Anti-Piracy Solution

We·re living in 21Century,

adapting to
New technologies «

The world's tallest high-rise building, Burj Khalifa, in Dubai built by

They·re also
living in 21Century. And have access to technology.

Somali Pirates are attacking and achieving«

22.6% hijacking success
17.1% of 193 22.6% of 164 attempts

Ransom demands are rising fast

5 ~ 7 million USD on average.

Average length of hijacking«

lost business days : 60 ~ 80 days

We are under attack«

«all around the ocean.

Source of contents:
for piracy success rate updated on Nov12, 2010

for average ransom updated on Dec 29, 2009

for piracy attack map in 2010

We·re fighting against«.

the most dangerous & heavily armed pirates in history.

but too dangerous!

Legal Issues, Escalation of Violence, Fire Risk and Terribly Expensive«..

but not enough as Pirates use Long Ladders to climb over«.

but hard to aim at targets!

but hard to install and not explosion safe !

but not always available for you !

but enemy also aims at you !

but expensive and dangerous for operator !

Pirates can Wear Ear Muffs Just Like Hera a

Remote Water Cannon

NonNon-explosion Proof !

but does not last throughout the night!

Anti-Piracy Solution JET GUN

Model No.PSJ-1004 (Single-Nozzle Type)

Specification ² PSJ 1004
Model No. PSJ 1004(Single-Nozzle Type) Operating pressure Flow capacity Jet length coverage Weight Origin Supply scope 6 ~ 10 bar 26 m3/hr 40 meters 19 kgs Korea, Rep. Jet gun Mounting device Coupling Other types are available At 7 bar At 7 bar at 7 meter height Machine only

Specification ² Supply Scope

Specification ² Machine arrangement

Specification ² Water supply

Advantage ² No extra job and equipment

Advantage ² JET GUN uses proven technologies from our tank cleaning devices.

330 projects experience for Tank Cleaning M/C Hold Cleaning M/C Storage Tank Cleaning M/C

Advantage ² Application to all ship types

Intrinsically safe tank cleaning technologies

Advantage ² Easy installation

Quick installation safe for crews

Advantage ² Insurance benefits
Insurance Premium Limit USD 3,000,000 USD 4,000,000 USD 5,000,000 USD 270,000 USD 310,500 USD 337,500 Insurance Premium with PSJ series USD 243,000 USD 279,450 USD 303,750 Remarks in respect of 36 transit in respect of 36 transit in respect of 36 transit

Condition> 1. Vessel : VLCC size tanker 2. Route : Gulf of Aden(Zone B) or East Coast(Zone C) Benefit> 1. At least, 10% for any vessel that installs PSJ series. 2. Further discounts could be applied for any additional security measures.

Advantage ² Worldwide networks

Networks in 24 countries


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