Doctrine of caveat emptor

µLet the buyer beware¶ Exceptions. 1. Fitness for buyer¶s purpose. 2. Sale under a patent or trade name. 3. Merchantable quality. 4. Usage of trade. 5. Consent by fraud.

‡ Only owner can sue.Rights and obligations of parties in passing of ownership ‡ Risk of loss. ‡ Suit for the price. .

Passing of ownership in unascertained goods and its appropriation.Transfer of ownership 1. Passing of ownership in case of ascertained goods. Passing of ownership in case of reservation of right of disposal . 2. 3.

Sale by a mercantile agent. 6.Nemo dat quod non habet no one has a better title than he has Exceptions. Sale by co-owner. 2. 1. 3. Resale by seller in possession after sale. Sale under title by estoppel. 5. Sale of goods obtained under a voidable agreement. Sale by buyer in possession over which the seller has some rights. . 4.

3 . . 1.Rights of an unpaid seller against the goods.Right of stoppage of goods in transit.Right of re-sale. 2 . Right of lien.

Suit for interest. Suit for repudiation. . 3.Rights of an unpaid seller against the buyer 1. Suit for price. 2. 4. Suit for damages.

. Specific performance. 5. Interest and special damages. Repudiation of contract. Remedy for breach of warranty.Consequences of breach of contract of sale. Damages for non-acceptance. 2. 1. 4. 6. 3. Damages for non-delivery.

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