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Try to guess the meanings of the following affixes:

corp incorporate, corporal, corpse, corpulent body cide, cis fratricide, excise, circumcision, suicide to kill, to cut ambul ambulatory, ambulance, somnambulist To walk

brev abbreviate, brevity, brief short

What is Word Analysis?

Long words are often easier to understand than short words because

a process of understanding the meaning of a word through its parts and origin

discovering the meaning of unfamiliar forms of known words

they are built from parts which you already know.

Telecommunications prefix root




dict predict, verdict, dictionary, diction say, speak doc, doct doctor, doctrine, document teach, prove hyper hyperactive, hyperbolic, hypersensitive over, above

meta metaphor, metabolism, metacommunication beyond, change

cre, cresc, cret, crease create, crescent, accretion, increase grow dec decimal, decade, decalogue, decimate ten dia diameter, dialogue, dialectic, diagnosis, diachronic through, across, between

dox, dog dogma, orthodox, paradox thought, idea

equi equidistant, equilateral, equilibrium, equation, equitor equal fract, frag, frai frail, fracture, fragment break graph, gram, graf polygraph, grammar, biography, telegram to write, to draw

hetero heterodyne, heterogenous, heterosexual other

mono, uni monopoly, monologue, unilateral, unanymous one bi, di divide, diverge, biweekly, billion, diverge, biannual two

tri triumverate, trinity, trilogy, triangle, trillion, triumverate three

quat, quad quarter, quadruplets, quadrangle, quarternary four quint, penta quintuplets, quintet, pentagon, pentameter five hex, ses, sex - hexagon, hexameter, sestet, sextuplets six

sept - septet, septennial, septillion seven

oct - octopus, octagon, octogenarian, octave, octillion eight non - nonagon, nonagenarian, nonillion nine dec - decimal, decade, decalogue, decimate, decillion ten

infra infrared, infrastructure beneath omni omnipotent, omnivorous, omniscient all oper operate, opus work

phot photograph, photosynthesis, photon light

Seat Work and RecitRecitation

Using your knowledge on word analysis, take any book you are using this semester and determine which words you can dissect. Be ready to discuss with the class which words you are able to dissect and know the meaning of based on our discussion today.

A. B. C.

i i ity ss

D. pri st ss

A. B.

i i atri i

C. patri i

D. parri i


t t t

B. m C. kilo

D. t r

A. B. C.

t t


iv r us



A. B. pt

l r dr illi

C. s pt md

D. qu dr g


A. B. C. u


g llis

A. B. C.

lt r ili n


D. fist l

A. B. C.

le der trapaped

D. egg y l

A. B. i


C. back f h ad


A. tri B. q

ir t dr ngl

C. p nt gon

D. non g n ri n


it r iar iat

B. a C. r



t ll r

B. xylogr ph C. p rm th c

D. v rmicul tion

13. avi 14. clast 15. arthro 16. ejacul 17. schizo 18. tenacul 19. therm 20. pseud









A. throw out B. split C. joint D. holding E. heat F. false G. broken H. bird