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Radio¶s Weekly Listenership 
Radio reaches more than  93.1% of all consumers  Radio¶s weekly reach
241.6 million persons 12+ each week 12+ listen to standard AM/FM radio during the course of a week remains consistent across all age groups and both sexes average of 16.35 hours each week Persons 12+ Teens 12-17 Men 18+ 18-34 25-54 35-64 65+ Women 18+ 18-34 25-54 35-64 65+ 93.1% 90.1% 93.1% 91.9% 94.7% 95.0% 89.1% 92.8% 93.7% 95.1% 94.6% 86.4%

% of Listeners 12+
12+ 18+ 18-34 25-54 35-64 65+ 80 85 87.5 90 95 100 93.1 93.0 93.7 95.0 94.8 

Radio listeners tune in an

Source: RADAR ¤ 103, December 2010 ¥ Copyright Arbitron (Monday-Sunday 24-Hour Weekly Cume Estimate)


Who Is Listening?
Listenership Among Target Demographics
Persons 18+ Weekly Reach Weekly Time Spent Listening (Hrs:Min)

Upscale Consumers (Income $75,000+) College Graduates African-Americans Hispanics

96.00% 94.40% 93.10% 93.80%

19:57 19:02 18:14 16:36

Source: Source: RADAR ¤ 103, December 2010 ¥ Copyright Arbitron (Monday-Sunday 24-Hour Weekly Cume Estimate)

Radio Has Widespread Usage


Radio Reaches Consumers Everywhere
Facts on Radio¶s Reach occurs in the car, between 7 am and 7 pm, during the course of a work week





The majority of radio listening
95 94

A /F

di Cume i tening Trends 2000-2012



Cume Audience (1 

Listening continues




Radio is the only mass


medium that easily adapts to all key listening locations -- car, home, office, gym, shower, etc.

89 88


86 Su 2000 Su 2008 Su 2009 Su 2010 Sum 2011 Su 2012

Persons 18 -34


Persons 25-54

Source: ©Bridge Rating LLC Nov. 2010 Bridge Ratings, The Bridge Ratings First Look: The Future of Radio 2010



7 pm to 12 am at home, after listeners have completed their workday and their homebound commute



92 91













About 89 Million Americans Listened to Online Radio Last Month


Radio is Here to Stay
Majority of ³Digital Radio´ Audience Expect to Listen to Same Amount of AM/FM Radio in the Future
100.0% 90.0% 80.0% 70.0% 60.0% 50.0% 40.0% 30.0% 20.0%
92.3% 29.4% 18.1% 12.8% 32.9% 92.7% 38.3% 30.2% 14.0% 39.5% 93.1% 46.0% 36.2% 16.8% 45.5% 93.5% 55.2% 43.5% 19.8% 51.8% 93.8% 66.2% 52.2% 23.8% 6.1% 6.0% 5.9% 5.9% 6.1%

10.0% 0.0%


Social Networking

Internet Radio (last 30 days)


MP3 Players

Satelite Radio



Source: ©Bridge Rating LLC Nov.

Bridge Ratings, The Bridge Ratings First Look: The Future of Radio





¤¤ ¡


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Online Radio and On-Air Radio Complement Each Other

1 in 5 Use Radio on their Computers While Working


Radio & Internet Complement Each Other
Combin d-Media Daily Reach Adults % who say radio influences them to make 18-54 a purchase
R h Pct, M-Su 6AM-Mid

100.0% 80.0% 39.9% 60.0% 40.0% 20.0% 0.0% Internet + Radio Internet + Magazines
Only Other Media

occasional users of other media. consumers in different ways.
14.6% 8.6% 39.1% 24.1% 15.6% 29.7% Internet + Newspaper
Both Media 

Both Radio & Internet reach 

They connect with the same Radio drives traffic to websites. Up to 1/3 of Internet usage is Radio and Internet have unique

29.1% 13.9%

Avg D

accompanied by radio listening during some time of the day. reach patterns that can make them work powerfully in combination. (See chart.)

Internet only

Read: On a daily basis, Radio and Internet together reach about 83% of the 18-54 population

Source: Harris Interactive, Inc. & Radio Ad Lab, Radio and the Internet: Powerful Complements for Advertisers


Radio Reigns In-Car
Arbitron¶s In-Car Study Findings
istening y ocation 


2 . %

Nearly 60% of adults 18+ listen to the radio between 6 am and 10 am (morning drive) everyday 75% of commuters say they use radio all or most of the time while in-car 2/3 of consumers listen to radio prior to shopping 

At ork At ome In-Car 

Read: Among persons 12+, 73% of all radio listening takes place in-car.
Source: Arbitron & Edison Media Research, In-Car Study (national US random sample of 1,505 telephone interviews)

Heavy Radio Users Work ull- ime


Radio Won¶t Break the Bank
Cost Comparisons Estimates
Radio versus Television:
Television placement costs 7 times that of radio placement (Given :30 of air time where consumers 16-44 are concerned) Radio is 60% - 90% as potent as television in measuring recall (For a single exposure of an average spot)  

Radio¶s ROI is 50% - 80% higher than television¶s

Source: 2010 Radio Advertising Bureau, RAEL - Radio¶s ROI Advantage


It Pays to Put Radio in the Mix
Radio Multiplier Effect:
The cost-effectiveness advantage means that Radio has a multiplier effect when added to a TV schedule. If 10% of a given TV budget is re-deployed into Radio, the efficiency of the campaign in building awareness increases on average by 15%.

Estimating the Benefits of Adding Radio TV

Budget Allocated $30,000 Budget Re-Allocated ($3,000)

% Gain in Awareness 80% % Increase in Awareness 95%


Source: 2010 Radio Advertising Bureau, RAEL - Radio¶s ROI Advantage


Measurement of Radio Listenership
Arbitron Defines«
daypart for at least 5 minutes. 

Weekly Listenership - The total number of different people who tune to a radio station during the course of a Total Weekly Cumulative Listenership - The total number of different people who tune to a radio station during

the course of a daypart for at least 5 minutes, Monday through Sunday 6 am to midnight. (The highest possible number of listeners that can be reported for any station during any weekly listening period).


Listenership WBLI, New York 114,900 KKGO, Los Angeles 111,500 WLS, Chicago 83,700

CUME 1,406,900 1,110,400 758,300

Source: 2010 Arbitron, National Regional Database (Media Professional Plus & TAPSCAN Web)

Why MediaTracks?
We are Radio Specialists 


Our focus is on your radio/audio project 100% of the time Dual practices: public relations services and radio syndication Close working relationships with top stations/networks Experienced staff of media experts and broadcast journalists Arbitron reporting methodology Exceptional customer service


MediaTracks Specialized Radio Services 


Guaranteed Placement Audio News Releases, English/Spanish, On Air, Online and on iTunes Customized,Targeted English/Spanish ANRs Public Service Announcements Radio Media Tours Podcasts


Guaranteed Placement ANRs
We place your :60 ANR on hundreds of stations nationwide though our Nationally Syndicated Programming
RADIO HEALTH JOURNAL Reports on the latest advancements in health, medicine, breakthrough treatments, healthy living, public health, consumerism, health economics, etc.

VIEWPOINTS Reporting on current news issues of the day like education, crime, government, finance, technology, the environment, and more.
Listenership: Weekly Cume: Stations: Rated Markets: Percent of Nation: Top 25 Markets: RHJ 3.4 million 56.8 million 441 225 85.80% 23/25 VP 2.9 million 47 million 420 232 86.24% 21/25


Radio Health Journal & Viewpoints Guaranteed Placement Advantage 
Includes all writing, production, voiceover, tracking and reporting ANRs air unedited and unaltered Placement on top stations nationwide Majority of the top 50 markets reached Your ANR is streamed on the web through our affiliate stations Your ANR is available via iTunes, Stitcher, and our online News Bureau Your ANR can be part of an ongoing radio series

La Red Conectado
Your :60 Spanish language ANR is placed on 64 Spanish language stations, reaching into 16 of the nation¶s top 5 Hispanic markets  Most rapidly growing segment of U.S. radio listenership 

9 % of top 10 Hispanic markets penetrated Writing, translation, voiceover, and production included Ideal vehicle for connecting with loyal Latino listeners via network radio Guaranteed, verifiable results   


Custom Feed ANRs
Your story is crafted into an informative :45 news segment and personally pitched and fed to your target markets for customized placement.

Customized Options: 


Local, national, and/or multi-market feeds Demo specific targeting including African American & Hispanic English and/or Spanish production 50 to 250 station/network feeds and upwards


The MediaTracks Custom Feed Advantage 
Stations and networks trust the quality of our content Your ANR can air on regional, national, and/or minority networks Skilled media experts personally pitch your ANR Feed includes press release, script & recorded ANR 50% follow-up on all stations/networks accepting the feed You receive comprehensive, easy to read results reports


Radio Media Tours
Your message is crafted into a compelling radio interview opportunity and pitched to specific markets, regions, stations and networks, or to the top 50 markets nationwide.
RMT Options: 


2-hour (8-10), 3-hour (12-15) and 4-hour (16-20) tours In-studio or via phone line We create multiple media alerts targeted to specific demographics Minority targeting including Hispanic & African American


The MediaTracks RMT Advantage 
RMTs produced from our state-of-the-art studios We work closely with you to develop persuasive media materials Our media specialists develop a tailored pitching approach Close working relationships with major stations and networks You receive 100% follow-up on all interviews completed We offer media training sessions to prepare your spokesperson


Your story is crafted into a series of audio podcasts and posted to podcast aggregation sites using RSS (syndication).

Podcast Options: 

Lengths - 60 seconds to 10 minutes  Versions - single/multiple interview, round table, panel discussion  We can provide a professional host/narrator  Programs - awareness, education, consumer oriented,
corporate communications, news, entertainment/feature series 

Music - intros, outros, sound effects, themes


The MediaTracks Podcast Advantage 


We structure your podcast series as on ongoing resource for your client¶s products or services Listeners can tune in from their computers or download audio files to their MP3 players or mobile devices for later listening Our broadcast journalists craft compelling narration to keep audiences tuned in for each segment MediaTracks offers a vast selection of high quality sound effects and musical selections


Podcast acts
% Americans Are Aware them to Podcasts More who say radio influencesof Audio make a purchase
Podcasts Trends 1 in 5 Americans have listened to a


Of those, 4 in 5 regularly listen to audio podcasts each week.
have listened to a Podcast in the last 12 months. 

Approximately 27 million Americans 

6 in 10 podcasts listeners have been consuming podcasts for 2 years or more. More then 1/3 of podcast listeners listen to 10 or more podcasts per week. 71% of listeners will visit a podcast sponsor¶s web site after listening to their podcast.

Source: 2010 Arbitron & Edison Media Research, The Infinite Dial 2011, Radio¶s Digital Platforms AM/FM, Online, HD Radio, & Podcasting


Public Service Announcements
Your community-focused message is crafted into an informative public service announcement (PSA) and is distributed to stations pre-recorded and scripted for live airing.

PSA Options: 
10, 20, 30, and/or 60 second versions You can target various radio formats and/or specific markets, regions, demos, etc. including African American and Hispanic English and/or Spanish production


The MediaTracks PSA Advantage 


Our writers draft your PSA to maximize its community benefit Our national database of radio outlets pinpoints appropriate stations We include a postage-paid response card to track your PSA We offer phone-out research We focus on maximizing placement and delivering results

(847) 299-9500

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