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Social Media

Using it as a journalistic tool

Dont laugh.

Social media by the numbers

91 percent of journalists believe social media and web technologies are enhancing journalism 70 percent of journalists use social networks (up 28 percent from 2008) 48 percent of journalists use Twitter (up 25 percent from 2008)

Social media by the numbers

60 percent of the time people get online to do something social 44 percent of Americans get news from email or via updates to social media networks 50 percent of links on Twitter go to mainstream media outlets 99 percent of blog links go to mainstream media sources (and 80 percent of those links going to four outlets: BBC, CNN, New York Times and Washington Post)

New mindset needed


metrics: Eyeballs Page views Stickiness



Engagement Participation

Interaction Comments


Are we there, yet?

Social media guru J.D. Lasica and others suggest the 70-30 Rule for social media
70% of your content should be interacting with people, 30% can be selfserving/promotional What about in your newsroom?

Journalists fun with Facebook

Fan pages Promoting stories Finding sources Tracking news Material for news stories

Promoting stories

Finding sources/new angles?

Interacting with the audience

What Twitter isand isnt (or shouldnt be)

Best for breaking news

Not a headline service

Hash tags for big events, i.e. Washington Post election

For those who can be human, not detached, and conversational

Using it to develop stories

Connect with People Search for people, groups, etc. that are influencers in your community or your beat Ask to join their groups and be notified of when meetings/events are.

Its good to be a follower

Other industries out in front

Its good to be a follower

Consider Follow Fridays

#FF on Twitter Serves As Excellent Connection Tool


big holiday like Easter or Earth Day or a smaller, less celebrated holiday like, International Pancake Day or Facebook "Like" button's birthday, use it as an excuse or reason to mention certain people Categorize.
Think of top 10 ways to describe your job. Think of your favorite hobbies. I focus on government transparency and accountability, so, I might make a list of some of my followers that also have a passion for those things

#FF on Twitter Serves As Excellent Connection Tool

World, national or local events.

Use the same approach with this as with the holidays. And think outside the box.
Ohio University, did an alumni day in April called OUr Day. There were physical events in Athens, Ohio but use #FF to turn the event into a digital event

#FF on Twitter Serves As Excellent Connection Tool

Web tools.

FollowFriday Helper

FollowFriday a website that ranks the most recommended Twitter users in the world

#FF on Twitter Serves As Excellent Connection Tool

Use descriptions.

You can also make the #FF experience a little more personal by including just one person in the tweet and writing a few quick highlights about the person Use #FF as an excuse to thank loyal viewers, listeners, commenters, followers, etc. I love seeing a #FF mention on my profile and I am sure they will like it too!

Reach out to your audience.

Creating Twitter Lists

Create lists for different categories of people or organizations. Why?

Posts don't get lost in the online shuffle of updates. make it easier to just look at those people all at once

Lets Create One! What kind of lists would you create?

Save Twitter searches

Search for key phrases.

If you cover education search and create saved search boxes on your mobile phone for key words related to the district you cover. You would be amazed at how many high school students and parents use Twitter (and without much of a filter). People involved with a story know more about what is going on and find out about news before the larger organization does most of the time.

Social Media to Develop Stories

Pay attention to comments/replies.

This is crucial. Read comments and reach out to those who post them. New story angles Different perspectives for follow-up stories Continue the conversation.

If you see interesting comments or want to know more ASK!

Social Media to Develop Stories

Report/clarify social media rumors.

People say a lot of things online. Some is true and some is not.

If you see a lot of people speculating about the same thing and you have clarified that it is not true tell them that. Readers and viewers want the truth

Use Social Media to verify information

Do research on your sources.

From their Facebook profiles to their Twitter postings. Sometimes social media profiles can be more honest and eye-opening about what a person is really like than any conversation or interview with them.

Lets try it

Lets look at someone

HISD Superintendent Terry Grier What do you see?

How about someone else?

Things to watch out for

Watch what you "like" on Facebook Consider a "Disclaimer" statement on your profiles Watch your comments Keep opinions to yourself or on personal accounts Watch what you delete


Always include a link Dont just re-type the headline Try asking questions Engage and grab their attention Type how you search

You Try

Write a sample post for both Twitter and Facebook

Other ways to get social

Engage those with passion by including them in the reporting process

Social media timing

43% check social networks before bed 20% five check them when they wake up Women are more likely than men to log on over the lunch period

What does this mean to you?

More to think about

Journalism has often been done from the top of a mountain journalists would tell the community what they need to know. Today, much of the news has become a conversation, and journalists are being required to do as much listening to the community as they broadcast to them. --Vadim Lavrusik,

So remember.

Be Social

point is to interact with people. Don't just share links.

Be responsive & communicate Consider Behind the Scenes

What goes on behind the scenes out in the field is something most journalists see every day, but viewers do not. Use this to your advantage and have someone take pictures, record short videos, etc.
If you find a great news story, share it!

Don't be afraid of the competition