Seoul at a Glance

 Capital of the Republic of Korea with 600 year history  Area : 605.26 Km2  Population : 10.58 M (2010)  Gross Regional Product : USD 227 Billion (2009)

Seoul extended more & more

1949 1944 1936 1914 1963~2011

Seoul¶s New Identities!

City You Must Visit!

Creative Design City

Competitive City

Seoul Slogan

Seoul, a City of Happy Citizens & a City Loved by the World

World¶s 5th Most Competitive City

Seoul¶s City Competitiveness Ranking



2006 2008

Global Urban Competitiveness
(CASS & Bucknell University)


Seoul¶s City Competitiveness Ranking
Global Financial Centres Index by Z/Yen Group

16th 28th 51st


2009 ½

2009 2/2 2010 ½ 2010 2/2 2011 ½

From 53rd to 16th Place in Just Two Years! 3rd Most Promising City as Future Financial Hub

Seoul, Strong Convention City

5th 7th 9th 9th





Tourists to Seoul

% 9% % 2% 6% 5% 7% 0% - %


- % CHINA - 9%
2006 2007 2008 2009 JAPAN

Number of Tourists (in 10,000 persons)
Worldwide Visiting Korea Visiting Seoul


91,900 88,000



8 ,600

880 782 6 5 583 689 623 707 795

602 5

615 556







UN Public Service Awards

UN Public Service Awards For 7 Policies in 4 Years

UN Public Service Awards

1. Online Policy Discussion Site

UN Public Service Awards

2. Water Now
Real-time Water Quality Report Service

3. Ten-Million Imagination Oasis

UN Public Service Awards

4. Women Friendly City Project
City Administration from Women¶s Perspective

5. Hope-Plus Account
Asset-Building Program

UN Public Service Awards

6. Self-Empowerment Program for Runaway Teenage Women 7. Citizen-friendly Open Tax Court System

Seoul¶s Brand Power

Wallpaper: Top 5 Design Best Cities

Seoul, UNESCO City of Design

Seoul¶s IT Competitiveness 

Mobile Ownership : 101%(2010)  Internet Penetration : 88.4%(2010)  Broadband Penetration : 34.4%(2010)
Highest in the World, with prices the second lowest globally at US $ 0.08

IT complex

e-Government Services 

120 Dasan Call Center  Ten Million Imagination Oasis  Mobile Seoul(m. Seoul)  Seoul TOPIS(traffic management center)

120 Dasan Call Center

120 Dasan Call Center
120 Dasan Call Center is ensuring happiness for Seoul citizens
Jan. Mar. 2011

Incoming calls handled Service agents Customer satisfaction Public recognition

20 77% 6.6%

40,854 calls/day
551 95.0% 82.5%

Ten Million Imagination Oasis

Ten Million Imagination Oasis Accepted : 234 ideas

64,798 36,289

9,067 7,729 2,599
2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Mobile Seoul(m.Seoul) 
Citizen Participation : e-Poll, Idea OASIS  Real-time Information : Traffic, LBS  Public Information : Tax, Lost & Found 

City Information : Statistics, City News

m.Seoul Monthly View

Apps for Seoul


BMS Information Provision
I f . rri ti L t i L ti l i I f . r i

Seoul BMS

For Public
BIT -Real-time Bus Operation Information -Route and Transfer Info Internet -Real-time Bus Operation Info. -Bus Operation DB

Bus Company



‡ Route and operation Info ‡ Bus Arrival Time

‡ Bus ocation ‡ Allocating Bus ‡ Notice

e-Government Awards 

Ranked First 4 Consecutive Times in the UN-Supported Rutgers Global e-Government Survey  Won the Public Sector Excellence Award at WCIT 2010  Online Policy Discussion Room won the Excellence Award at the UN Public Service Awards  Won the 2010 Asia and Pacific Region Geospatial Technology Award

Challenges facing Seoul
Innovative use of IT required to respond to emerging urban issues
Inter-city Competition
Global Competition for Urban Competitiveness
3rd 9th 8th 10th 0.7°C

Low Carbon Green Living Climate Change Increase in Environmental Risk
2.4°C 99% 19% 16%



Singapore Hong Kong

rban Issues

World averageSeoul averageSeoul
Average Temperature Increase


Japan USA

Rate of Increase in Carbon Emissions

Ageing, Low Birth Rate Increase in International Residents

Low Economic Growth Shift to Knowledge Industry
4.5% 5th 3.9% 13th 11th

Ageing societ


Int¶l Residents in Seoul

Economic Growth Rate

Share of Knowledge-based Industr

Changes in Demographic Structure

Changes in Industrial Structure


In 2010, Over 9.7% of population are aged 65 and more.

In 1999

In 2010





Tokyo Beijing

Seoul e-Government Roadmap
Information Portal Present Passi e Response to Changes
iness el and al e reati n

imple Information ffering

nline er i es

Effe ts re ognized by itizens

The Stages of Seoul¶s e-Government Development f

Smart Seoul 2015
World¶s best city in using smart technologies

Free WiFi Services 
10,000 free WiFi service zones by 2015 for 13.5% of Seoul area  Seoul shares its own network Mobile Carriers invest for WiFi zone installation

Bridging Smart Divide 
Hands-on experiences and training on smart devices for one million citizens by 2015  IT training and support for the socially marginalized

Smart Seoul 2015
World¶s best city in using smart technologies

Advancing CCTV Monitoring 
Increasing real-time CCTV monitoring coverage to 100% from 30.7% now  Decreasing crime rate by 10% by changing CCTV response from reaction to prevention

U-Seoul Safety Zone 
To be extended for every elementary school and the marginalized by 2015  Collaborations between Seoul(platform) and mobile carriers(network)

Smart Seoul 2015
World¶s best city in using smart technologies

Seoul Open Data Mart 
Free data for citizens  Seoul¶s public data Open to 35% from 5%  Support private sector in creating diverse business items using public data

Smart Business 
100 private app development centers in Seoul with 2,000 employees  Seoul city trains skilled workers in app business and supports business startup

Who are we? 

³A body for global e-Government´ 

³Membership-based Organization´
Cities and Local Governments Worldwide 

50 full members & 3 associate members

How have we developed WeGO?

World e-Government Mayors Forum, July 7-9, 2008 
³Seoul e-Government Declaration´
³It is crucial to cooperate with each other through the sharing of experiences and knowledge regarding e-Governance with ICT´ 

Participants agreed to :
- Form a body for global e-Government - Place the Secretariat in Seoul - Organize the 1st General Assembly of WeGO in 2010

How have we developed WeGO?

World Cities CIO Forum, Sept. 28-30, 2009  ³Working-level Discussions´ on:
- Statute of WeGO - Inaugural General Assembly to be held in Seoul in 2010 - Seoul¶s serving as interim president city of WeGO

How have we developed WeGO?

Executive Committee meeting, June 7-8, 2010 
Preparatory Meeting for the Inaugural General Assembly

Inaugural General Assembly of WeGO, Sept. 6-8, 2010 
³Official Launch of WeGO along with 50 city delegations worldwide´

50 Full Members Worldwide
Cities Participating in Executive Committee meeting 45 cities as of June 1st, 2010


Birmingham Amsterdam La Manche Lisbon Berlin

Minsk Astana Bucharest Baku Tashkent Seoul Tel Aviv Abu Dhabi Muscat Khartoum Addis Ababa Nairobi Dar es Salaam Harare Suva Saga Prefecture Chengdu Nanjing Kathmandu Ningbo Agra Hunan Province Zhejiang Province Hong Kong Dhaka Manila Hue City Quezon Bangkok Batam Jakarta Ulaanbaatar Vladivostok


Frankfurt Paris Barcelona Tunis

San Francisco

Mexico City



Sao Paulo Mosman

Why did we launch WeGO?
WeGO aims to : 
Share knowledge and experience for e-Governments  Promote exchanges between urban e-Governments  Strengthen digital capacity in pursuit of continuous urban development  Create safer and more convenient cities by renewing urban areas to futuristic cities with the help of information technology

What do we do?
e-Sharing for All Initiative - How to initiate a project
Good Practice Sharing Call for Benchmark Request

Commencement of e-Sharing for All

Coordination by WeGO

What benefits for the participants? 
Advanced cities
- Global partnership and leadership - Overseas business opportunities for local IT industry 

Advancing cities
- Efficient development of e-government - Avoid repeating same mistakes 

Mutual prosperity by developing
- International cooperation for human and system networking : More than just e-government project sharing

What do we do?
WeGO Projects 
e-Gov. Consulting Feasibility Study - January 2011 Conducted for e-Gov. Development of Dar es Salaam City Council, Tanzania,  E-Government Training Program - September 2011 To be provided for WeGO members in Seoul, Korea,

What do we do?
International Cooperation 
Concluded a MOU with the United Nations (January 2011)  Concluded a MOU with the World Bank (June 2011)  MOU to be concluded with East African Community (July 2011)

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