So you think you know Singapore·s history well?
Let¶s try!


Sabara Early name of Singapore € Used in the 2nd century € € Greek geographer Ptolemy .

Pu Luo Zhong Early name of Singapore € 3rd century. € € Derived from the Malay ³Pulau Ujong´ (island at the tip) .

Picture Discussion Time! .

Another name of Singapore € Singapura ± The Lion City But«« € .

This story was actually recorded in Sejarah Melayu. Do you think this story is real or fictional? .

If it is fictional. does it mean that it is of no use to historians? .

³Singapore was founded on _______ by _____________________. Lee Kuan Yew B: 1965. Stamford Raffles ..Let·s start with a few easy questions first. Q1. Yusof Ishak C: 1819.´ A: 1959..

.. € € What was ³Singapore´ before Raffles landed? Did it even exist? .Think about it.

.Let·s start with a few easy questions first. ..

Raffles. the ´founderµ of Singapore?? .

mate! .Bring in that trowel.



. There were some Chinese settlers in Temasik. So says Wang Dayuan.. . Traders feared to come to this place. a Chinese merchant who travelled in Southeast Asia during the 14th century.Temasik has become a great and famous place visited by large numbers of foreigners. Pirates were lurking to raid the Chinese junks.


Why? .Question: All historians are good chefs.

Answer: Because they know how to make good use of sauces (sources)! .

€ € .Takeaway(s) of the Day! € There are different types of historical sources (such as Wang Da Yuan¶s written records. All historical sources are important in the study of history. Archaeology supports the study of History. artefacts such as Chinese coins).

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