project Background Chiang Mai Trend of Property market in Chiang Mai The Chiang Mai real estate industry has grown very confident in recent years as this Northern Capital has prospered and produced an ever increasing Thai middle class. (property-report. less touristy and less congested than Bangkok or Phuket.

Land and house 3.Karnkarnok 4.Others Competitors (www.Koolpuntville 2010) .Q House 5.Property Project in Chiang Mai 15% 10% 18% 21% 36% KP L&H KKN QH OTHERS + Property Project in Chiang Mai 1.dol.

+ Developer Trend in Chiang Mai ( 2010) .dol.

Decline in number of local property developer.Existing local property projects is lacking of brand identity. .+ Problem Identify Problem Identify: . . brand communication and innovation to connect with the external and potential customers.

To see the possibility of brand extension in the future.Motivation To create a long-term sustain and strong local property project. + Key Question How can emotional branding and design thinking be applied to local brand in order to create a sustainable long term brand and build a strong brand identity to create a better brand experience for both existing customers and new customers? .

4. 3. Aim / objectives Aim: To create an appropriate design and branding framework for local property project. To understand the role of design and branding in order to create a better brand experience as a tools to enhance brand positioning for local property project. Chiang Mai. To evaluate the impact of emotional branding and sensory design toward service design which effect the brand experience of property project in Chinag Mai To identify the keys of service design that has impact on the customer. Objective: To analyses the existing strategies and the role of design and branding to improve the brand royalty. To create a suitable design-led strategies framework which can build a strong brand for local property project. . 2.+  1. 5.

+ Methodology & Timeline .

there are only 2 local developers in top 10 of the market which are Koolpuntville and Karnkanok first and third respectively.+ Finding As the observation on the developers in Chiang Mai. .

+ Top 3 Developer in Chiang Mai .

+ Experts Opinion Brand Strategists. Brand Expert .

+ Leader Local Property Project in Chiang Mai Brand Equity: Koolpuntville VS Karnkanok ( Interview .2011) .

+ Design Strategy .

New Customer. Community and Chiang Mai City .+ Benefiters Local Property Project. Existing Customer.

.+ Summary Even though now the local brand is a leader in the Chiang Mai market but the growth rate is slower than its competitor as a result an appropriate design and branding framework would help the company to maintain and build a strong brand.

. To develop an appropriate design and branding strategy framework to create a long term sustainable organisation for local property project by using design thinking and emotional branding.+ Possibility for stage 2   To investigate the brand architect and brand equity of the local property project such as Koolpuntville. http://www. Emotional Branding Hands http://www. Brand-Driven Innovation Cooper Press http://unified-communications.tmcnet. Vision and Values in Design management Olins W. building a strong brands Abbing E.htm The Design Agenda Gobe M.aspx http://www. The Brand Handbook http://www.thailandpropertynews.+ References Aaker http://www.

+ Thank you .