Royal Sales Corporation

Group 7

Question 1 What three products/services are sold by the RCC? Who is the decision maker for each of these product/services? .

Products/Service Sold By RCC Corporate Copy Center Customer Centric Printing Solution Customized Equipment Well trained RCC personnel Reproduction Contract Guaranteed output Functions Microfilming Sorting and Collating Binding and Covering Color Copying High Volume Copying Decision Makers Strategic : High level Management. requires significant financial investment Operations : People who know the technicalities and requirements Finance : Depending on how much the customized solution costs .

Low price. printing Provided as a service Contract for reproduction and Specified Time Specified Output and Externally Provided Sales reps sold Royal 750 colour copier and CCC program Sales organisation: Generalist specialisation Functions Routine Reproduction Jobs Duplicating Engineering documents Microfilming Colour copying Overhead transparencies Department needs may be different.Products/Service Sold By RCC Royal Reproduction Centre High quality. Short Tenure functions Decision Makers Low and Mid Level Employees across . quick turnaround copying Duplicating.

reduction Straight duplication Decision Makers User/person who understand the technical expertise and can communicate its relevance to higher management .Products/Service Sold By RCC Royal 750 Colour Copier Specialized machinery for color copying Not very successful but high in quality Specialized final consumer Low Volumes Functions Presentations of advertising and marketing plans Quick copying Enlargement.

Question 2 What are the benefits to the user of each of these three product/services? .

qualified operators Contractual Included Included Short turnaround time for high volume orders .Benefits To The User Particulars CCC RC 750 Colour Copier Standard Equipment Client Purchase Borne by Client Allows for quick copying and experimentation with copies RRC Equipment Supplies and Paper Labor Expense Benefits of the program Customised Included in Contract Included Guaranteed output.

What are the similarities of each of these situations? . Bickford Publishing and General Hospital.Question 3 Examine Mary Jones efforts at Acme Computers.

Acme Mary s efforts Customized solution and effort Bickford Publishing Smith slighting Mary off General Hospital CCC consideration Took the CCC prospect seriously Necessitates loss of two loyal employees Acme s Concern Concerned with external operator at the workplace Concerned with high capital investment Concerns: Using excuses like high investment to avoid the decision about the product in the first stage of the life cycle Financially only marginally beneficial .

Acme Computers Poor Did not address the concerns of ‡ Cost being high in the first 2 yrs ‡ Concentrated on product features rather than concerns ‡ Outsider working in the company s premises Implementation & follow up Closing the sale Handling Objections Presentation Did not get an opportunity Poor ‡No questioning ‡ Just focused on cost Needs Identification Approach Pre approach Prospecting ‡ Did not pursue the client for 6 months ‡ Successful in scheduling a meeting ‡ Opening statement was on target .

Pre approach Prospecting No opportunity.Bickford Publishing Failed to identify objections & concerns of Bickford. Dropped the CCC Info earlier and again pushing for it ‡Scheduled a meeting with Smith ‡ Planning to meet Tony Perry. They had concerns like : ‡ CCC was not cost effective ‡ CCC was inappropriate as a current purchase for Bickford Implementation & follow up Closing the sale Handling Objections Presentation Needs Identification Approach Jones knew a lot about Bickford primarily because it was a long time client. Ser .VP Corp.

General Hospital Implementation & follow up Closing the sale Handling Objections Presentation Needs Identification Approach Pre approach Prospecting Client agreed to the merits/demerits And the financial savings thru CCC Not too good. ‡A uthority to buy ‡D esire to buy Did not handle the objections of ‡ Hiring an outsider ‡ Firing the internal employees No questioning. Jones was Surprised to find 3 executives in the meeting. Had prepared a ppt to show cost savings . However presentation was good General Hospital was a good prospect as they had: ‡M oney to buy. identification Or pre commitment Had knowledge about General Hospital s requirements.

Question 4 Should Mary Jones directly contact Tom Perry of Bickford Publishing? Why or why not? .

and if the approach is well executed he may show interest Perry higher in authority and can understand the strategic advantage and benefit Perry can negate Smiths decision .Mary Jones should contact Perry: Smith already against CCC Perry was interested.

the cost saving figure of $30.Question 5 Evaluate the General Hospital proposal Cost Saving Calculation Hence. .995 is incorrect as the costs have not been discounted in the time frame considered.

Question 6 What could Mary Jones have done differently to sell the CCC to General Hospital? .

Objection Handling Objections Firing of Experienced employees Proposed Solution Training of in-house employees Efforts and resources required for the training is same No firing required Her response Emphasized on efficiency and cost benefit .

Question 7 What actions should Tom Stein (Mary s Sales Manager) take regarding Mary Jones? .

Voluntarily chosen mentor Should not exert too much pressure hamper her morale Suggest higher management about her performance evaluation If possible. Provide her flexibility on the product .

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