XBRL in Oracle 11i and R12-The journey begins

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‡ Mahesh Vallampati ± Presented several papers at IOUG and OAUG ± Worked at Oracle for 9 years ± Started out as a DBA/Apps DBA/Developer ± Now ‡ GL/AP/FA/PO techno functional expert ‡ DW/OBIEE Development and Support ‡ Microsoft CRM Manager ± Director of Oracle Applications and Technologies at Coach America in Dallas, TX ± Also worked at SmartDog, Hotsos and Eagle Global Logistics

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ How many did XBRL filings to SEC last year? How many have to do it this year? Next year? Don¶t have a timeline Have not heard about XBRL

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ How XBRL will change reporting XBRL XBRL in 11i and R12 XBRL Example walkthrough Next Steps/How XBRL will impact you

1 ‡ Solution ± XBRL is not supported for use with FSGs in Applications Release 12. ± Or in Release 11i for that matter ‡ Why ± I will explain later .First the bad News ‡ Metalink Note: 744514.

Metalink note 744514. 1.1 ‡ Are XBRL Taxonomies Provided and Are Any Patches Required for XBRL for R12? [ID 744514. .1] ‡ Goal ‡ It appears that the R12 tables and table modifications are present in 12. Report and Run Report do not appear to be present.5 for XBRL. Also.0.5? 2. the modified forms for Row Set. no seeded taxonomies are provided. Does Oracle provide seeded taxonomies? Solution ‡ XBRL is not supported for use with FSGs in Applications Release 12. Are any patches necessary for XBRL reporting in 12.0. However.

‡ Several Vendors have solutions in the marketplace ‡ Oracle has other options . ‡ The XML output of FSG¶s and reports can be used just as fine.The Good News ‡ XBRL is XML.


Before .

After .

One way this could work .


What is XBRL? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ eXtensible Business Reporting Language .

XBRL is An XML language Open Standard Free of License fees A modern method for communicating business information ‡ Open Data Standard for Financial Reporting ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ .

SBR ± Standard Business Reporting ‡ XBRLS ± XBRL Simple Application Profile .V2 ± Moved from DTD¶s to XML Schema ‡ 2003 .V2.Conceived by Charlie Hoffman in 1998 ‡ 2000 .V1 ± Based on DTD¶s ‡ 2001 .XBRL History ‡ 1998 .1 ± Conformance and Strengthening ‡ 2003 .

XBRL Document ‡ XBRL is an XML Document ‡ All XML Documents have two pieces ‡ Definition Document ± Data Type Definitions ± DTD ± XML Schema ± used by XBRL ‡ Instance Document ± An instance of a document ± The data the document seeks to represent ‡ Validation ± Well formed (Syntax Check) ± Valid (Conforms to the vocabulary of the document) .

XML Document example .

‡ An XML Document and the instance of the document which conforms to the syntax can be read by any program that can process XML . ‡ A spreadsheet is readable by a specific kind of application designed for it.Why do we need XBRL or XML ‡ The separation of a document data from it specification is key ‡ The data and the specification can be read and interpreted by a machine.

XBRL Architecture © 2010 International Accounting Standards Committee Foundation. .

XBRL Architecture ‡ Taxonomy ‡ Schema ‡ Element ‡ Linkbase (Relationship between elements) ± Presentation ± Calculation ± Definition ± Reference ± Label ‡ Taxonomy Extension .

Taxonomy ‡ A kind of classification ‡ For example. an income statement is a taxonomy ‡ It identifies specific accounts ‡ Derives new accounts by specifying relationships ‡ Provides context ‡ Presents the data in a specific way ‡ Profit=Revenue-Expense is a taxonomy .

´ ‡ Taxonomy-A collection of interrelated files ± ± Schema File: xsd files Linkbase Files: xml files .1 Specification ³A Taxonomy is defined as an XML Schema and the set of directly referenced extended links and any extended links that are nested within the XML Schema.Taxonomy ‡ According to XBRL 2.

Schema .

Inc . XBRL US.XBRL Element or Concept Copyright © 2010 All rights reserved.

XBRL Link-base Footnote .

How calculations are performed with concepts to create new concepts Definition relationships Footnote Define additional meaning and Associate footnote¶s to a concept .Linkbase ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Label (is a concept) Reference Presentation Associate different roles and languages to Attach external information to concepts Nesting and Ordering of Concepts Calculation .

Taxonomy Extension ‡ An extension is a customization to an existing base taxonomy ‡ It can add or remove elements from the base taxonomy ‡ DTS is a Discoverable Taxonomy Set .

XBRL Benefits ‡ Improved access to Financial Information ‡ Increased Productivity ‡ Improved data quality and validity .



Load Taxonomy .

Associate XBRL in RowSet .

Run Report .

So what·s the problem? ‡ This will work for simple XSD¶s and instances of XBRL Documents ‡ But XBRL Documents are quite comprehensive ‡ They have a lot more components than the schema and the instance ‡ So you really need a solution which incorporates all the parts of XBRL .


SEC Mandate ‡ Securities and Exchange commission got on the XBRL bandwagon ‡ SEC will require by law for all public companies/non-profit¶s to post Financial information in XBRL format ‡ Phased Implementation ± 2009 ± S & P 500 companies ± 2010 ± Another 1800 companies ± 2011 ± All companies .

SEC Accountant/Controller ‡ This is the person who gets impacted the most ‡ They have to migrate to a new way of doing reporting ‡ There is a cottage industry of software/service firms ready to ³help´ .

Even if you are privately held« ‡ Even if you are privately held ± Your investors may ask for XBRL reports ± Your bank may ask for it too ± Any other serious large scale stakeholder .

US GAAP Taxonomy http://ww.org/ .xbrl.


html .oracle.Oracle Technologies ‡ Hyperion supports the generation of XBRL from its reporting engine ‡ Hyperion has been a part of XBRL for a while ‡ However.com/FinancialsMkting/2010 /01/how_oracle_supports_xbrl. it will involve licensing Hyperion technologies and solutions ‡ http://blogs.

Other Options ‡ A third party software that maps FSG output to XBRL SEC taxonomies will work ‡ This will be a quick way of doing it. ‡ Look for vendors who will provide a software/service solution ‡ Have strict SLA¶s around generation of these documents ‡ It is usually a one time investment ‡ Your SEC accountant is a key stakeholder .

What to look for in XBRL Software ‡ Ready made packages for SEC reporting for your industry taxonomy ‡ A good XBRL Processor ‡ A viewer of XBRL output ‡ Be able to create and edit XBRL documents by business users as well as technical users ‡ Be able to analyze XBRL documents ‡ A version control mechanism would be nice to have .

process next ± Financial Statements need to be submitted in a timely manner. ± First time can be iterative and ad-hoc.What to look for in XBRL Software ‡ Good Mapping tools ± Mapping tools will help map your FSG elements back to the taxonomy that you will use ± Ease of mapping should be a key determinant ‡ Focus on objective first. but eventually you want to be predictable and time-bound ± Your deadlines will not change for the SEC ‡ Proof of Concept is more important than vision .

Technology Process Perspective .

XBRL Process Perspective XBRL Preparer¶s Guide .

Oracle Hyperion Architecture .

Next Steps ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Review KPMG Tutorial on XBRL Read the book ³XBRL for Dummies´ Review the web site http://www.xbrl. It is just one more thing to learn and can be fun. .org/ Trial Software for XBRL Solutions Read the XBRL US GAAP Taxonomy Preparers Guide ‡ Develop a prototype ‡ It is not rocket science.

Q&A ‡ mvallamp@yahoo.com .

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