Electric Electronic Circuits

Electric-Electronic Circuits

‡ The next 43 slides cover various electric and electronic circuits which have been employed in devices throughout the U.S. or abroad. These circuits are not an all-inclusive listing, nor is it intended to be. Hopefully you will have the time and supplies to build the circuits and experiment with them. If you have the funds available, Radio Shack has several mini-engineer notebooks which cover different experiments and circuits which can be adapted to our uses. If you utilize the small white Radio Shack buzzers, a 100 ; (Ohm) resistor placed in parallel with the buzzer may be necessary. Some of these buzzers are equivalent to a 55meg ; resistor and do not allow enough current through t hold open a transistor¶s Gate. The 100 ; resistor allows a sufficient amount of current to flow through to keep the Gate open. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to contact me: Drew A. Prater, W: (256)8422324/2325 or dayres@ix.netcom.com.




Foil Switch
I n s u

Tin Foil

l a t o r

Tin Foil


Sensitive Photo Cell

Photocell Buzzer







Sensitive Photo Cell Circuit



Photo-cell Circuit



Photo Cell Device Photo Cell Cathode SCR Gate Anode 9V 6 .

Photo Cell SCR Photocell Buzzer - + 9V 7 .

PIR Device SCR + 9V 8 Switch + Buzzer .

PIR Device Transistor Red lead TNT 9V Switch 9 .

Passive Infrared 10 .

Radio Device 8 SCR Cathode Gate Anode 9V 11 .

Pressure Release Circuit Microswitch NC NO C Magnetic Reed Switch 3v 12 .

Pressure Release Microswitch MICRO-SWITCH + 9V NC NO C - 13 .Series Circuit .

Pressure Microswitch MICRO-SWITCH + 9V NC NO C 14 .

Collapsing Circuit 9V B 9V A 15 .

Collapsing Circuit C B 3V 9V 9V A 16 .

Pressure Pads Safe/Arm Switch NC NO C Microswitch LED Magnetic Reed Switch 6v 17 .

E-Cell Circuit Toggle Switch Resistor E-Cell 18 .

Penalty Device BP1-1 SC1 D1 BP1-2 L1 BZ1 BP2-1 L2 BP2-2 S1 S2 9v Bombs by DAP. .

Tilt Device Mercury Switch Vapor Switch Cathode SCR Gate Anode 9V 20 .

Vibratory Circuit Vibratory Switch SCR Cathode Gate Anode 9V 21 .

Capacitor Firing System Capacitor 9V 22 .

Capacitor Firing System Capacitor 23 .

Resistor/Capacitor Circuit TRANSISTOR Toggle Switch Resistor Capacitor 9V 24 .

SCR Cathode Gate Anode LOAD 9V 25 .

Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) 26 .

side makes light glow. transistor is an 27 NPN type. . If . If + side makes light glow. transistor is a PNP type.Transistor Check Transistor Emitter Base LOAD Collector 9V NOTE: Touch base leg to + and .side of battery.

.Transistor in Package Base Collector Solid plastic molded around silicon chip Emitter Terminals make contact to chip Silicon chip has three parts Metal tab makes contact to collector of 28 chip and helps conduct heat away.

Fusible Element (GPO) 29 .


31 .

Canadian Device 32 .

33 .

34 .

35 .

2. Cutting wire leading to coil allows moveable arm to go back to original position and completes Circuit µC¶. 3. Power source A: Decays eliminating power to coil of relay.PLUG & JACK LOAD SHORTED PLUG COMPLETES CIRCUIT POWER SOURCE CIRCUIT 3 CIRCUIT 2 NOTE 3 COIL POWER SOURCE LOAD JACK NOTE 2 CIRCUIT 1 NOTE 1 POWER SOURCE NOTE: 1. Spring attached to movable arm can overcome magnetic force exerted by coil if power source A is weak and relay is jarred hard enough. 36 . thereby allowing movable arm to go back to original position completing Circuit µC¶.

Midlander Device 37 .

38 .

Booby Trapped Flight Bag 39 .

40 .

41 .

42 .

43 .

44 .

45 .

46 .

47 .

99 Hour Timer 48 .

Black lead Red Lead Transistor TNT Switch 9V 49 .

555 Timer Circuit 50 .

555 Timer Circuits 51 .

52 .

53 .

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