Freedom Political Research Centre & Debate Chamber

Designed By : Ahmed Hesham Saad El Shamarkah Location: Tahrir Square , Downtown Cairo , Egypt
Individual project

as for the horizontal plane it happens in the functions between Educative and politic where mixture between researchers cubical and reading areas in addition to conference rooms the objective comes to life inside the building as the users of each part interact through out the building . After the 25TH Jan. . A communite that reaches out to its governmant and a governament that reaches out to its community could never be seperated or stand opposing one another . the third and last stage is Merge in masses were the Debate chamber is attached to the research centre in a way to describe the relation between them where Education Dominates and politics is the offspring of Education. having the debate chamber raised 7 meters high creates a highly Emphasized Entrance for the building below the Debate chamber a relation that merges debaters with visitors. hence I responded to the requirements by raising the projects Diamond which is the debate chamber to appear from the surrounding context in addition that it didn t enclose on it s self instead it broke down its huge walls to reach out to the public. exchanging thoughts . The secondary level of merge happens in the building through its program the merge is on a vertical & horizontal plane . each of the rulers came had an impact on the surroundings of the square each era had its visions and ideologies that behaved and lived by. Therefore I decided to Design a building for political researches that contains a the first debate chamber in Egypt . D e m o c r a c y vi a T r a n s p a r e n c y & R e a c h o u t One of the primary requirements of the Egyptian public in the Revolution is to have democracy and that should be no more self interest and false power . Revolution the Egyptian public developed the political awareness which is expected after a Revolution is erupted from a Facebook Propaganda But still It achieved the purpose . Vitalizing such a culture in politics and Education would develop the Egyptian youth for better politicians in the future . politics should no longer be secrets between politicians the transparency should be preserved to create a sense of honesty between the public and the politicians by this we would achieve real Democracy . through my building program I was keen on having the merger in the interior aspect and the exterior aspect trying to create a one piece sculpture of a building to endure the properties of both and preserve it . The Merge will be accomplished on three stages the primary stage is merging politics to the daily life routine therefore the debate chamber is opened and placed on the spine that connects the square with the Nile . but in order to achieve that a Merge must occur between Education and politics to define the abilities and Characteristics of Debate Techniques.C o n c e p t & O b je c t ive s : Tahrir square is a landmark that preserved the identity of the Egyptian Public for the last fifty years . the idea is to try to enhance the political awareness by the debate cultural that has been long absent from the Egyptian Political system . ideas and beliefs which is why merge is the Main Design Keyword in my building . Merge Politics and Education should work in one fabric supporting one another . on the vertical plane the atrium expands and changes its geometry each floor resulting in see and be seen effect through the building floors .

133 offices for the members of Parliament. a food and beverage area and related services 18 commission halls of 50 to 350 seats. 1.html .ARCHITECTURE-STUDIO Office & Industry / Public facilities / Interior design Official headquarters of the European Parliament including a hemicycle of 750 seats.architecture-studio.THE EUROPEAN PARLEMENT as Case study STRASBOURG AS.

old-fashioned houses surrounded by trees. On a bank 360 meters long. the private part of the work of Parliamentary representatives.Concept & Objective : 1 1 Constructing a building for Europe represents the most exacting requirements. while to the west. the dome and the tower. of freedom. structurally deploy the four major functions of the program.parlementeuropeen. a garden city from the twenties aligns its regular geometry of tiny identical. debate. peace.000 m² by translating openness. dialogue. of Europe becoming. the only monolith of the project. Strasbourg s cathedral spire pierces the horizon in the distance. thus an essentially dialectic spirit. The tower houses the 1133 offices of the Parliamentary representatives. Its wooden shell rounds out to form a dome above the sloping roof of the part of the building which reflects and reveals. the river serenely completes its perfect curve. The aim is to incarnate the idea of democracy in motion. The amphitheater. the amphitheater appears ensconced in the successive transparent frames of the arc which house the conference areas. corresponds to the first function. the area intended 2 1-http://www. between fullness and void will interplay in another dimension.pdf . the primary and most emblematic : a strong but deliberative power. the dome and tower : three grand architectural figures in response to the program On the 4. to design an architecture capable of concretely transmitting these values. the river Ill runs into the canal linking the Marne to the Rhine. The building is broken down into three interacting figures : the arc. meeting rooms and auditoriums corresponding to the activity of a session. opposite the buildings of the Council of Europe.html 2-http://www.5 hectares of land dedicated to construction. How to build 220.architecture-studio. The arc. and escape an architecture which runs the risk of totalitarianism by its scale alone? DESIGN The site To the north east of the historic center of the contour of the riverbank. the architectural project immediately expresses the choice of nearly saturating the plot : the dialectic between interior and exterior space. the public part at the heart of the amphitheater. But the four tracks . These three beacon-elements whose general volume is on an urban scale. like a prow. Like a meteorite suspended in flight.

which is a form which develops. Two large geometric figures preside over the development of this whole whose scale is that of a city.pdf . On the other the ellipse.the tower . It renews the vocabulary while referring to it like a quotation. an architecture reflecting democracy. an image all the more memorable in that it has no reference.. dome. thus situating the project at the interface of its anchorage in European culture. setting up a gigantic open mechanism. with a single center. anamorphosis. their confrontation and their alliance. utopian and total. the perfect form. single and composite. and of its openness to modernity. as architecture and allegory. almost signed. is almost essentially based on this dialectic between a classical reference and a baroque reference. slippage.. like a drawing. Entirely designed around the circle containing the ellipse . whose etymological meaning (elleipsis) is metaphorical for lack. contextual. the dimension of a void. identifiable : arc. in their dialogue.Building analysis: A Building Read Two Ways Seen from the outside. 1 http://www. and dynamic multiplicity. the building is thus immediately legible.parlementeuropeen. The initial symbolic challenge of representing democracy finds its expression in this tension between the circle and the ellipse. A CLASSIC AND BAROQUE BUILDING : The Circle and the Ellipse Representing Democracy.the amphitheater-the project.and the ellipse which contains a circle . by accepting it. as it liberates the dimension of motion. But the combination of the two figures. which is also a dome when referring to Boulée. opens an infinite number of spatial hypotheses and at the same time. architecture becomes multi-centric. similar to a kaleidoscope where each step made modifies one s vision and transforms perception. but also the desire to create an architecture which sets up systems of open relationships. like a mathematical formula. tower. liberates the architecture from its link to one and the other. whose image in the heavens is not that of a star but of its orbit. This choice. the future. Under this sage appearance of simplicity. the building then harbors the complexity inherent to its scale. cosmogonic. and is yet a non-autonomous object morphologically linked to the site. full and closed. Dialectic of the circle and the ellipse On one side the circle. is also its combining factor. and umbilical cord above the river. which roots the building a double historic heritage. autonomous. with its multiple focuses. Through this set purpose. in the process of becoming and alive.

Through a classic set of proportions.architecture-studio. also includes in its design the creation of its image broadcast on European and world stations. The architecture plays with this public dimension and stage setting in its a lighting system of optical fibers is installed like a constellation around the dome of the amphitheater. almost without the pathways and places provided for the visitors. symmetrically. But the Parliament. the passages to access the amphitheater are reduced in scale. like the futuristic conniving between Parliamentary business and the inhabitants. theatrically discovering the breadth of the ellipse.pdf . blinking more or less intensely according to the sound level of the Parliamentary debates.THE PUBLIC DIMENSION : THE SHOW Aside from its primary function. the Parliament incarnates a strong symbol. the open space in front.html 2-http://www. As a representation of this public aspect. planted with high poles from which all the colors of Europe fly. The decomposition of spaces into successive planes. 2 1 1 Hemicycle (Amphitheatre) Tower Atrium 1 1 1-http://www. goes from three to two dimensions. the echo chamber of Europe. are equivalent to an orchestra seat at the theater. like in photography. and the entrance to the tower create a surprise effect. goes along with this transposition which. both gigantic and intimate. attracting a large number of tourists. the agora.parlementeuropeen. built up or virtual. On a scale with the city. of spectators come also from all of Europe. Likewise. dramatizing the arrival onto the enormity of the agora.

E u r o p e a n P a r l i a m e n t Positioning Abstractions From Case Study F r e e d o m P o l i t i c a l C e n t r e .

E u r o p e a n Deputies Offices Deputies Offices Atrium Debate Chamber P a r l i a m e n t Program Abstractions From Case Study F r e e d o m P o l i t i c a l Offices Viewing Decks & offices Atrium Debate Chamber C e n t r e .

the tower part which is inspired by the Agora is a the Ring shape that erupts from the rest of the building reaching out to the surroundings . F r e e d o m P o l i t i c a l C e n t r e . E u r o p e a n P a r l i a m e n t Freedom Research Centre and debate chamber has a similar approach but instead of creating a straight façade and have another mass deploying from it .European Parliament building plan offers a merge of facilities together to create collaboration between European Countries . I managed to break the façade from the center of the debate chamber axis creating an Elevation that opens its arms to the public and welcomes them in .

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