CRM Building Relationships with Doctors for Effective Marketing In Pharmaceutical Companies


000 Million Growth Rate 10% Market Leader Glaxo Wellcome Market Share 5.Indian Pharmaceutical Market Market Size Rs 140.000 Brands in the country . At least 50 brands for every Molecule More than 30.8% Competition 16000 Players Including Organized & Unorganized Market.


IDIC MODEL in CRM initiative by Don Peppers & Martha Rogers .

• Individual specialty doctors association directories • National level specialty conferences • Doctor referrals • – List consolidation for better mining of Data & decision making process • specialty wise breakup. qualification.. – Must Visit List (MVL). telephone no. address. visit timings etc. retailers and from peers – List Consist of – Must See List (MSL). – The list contains Name. – Other source of data • Membership directories of associations like Indian Medical Association. specialty.Q1 a)Designing & Implementing a CRM Program for increasing your Business from: Large Private Hospitals ? Medicines distribution Major though Doctor Prescription Identification Process:  • Medical Rep maintains a list of doctors which is acquired by interviews with stockiest. geographical coverage etc  .

• Differentiation process is performed in following terms – Sale Generated by Doctors – Prescription Research by rating agencies – M. Important and Others • The classification is made based on the amount of business each classified doctor group generates to the company.R’s judgment  6 .Differentiation Process • Doctors are classified using ABC method as Core.

.: NEW & Existing Drug Detailing & Sampling is communicated – Corporate level by sending structured questionnaires and seeking further details by email communication  7 . dislikes. Anniversary. vehicles etc. likes. • Individuality of doctor is to be maintained and decision on how the data collected will be used is to be decided with utmost importance Information collected is then incorporated to basic database with the following details – Personal information .Interaction Process • Data collection on Doctor's hobbies. family details etc. Journals read – Ownership details – Household durables. Family – Hobbies and interests – Professional interests – Speciality. • Interaction can be at two levels – MR.Birthdays.

• The success of the whole CRM program depends on how well the companies can pass on the data of the doctor to its field force and train them on how to use this data • All these Interactions have to be filled into the Master Data Base for future reference & learning. – Request by doctor to go on National Conference can be arrange. bouquets etc. 8 . phone call to wish them. gifts.Customization Process  • Customization involves utilizing the collected data to provided personalized service to the doctors – Greeting on birthday & anniversary by simple card personally signed.

reward them for their custom and encourage them to increase their prescriptions. • The objective of the program has to be clearly defined in the onset and the exclusivity of the program has to be communicated to doctors to make them understand that they are the “Chosen One” • The success of such program hinges on making the doctor covet membership to the program. • The number and level of activities would increase as the importance of doctor grows.Loyalty Program (Retaining) • Identify its key accounts. • Reward Program based on classification of doctor groups. then the doctor can be downgraded and his privileges would be reduced • • 9 . Thus continuous monitoring is required to measure the returns generated from the doctor • If they fall below a predefined returns limit.

. – New launch mailers and contests – Telemarketing and web Call centre Serves to 3 types of customers Doctors for drug profile.Direct Marketing • DM is a cost effective method conducted through – Brand awareness campaigns. product availability 10 . discussion & reference of cases Patients seeking counseling. Retailers asking for pricing details.

• Interaction – Detailing & Sampling – Understand the tendering system. • Loyalty Program ( Retaining) – Sponsoring Blood Donation camp & Health Check Ups   . The Medical Store Department – Understand Purchasing Pattern: Channel Preference. • Identification – Key Persons: The Central Purchase Department.Q1 b)Designing & Implementing a CRM Program for increasing your Business from: Large Government Hospitals • Medicines distribution Major though free supplied by Hospital. Seasonal Buying. Doctor. • Customization – Bulk buying Process. • Differentiation – Classification is done on Purchase Authority level.

– Prescription profile of doctor exposed to CRM v/s non exposed to CRM –   .Q2) Measurement of CRM program’s effectiveness • Quantitative Measurement – Sales at Chemist’s shop Pre & Post CRM initiative – Amount of Prescription before exposed to CRM initiative v/s after CRM initiative – Prescription research done by Specialized Market Agencies – Reduction in time per call & Profitability per call per customer • Qualitative Measurement – Customer Satisfaction Surveys for • Doctors . Retailers & end users.

.Q3) Importance of Internal marketing of CRM program • The whole company should be on the same platform & speak the same language of the customer centric approach. • Company’s dependence on the all employees for success of CRM program. • Show the top management’s involvement & Support. • Awareness to employees about Costs & Time Involved. • Financial Benefits associated with the success of the CRM initiative to be made clear from top to the lowest employee.

strategy meetings.Joint field work.Q4)Training of MRs for successful CRM • • • • • • Customer centric Focus Understanding of Company’s whole CRM process Awareness on latest Pharma Research Data Social etiquettes & Personality grooming IT training for using internet database & CRM software Skills in Time management . team meetings. call/business planning .

R’s judgment • Weights are assigned to these mediums • Then the final rankings are found • Based on all this information systematic and scientific classification of doctors as A .B or C  –  .Q5) Systematic & Scientific Method of Classifying Doctors • There is Inflow of data from 3 mediums – Sale Generated by Doctors through Medical Store. – Prescription Research by rating agencies – M.


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