Chapter 2 The Dynamic Marketing Environment 
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larger societal forces that affect the whole microenvironment. • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall . ±Macroenvironment .forces close to the company that affect its ability to serve its customers. ‡ Includes: ±Microenvironment .Marketing Environment 3-2 ‡ All the actors and forces influencing the company¶s ability to transact business effectively with it¶s target market.

The Marketing Environment Demographic Company 3-3 Cultural Publics Economic Company Suppliers Customers Political Competitors Natural Intermediaries Technological • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall .

The Microenvironment Company Publics Forces Affecting a Company¶s Ability to Serve Customers 3-4 Suppliers Competitors Customers Intermediaries • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall .

sell. and distribute its goods to final buyers.provide the resources needed to produce goods and services.help the company to promote. ‡ Suppliers . finance. etc.The Company¶s Microenvironment 3-5 ‡ Company¶s Internal Environment functional Environmentareas such as top management. • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall . and manufacturing. ‡ Marketing Intermediaries .

those who serve a target market with similar products and services. ‡ Competitors .The Company¶s Microenvironment ‡ Customers .any group that perceives itself having an interest in a company¶s ability to achieve its objectives. ‡ Publics . • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall 3-6 .five types of markets that purchase a company¶s goods and services.

Customer Markets 3-7 International Markets Consumer Markets Company Government Markets Reseller Markets Business Markets • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall .

The Macroenvironment Demographic Cultural Forces that Shape Opportunities and Pose Threats to a Company 3-8 Economic Political Technological Natural • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall .

• Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall 3-9 . race. ‡ Natura .factors that affect consumer buying power and patterns.natural resources needed as Natural inputs by marketers or that are affected by marketing activities. sex.The Company¶s Macroenvironment ‡ Demographic . location and other statistics.monitors population in terms of age. ‡ Economic . occupation.

and nonfamily households Geographic Shifts Moving to the Sunbelt and suburbs (MSA¶s) Increased Education Increased college attendance and white-collar workers Growing Ethnic and Racial Diversity 73% Caucasian. 10% Hispanic & 3.4% Asian • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall . Demographic Trends Changing Age Structure Population is getting older 3-10 Changing Family Structure Marrying later.S. fewer children. working women.Key U. 12% African-American.

Economic Environment 3-11 Economic Development Key Economic Concerns for Marketers Changes in Consumer Spending Patterns Changes in Income • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall .

Natural Environment More Government Intervention 3-12 Higher Pollution Levels Factors Affecting the Natural Environment Shortages of Raw Material Increased Costs of Energy • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall .

and behaviors. perceptions. ‡ Cultural .forces that create new product and market opportunities.The Company¶s Macroenvironment ‡ Technological . ‡ Political .laws.forces that affect a society¶s basic values. • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall 3-13 . agencies and groups that influence or limit marketing actions. preferences.

Technological Environment Rapid Pace of Change High R & D Budgets 3-14 Issues in the Technological Environment Focus on Minor Improvements • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall Increased Regulation .

Political Environment 3-15 Increased Legislation Key Trends in the Political Environment Greater Concern for Ethics Changing Enforcement • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall .

Cultural Environment Of Oneself Of the Universe Of Nature Views That Express Of Values Organizations Of Society Of Others 3-16 • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall .

Responding to the Marketing Environment ‡ Environmental Management Perspective ±Taking a proactive approach to managing the microenvironment and the macroenvironment to affect changes that are favorable for the company. 3-17 • Copyright 1999 Prentice Hall . file law suits and complaints. run ³advertorials´. How? Hire lobbyists . and form agreements.

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