IEEE Recommended Practice for the Internet

- Web Site Engineering, Web Site Management, and Web Site Life Cycle International Standard ISO/IEC 23026:2006(E)
Recommended practices for World Wide Web page engineering for Intranet and Extranet environments, based on World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and related industry guidelines.

Target Customers for such practices: Targeted at enterprises with an online presence

c) reducing legal liabilities. This recommended practice will focus on vendor.and product-independent considerations. and managers responsible for establishing guidelines for Web site development. b) facilitating ease of use.ISO/IEC 23026:2006(E) :: OVERVIEW Overview This recommended practice provides guidance for designing and implementing well-engineered Web pages for use in managed Web sites. ???? This recommended practice provides guidance for persons designing and developing Web pages. . Also provides guidelines for ‡ creating powerful entry pages that draw in customers ‡ to improve visitor site experience ‡ Customer retention tips The goal of this recommended practice is to improve the productivity of managed Web operations in terms of: a) locating relevant information. and d) providing for efficient development and maintenance practices.

the delivery of specific information to individuals who need that information INDIA:a working group has been set up. No one has time for a site that takes a long time to download and please don t make anyone download anything just to view your site. The stated objective of this committee is to formulate Policy and Procedures for Implementation of Web Accessibility Standards . in Jan 2007. Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.ISO/IEC 23026:2006(E) :: Accessibility Appropriate content and its accessibility Refer to W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1. .0 Ease of Access to Information by Targeted user community . under the Department of Information Technology. Make sure you make your site accessible to a wide range of internet users.

Better design and implementation by Developers for faster download Easy Navigation for Customers Management of the website to keep the site up and running Proper Content . find what they easy it is for visitors to use your website. and do what you want them to do.ISO/IEC 23026:2006(E):: Usability Website Usability : Facilitating ease of use website usability -.

HTTP and site considerations header information body information. conformance references definitions. . purpose. terminology. abbreviations and acronyms design practices server.ISO/IEC 23026:2006(E):: CONTENTS Contents include: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ scope.

h/w ‡Ambiguous content ‡Out-of-date content ‡Incorrect content ‡Incomprehensible content ‡Device problems ‡Interoperability problems .ISO/IEC 23026:2006(E) : Design Consideration What Can Go Wrong? ‡Broken forms ‡Broken links ‡Broken scripts ‡Corrupted display ‡Usability problems ‡Accessibility problems ANALYSIS Why Do Things Go wrong? ‡Infrastructure at Targeted End user communities ‡Technologies-Client server ‡Systems.

Demonstrated concern for quality Increased customer trust. build. The recommended practices enable you to provide benefits to the users of your website like: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Standardized web design. and maintenance in compliance with international best practices. management and life cycle.ISO/IEC 23026:2006(E):: Benefits Benefits ISO 23026 will help you develop and optimize the required processes and controls for better website engineering. through data security and privacy Competitive advantage and potential expanded market share Copyright protection against content piracy and database theft Compliance with legislation to reduce legal liabilities and improve customer loyalty .

yGAP Analysis yTraining for implementation yAssessment.certification .certification ISO/IEC 23026:2006(E):: Intertek Deliverables ‡ ‡ ‡ GAP Analysis Training for implementation Assessment.

ISO/IEC 23026:2006(E) .supe@gmail.

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