A basic course for

Siddhas or Wizards
the art of programming ourselves
by Shekhar Borgaonkar

Modern Magical Paradigm
Ancient Vedic philosophers identified the largest Boundary of all as the Mahamaya: or Universal Trance. the Great Illusion The Mahamaya is the Reality that

we all live in, and it is also a trance woven out of many levels of belief systems and individual beliefs. A Siddha trancends some of these belief levels and thus acquires the power to create or dis-create reality (illusions!)
A maker of idols is never an idolater. ---- An Old Chinese Sayin


´ ---Albert Einstein .³We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that was used to create them.

 Free attention or processing power  liberation from power consuming daemons  Love Business models Domain knowledge and skills   .Process To achieve anything worthwhile we need four qualities.

Process The Process consists of two parts:  Purification and Dis-creation ³Its necessary to erase the slate before anything can be written on it´  Creation ³it is the coding of Maya by using the language of evolutionary and cultural symbols and executed by the Siddha's trained Will´ .

Purification The separation of our individual consciousness from the universal consciousness is the Original sin. early childhood. This it does by hard-wiring some of its computation ± by making some implicit assumptions or beliefs instead of more circumspect logic that we have learnt during the course of our evolution*. the person is in panic mode and thus responds to the situation with abnormal urgency. During trauma. and puberty. Trauma fragments our wholeness and each fragment stops experiencing life freely. . birth. This separation is rooted in a series of traumas that we all are subjected from conception. Rather it is bottled up in a belief structure which protects it from further hurt.

greed and selfishness. depression. .r. the problem arises in normal life when an urgent response is not required. Traumatized people responds to situations unskillfully that is typically marked by aggressiveness. These attitudes generate a lot of social problems outside them but generate real chemical poisons within themselves destroying their health and well being.t. some situations. Purification essentially is healing our traumas.While there is nothing wrong with this. fear. This the reason why certain people who have been highly traumatized never seem to grow up w.

Karma.     These practices are collectively found in Bhakti. Raja and Jnana Yoga .Purification process  Taking care of the physical body Practice of psychic hygiene Practice of Work hygiene Receiving love to heal our emotional body Skilled introspection to unearth the hidden beliefs that bind us.

. dhouti.. . For instance the process of eating is as important as the content of what we eat.) Pranayama    It is very important to do these activities slowly with full awareness and feeling. surya-namaskar) Periodic cleansing routines (neti.Physical processes  Eating wholesome food (avoid excesses) Regular exercise (asanas.

Niyama. Sila .Psychic hygiene Essentially the psychic hygiene consists of:    Honesty Simple life style Avoiding excessive sensory stimulation    Non-violence Moderation in speech Moderation in sex Yama. Buddha .... Patanjali Yoga sutras...

posture and breath Vedananupasana ± observation of sensations Chittanupasana ± observing thoughts Dhammanupasana ± Observing the nature of things    Collectively these techniques are taught in Vipassana course by Goenka.Healing deep traumas One of the best guidelines for healing very deep unconscious conditioning was given by the Gautama Buddha  Kayanupasana ± equanimous and non-judgmental. The method is outlined in Buddha's Satipathana sutta. observing gross body parts. . The basic course is of 10 days duration during which one maintains strict silence and meditates for about 10 hours a day.

Use Core Processes (Connirae Andreas. intentions.  Write your story and repeatedly go through it observing your emotions. Authentic sharing in a group helps. fear etc. values. go away. noticing hidden beliefs. anger. guilt.till all pain and emotional distress. Wolfgang Bernard)    . The process of healing these traumas is to relive them consciously and experience the pain calmly using our adult consciousness. depression etc. The process is preferably done with a partner..Healing healing emotional traumas Emotional trauma can manifests as fear..

Deep selfexpression can also be viewed as our mission in life.Work hygiene avoiding Karmic debt Work is a very important part of life. However due to various traumas we forget this fundamental role of work in our life and start working for things other than deep self expression. Apart from survival work allows us to deeply express ourselves. Unless we are very careful we will reach a pathological condition where rewards begin to consuming more of our attention than the work itself. When this happens we start expecting rewards for our work. .

All these are energies of a higher kind. karmic debt etc. and faith. They are like a virus which saps the computing power of a system. These are programs which are perpetually installed in the computer and consume the processing power.Exorcising daemons In computers we use a term called daemons. By practicing the purification exercises outlined earlier we are actually freeing up a lot of trapped attention. The wizard has to learn to contain (not dissipate) this energy and allow it to transform his deeper self. bliss. We feel the flow of new energy within ourselves. concentration. guilt. daemons which sap our free attention. love. Some of the qualities that may manifest due to this purification are silence (calm). . Likewise fear.

Creation ´Life is meaningless without love´ . but now you could SEE it!" -.a common experience . And God said 'Let there be light. The driving force for this is generally love and compassion and his attitude is one of play (³Leela´) .Anonymous A Wizard who has sufficiently purified himself can also recreate Maya. "And in the beginning there was nothing.' And there was still nothing.

Taking action inspired by your higher self will place you in amazing synchronicities as well as give you new insights that will forward your success. your intuition.Deavon Di Prima . Then you take actions based on your inner guidance.Creation ³The process for your success is simple and it works like this: You familiarize yourself with your higher self and the plan your higher self has for you will gradually be made known to you on an "as needed" basis.´ ----------.

inspiration .alignment with the Universe Imagination ± incubation. working out details Will ± sculpting the imagined into reality  Team of committed and competent people   Love Internal and external Business models  Attitudes and Practices that lead to excellence .Process of Creation For creating anything worthwhile we require  Vision    Love.

´ ---Albert Einstein . For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand.Imagination ³Imagination is more important than knowledge. while imagination embraces the entire world. and all there ever will be to know and understand.

-------. so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive. It is the skill of conjuring or constructing a desired scenario in the form of mythology (a story constructed with psychic symbols) that stirs deepest psyche of people. ³People say that what we're all seeking is a meaning for life but I think that what we're seeking is an experience of being alive.Imagination Imagination is an important skill of the Siddha.Joseph Campbell . inspired by the energies of the body.´ Mythology is the song of the imagination. so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within our own innermost being and reality.

burial/dead body.Symbolic language Human beings have broadly four brains:  Body brain (colors. more feelings.. rituals ±< 5 year old language) Neo Cortex (The language we speak)    . more aesthetic. phallic symbols < 1 year old language) Mammalian or Emotional (flowers..things associated with survival <language in the womb) Reptilian brain (hissing. primordial sounds.. fashion. water. caves ± predation. roars. lightning and thunder.mating. .babies. cross. smells.

Expected results ± a rich canvas of our internal symbols and cultural and personal beliefs . sensations and thoughts in a totally non-judgmental way (feel it + vipassana exercises) We have have to maintain a journal of our our visions.Learning the Symbolic language This requires us to begin by observing our body. breath. experiences and dreams.

WILL ³Strength does not come from physical capacity.´ ----James Gordon ³The education of the will is the object of our existence.Meister Eckhart .´ -----.´ ----Mahatma Gandhi ³It¶s not that some people have willpower and some don¶t. It comes from an indomitable will.´ -----Ralph Waldo Emerson ³The man who has submitted his will and purposes entirely to God. It¶s that some people are ready to change and others are not. carries God with him in all his works and in all circumstances.

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