two in South Africa.99 billion) in 2010 ‡ It was founded in 1976 Its first plant was commissioned in Perambra. 28% from Europe and 13% from Africa. Kerala. ‡ It gets 59% of its revenues from India. ‡ In 2006 the company acquired Dunlop Tyres International of South Africa. two in Zimbabwe and 1 in Netherlands.86 billion (US$ 1. ‡ The company now has four manufacturing units in India. .Apollo Tyres Ltd ‡ World's 15th biggest tyre manufacturer ‡ Annual revenues of Rs 8.

‡ CEAT has an annual turnover of Rs 2.CEAT Limited ‡ Cavi Electrici Affini Torino ‡ The company's Indian division was then taken over byRPG Enterprises in the year 1982 which also got the rights to the CEAT brand and renamed the company as CEAT Limited. . ‡ Its tagline is "Take it on".760 crores and has about 20% of the local truck and light truck tyre market.

. and among the dozen largest worldwide. ‡ It exports to more than 65 countries. Tamil Nadu.Madras Rubber Factory ‡ Major tyre manufacturing company located in Chennai. ‡ It is India's largest tyre manufacturing company. India.

Uttaranchal was built in a record time of 10 months. was founded in 1991 ‡ The First plant in Balasore was set up in Technical collaboration with Pirelli in the year 1991. 2849.61 crores in 2009-2010. ‡ The company experienced a remarkable leap from a turnover of Rs. 2300 crore Haridwar factory today has a combined production capacity of over 44 lakh truck tyres per year. ‡ The new state-of-the-art factory at Laksar-Haridwar. 5500 crore.22 crore in 2008-09 to Rs. ‡ Birla Tyres is exporting to over 50 countries and export turnover has crossed Rs. 1947. and is looking ahead to reach a target of Rs.Birla Tyres ‡ A division of Kesoram Industries. 375 crore mark in 2009-10. ‡ . This Ultra Modern Rs.

upgraded product quality and best processes. jeeps . new product range . light commercial and farm vehicles under the DUNLOP brand in Indian market and Falcon and Donin brands for export markets . passenger cars .Falcon Tyres Limited ‡ Located in Mysore. of JAPAN which will give it access to the latest International technology . ‡ The company has entered into a Technical Aid Agreement with Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. . Karnataka . India and incorporated in 1973 is part of the RUIA GROUP ‡ Falcon Manufactures and markets a wide range of nylon bias ply tyres and butyl tubes for two and three wheelers.

Madhya Pradesh ± Kankroli. Rajasthan ‡ JK Tyre has also enhanced its global reach by taking over Tornel a renowed Mexican company. ‡ JK Tyre products are marketed under the 'JK Tyre' and 'Vikrant' brands and compete with the best international players. which has 3 plants in Mexico. Karnataka (3) ± Banmore. ‡ Exports over 80 countries across all 6 continents.JK Tyre ‡ JK Tyre has five Modern plants in India which are strategically located at ± Mysore. .

TVS Srichakra ‡ One of the leading two and three wheeler tyre manufacturer in India rolling out over 11 million tyres per annum. the company manufactures a complete range of Two and Three wheeler Tyres and Tubes for the domestic market and Industrial Pneumatic tyres. ‡ Incorporated in 1982. Multipurpose tyres. for the export market ‡ The company is a global player. Europe. exporting to USA. Farm & Implements Tyres. Skid steer tyres. South America and South East Asia. . Floatation tyres etc. Africa.

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