Centre for Development Studies

with most of his work suited to or built for lower-middle to lower class clients. high quality. . beautiful homes.Architectural Style ‡ Baker is well known for designing and building low cost.

‡ Curved walls are used as a means to enclose more volume at lower material cost than straight walls. . ‡ Various features of his work include using recycled material  natural environment control  frugality of design  emphasis on sustainability.

.Centre for Development Studies ‡ It was established in 1965 to promote economic development in Kerala. ‡ It was the most important project of his career.

‡ Transformed vernacular architecture to suit the requirements of a modern academic institution. ‡ The main features of this design precisely expressed in the plan and structure include Sensitivity to natural contours and elements of site  Honest and optimum use of materials .Approach to design ‡ It is the most representative of his architectural style.

 hostels .  classrooms.  library. ‡ Contours of the site fragment the complex into various components having its own landscape.Design of the structure ‡ The buildings do not appear as a singular entity. ‡ An area of 9 acres accommodates  administrative office  computer centre  amphitheatre.

‡ The staff housing is near the entrance gate. ‡ At the canteen.‡ The library dominates the centre with a 7 story tower. . The Buildings remain connected with corridors and walkways. high latticed brick walls and a pond are used to draw air across its surface and cool the building. ‡ The Amphitheatre has been made by consolidating the contours and using excess building materials.

‡ The heights have been kept deliberately low below the tree line.Construction Techniques ‡ All the surfaces are exposed to patterns showing various brick bonding techniques and Jali work. ‡ Wall thicknesses change on the different floors depending on the loading and requirements. corbelled or spanned with brick lintels. ‡ Openings are arched. .

.Building Materials ‡ Random rubble mixed with lime surkhi mortar used in the construction of the foundation.Local quarry tiles ‡ Plastering found only in bathrooms.filler tiles  Windows ² Jack wood  Flooring . all the other surfaces being exposed or whitewashed. ‡ Load bearing bricks are used for the superstructure. ‡ The following materials have been used  slabs .

. the simplified design is expressed in the organisation of the plan. ‡ The structure has 4 floors with 8 rooms in each floor each of which open onto the veranda giving it a linear shape.Men·s Hostel ‡ In the men·s hostel. the nature of construction and the materials used.

Women·s Hostel ORIGINAL PLAN .


Computer Centre .

(22) Abhinav B. (05) . (60) SYBARCH Meenakshi G.org By FYBARCH Nitin V..Bibliography ‡ Laurie Baker.Laurie Baker ‡ www. Work. (21) Surabhi G. (57) Tejas Y. Writings By Gautam Bhatia ‡ Rural house plans. (56) Shruti W.wikipedia. Life.

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