Magical Realism

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History of Magic Realism
The concept of magic realism was used to refer to art works after the World War 1 Modern Art Movement: Abstract, Expressionism, Impressionism The term "magic realism was first used in 1925 by Franz Roh, the German art critic
Counter-Modern Movement: Post-expressionism, Surrealism, Magic realism
After expressionism: Magical Realism: Problems of the newest European painting

Carl Jung s¶ theory
a Swiss psychiatrist Surrealism and Magic realism
‡ to reject and challenge logic and science ‡ to encourage human to realize mysterious power in nature and in human themselves.  

Modern people focus too much on logic and science so that they lose their unconsciousness power and instinct. War destroyed humans and social values especially science which westerners consider as the root of their civilization.

Magic Realism
Oxford Dictionaries online

a literary or artistic genre in which realistic narrative and naturalistic technique are combined with surreal elements of dream or fantasy.




Magical Realistic Paintings

Magical Realistic Fiction
Why is magic realism so popular in Latin American literature?


She s done a lot of traveling, Mr. Herbert said. She s carrying behind her flowers from all the seas of the world. (p.80)

‡ At first they swam straight along and then down very deep to where the light of the sun stopped and then the light of the sea, and things were visible only in their own light. They passed by a submerged village with men and women on horseback turning about a musical kiosk. It was splendid day and there were brightly colored flowers on the terraces. (p.78)

‡ My last wish, she said to her husband, is to be buried alive. She said it as if she were on her deathbed, but she was sitting across the table in a dining room with windows through which the bright March light came pouring in and spread throughout the house. (p.62) ‡ He d heard tell that people don t die when they ought to but when they want to. (p.62-63)

Magical Realistic Films

Examples of Magical Realism Films Made from Books

Examples of Original Magical Realism Films

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