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Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL)

Man behind Hindustan unilever ltd

‡ HUL is one of the world¶s oldest multinational companies. ‡ Its origin goes back to the 19th century when a group of companies operating independently produced soaps . ‡ In 1930 the company merged to form unilever that diversified into food products in 1940 ‡ Through the next five years it emerged as a major fast moving consumer goods products FMGC IN SEVERAL BUSINESS«««..

Strategic plan
‡ The strategic plan of the company was to bring vitality to life and meet everyday needs for nutrition ,hygiene and personal care with brands that help people feel good look good and get more out of life . ‡ The corporate strategy is focusing on :‡ Food ‡ Homecare ‡ Personal care

Unilever operates in more than 100 countries has a turnover of 39.6 billion pounds and a net profit of 3.685 billion pounds in 2006 and derives 41% of its income from developing nations. it has 179000 employees with its top management coming from 24 nations.

The genesis of Hindustan unilever HUL in India goes back when Unilever exported sunlight soaps in India and then it merged with Hindustan lever in 1956.mergers of Lipton Brooke bond ponds Tomco Lakme and modern foods have resulted in forming this company over the years.

Home and personal care are made up of personal wash deodorants color cosmetics and ayurvedic personal care.

Food business have tea coffee ice creams and processions there are separate departments for specialty exports and new ventures.

Strategic management at HUL is the responsibility of the board of directors there are five individual and five whole time directors .The management is looked by management committee comprising of operation managers vice chairman CEO and managing directors.

The functional level management is the responsibility of the functional head .for instance the marketing manager has a team of brand managers looking after individual brands .

HUL has some centralized functions such as finance ,human resource, research ,technology, information technology and corporate and legal affairs.

MRS Aishwariya Rai Bachhan brand ambassador for LUX

It has strong competitors such as proctor and gamble ,nivea loreal and local companies include AMUL,Nirma or the Tata . Rivals have copied HUL¶s strategies and tactics ,specially in the area of marketing and distribution .

HUL is identified closely with India. there is a ring of truth to its vision statement to earn the love and respect of India by making a real difference to every Indian .senior citizens in India have close connection with brand like lifebuoy and dalda.

World¶s second-largest food/consumer products company

Majority owner

Shampoo and color cream aimed at ³20something single girls´ ‡ Leading shampoo/ color brand in India

India¶s largest consumer products company ‡ 35 brands

Unilever context 
Foods and Home & Personal Care business

Marketing strategy

Rs.355/Do The QuiffSunsilk Layers and texture definition wax

Rs.470 The Blow Out

Rs.125 Sunsilk Layers and Texture Definition Conditioner

Rs.175 Sunsilk Layers and Texture Definition shampoo

HUL has been known for its rural marketing but this focus seems to be changing Unilever has formulated a new global realignment under which it will develop brands and product across the world and could appoint British CEO after nearly 40 years during which there were Indian CEO¶s.


The shift in decision making could however be double edged sword .
‡ HUL¶s strong position in soaps and detergents is suffering due to neglect and the competitors were quick to take the advantage of the opportunity ‡ HUL has 80-85% of its net profits from personal and home care . ‡ Globally Unilever derives half of its revenues from food business ‡ HUL does not have a strong position in the food business though its food business in India remains quite attractive both in terms of local consumption as well as export market

HUL¶s own strategy of offering low price competitive products may suffer at the cost of unilever emphasis on premium priced, high end products sold through modern retail out-lets.

HUL¶s latest financials are not satisfactory. net profit are down sales have declined cost have been rising and new products are yet to rise up.

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