e-Lottery is an Internet gambling firm to support the governmental lottery industry effectively using the Internet.

• Proven. e-Lottery has positioned itself as the proven Internet partner to lead any governmental lottery industry into the ecommerce market. • Experienced. e-Lottery has conducted millions of e-commerce lottery transactions using a full line of Internet based products. • Technology. e-Lottery has operated Internet, intranet, telephone, communications, accounting, banking, database and other applications and services that can facilitate the electronic sale of new and existing lottery products worldwide.

• There is a large and active market for lottery products worldwide worth $ 180 billion. • State and foreign governmental authorities and their licensees in approximately 200 jurisdictions worldwide operate lotteries. • Worldwide lottery ticket sales in fiscal year 2004 were approximately $187.1 billion. • In fiscal year 2004, lottery sales in the United States were approximately $46.4 billion. • Worldwide lotteries also spend approximately $4 billion annually on marketing and advertising.

• Governments have authorized lotteries primarily as a means of generating non-tax revenues. • Lottery revenues are often a means by which to generate revenues without raising taxes and are frequently set-aside for particular public purposes, such as education, aid to the elderly, conservation, transportation and economic development. • As lottery ticket sales have become a significant source of funding for such programs, many jurisdictions have come to rely on the revenues generated by such sales.

• The games are played on computerized Playwin terminals that offer you the power to choose your own lucky numbers unlike paper lotteries wherein the tickets are pre-printed. Or if you want, you can choose the LUCKY PICK option and let the terminal select the numbers for you. The draws for the games are shown live on television unlike paper lottery wherein the draws are not conducted or shown live.

Factors Responsible for the growth of eNew Products— The last few years have had a noticeable lack of Lottery market. new product offerings in the world paper Lottery

• Aging player base— The lottery player, particularly those who play traditional lotto games and daily number draw games are getting older. Lotteries have not be able to convert enough younger players to be loyal lotto or daily draw players • Instant Ticket Maturity — scratch tickets have shown a significant slowing of growth as the product matures and fewer new offerings are presented.

Factors Responsible for the growth of e• Advertising—Lottery advertising budgets have not increased and Lottery orcntd….are forced have been dramatically reduced eliminated. Lotteries
to find new, less expensive ways to communicate if they are to maintain their level of advertising impressions with the playing public. • Retail Consolidations— The proliferation of chain retail stores has also created a reduction in local, neighborhood “Mom and Pop” stores, making the purchase of lottery tickets inconvenient for those with busy schedules or who are less mobile.

Factors Responsible for the growth of e• These trends and the continued dependence of consumers on the Lottery cntd… convenience of the Internet will bring along the need to distribute
lottery product on the Internet. • Clearly, traditional methods for distributing lottery tickets involve inefficiencies and inconvenience for all participants can be alleviated using an e-commerce sales model. • The convenience of Internet sales, especially when jackpots reach astronomical levels will alleviate the long lines and customer frustration that many retailers complain about.

• Playwin is India's first and largest online gaming company

promoted by the Subhash Chandra, Chairman, Essel group of companies.

• India has crossed Rs. 5000 crore annually and is likely to touch Rs. 10000 crore in next two year as revenues from lottery Industry. • Ultra Entertainment Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a Zee group company, was awarded the license in August 2002 by the State government to act as its agent in the online lottery business after an open tendering process. • This company has 4,129 kiosks in the whole country of which 1,133 are in Karnataka and 670 in Bangalore,"

• There are 14 States that run lotteries in India. • The regulated lottery sector comprises only a very small part of the lottery business in the State. Unofficial estimates put the lottery business at Rs.15 crores a day. Of this, paper lottery sales account for Rs.5 crores and online lottery for Rs.60 lakhs. The balance is generated by the unregulated lottery segment.

• Today Subhash Chandra is a successful business leader, he is also known as the media Czar, the founder Chairman of Essel Group of Industries having a market capitalization of approx US $ 1.7 billion. • The Essel Group of Industries is into diversified businesses viz., Packaging, Entertainment Parks,Satellite Television, Cable TV distribution, Movie Production, Multiplexes, Education, Animation, Publishing, Satellite and latest Online Lottery.

• Chandra, a self-made man greased his elbow since his childhood. Born on 30th November 1950, at Adampur Mandi village, Hisar, Haryana in North India, he wished to be an engineer, but destiny had something else in store for him. • Chandra's visit to amusement parks abroad made him develop Asia's largest amusement/theme parks in India, under the banner PAN INDIA PARYATAN LIMITED, which includes EsselWorld (developed in 1988) and Water Kingdom (developed in 1998) in the North-West Suburbs of Mumbai, spread on a 64-acre area of land.

• A casual visit by Chandra to a friend at Mumbai Doordarshan (a state owned terrestrial channel) in the early 1990's struck an idea of setting up his own broadcasting company without even having the technical know how of broadcasting business. Interestingly, Chandra achieved whatever he dreamt of. • In 1992 he outbid all top Indian businessmen and signed a lease deal for a transponder on Asiasat with Richard Li, Chief of Star TV, then owned by Hutchvision Group, Hong Kong for US $ 5 million.

• He registered his name in Indian history once again for bringing home the first international concept of online lottery through his company Playwin Infravest Private Limited "Super Lotto", which has started operations and has already created a double crorepati (Rs. 20 million) as jackpot for a 22 year old youth and hundreds of other lakhpatis (Rs. 100,000 plus). • A man with a heart for philanthropy, Chandra set up TALEEM (Transnational Alternate Learning for Emancipation and Empowerment through Multimedia) to provide access for quality education to those who cannot afford high cost of education.

• Just walk into any Playwin outlet, pick up a play slip & strike your lucky numbers (or choose 'Lucky Pick' in which case the Playwin terminal selects the numbers for you). • Hand your play slip to the shopkeeper, pay the money & collect your ticket. • Now you can also play these games on www.myplaywin.com & via sms (send 'PLAYWIN' to 7575) using Itz Cash Card (for details visit www.itzcash.com)

Play With Playwin

• Every one aged 18 years and above can play with certain exceptions such as employees of Playwin and its associate companies. • Any one can play, but you have to be in India to buy a ticket and all the prizes are paid in Indian Currency. • The draw is done through a special draw machine. This draw machine is completely automatic. Patented by Smart play International, Inc., USA, this machine has been imported into India specifically for Playwin Games of Fortune.

• The draws are shown live on television (Zee Network Channels). Playwin has also appointed an independent Auditing firm; Ernst & Young to validate each draw result. • Moreover, these draws are conducted in the presence of Government Officials of the respective states. • The machines and the related equipments utilized are properly checked and validated before each draw to ensure that there is no tampering. This again is done in the presence of the respective government officials.

• All the money won from the prizes, is 100% legal and is accounted as Income from other sources as per the Income Tax act and is subject to requisite tax deductions by the respective state governments. • Over 50%to 70% of the revenue generated by the sale of tickets is contributed to the prize pool. Till date over Rs. 400 crore worth of prizes have been distributed by Playwin. • It would take approximately 60 days from the date of the claim submission to process the prizes above Rs. 5000. The cheques are issued directly by the respective state governments for which the winning claim has been submitted.

• As per the government rules you need to submit your claim to the claims department at Playwin, within 90 days form the date of draw. • The results of these games are declared on a live draw on the ZEE Network. The results are published in various newspapers across India. Alternately, you can visit any authorized Playwin outlet or dial 24 Hour Toll Free Helpline 1600 22 9393 to get the results. You can also check results online on www.myplaywin.com or SMS space to 7575 (Game Code:Thunderball - TB, Thursday SuperLotto - SLT, Saturday SuperLotto - SLS).

Currently, Playwin offers the consumer ten online games like • Thursday Super lotto, • Thunderball, • Saturday Super lotto , • Friday Easy Lotto, • Lucky 3, • Max 3, • Keno, • Fast Lotto, • Joker and Joker 5. All these games can be played through retailer terminals, and some are also available on the internet and through SMS.

Playwin Games

• With a turnover of USD 145 million in the first year, USD 158 million in the second, USD 330 million in the third year (2004-05) and USD 362.6 million in the fourth year (2005-06), Playwin is on the path to create new milestones. • Playwin has created 67 crorepatis ( Rs.1 crore/Rs.10 million ), over 2750 Lakhpatis (Rs.1 lakh/Rs.100,000 ) and tens of millions of other winners till date.

Playwin for Societal development
• Substantial portion of the sales revenue goes to the respective state governments, who use the same for infrastructure development, education, feeding of street children and on other developmental projects.

• Playwin Foundation, the social wing of Playwin has always made a continuous effort to reach out to the underprivileged sections of our society and has supported various social causes. • It has contributed Rs. 50,000 to Kulur Higher Primary School in Kulur Mangalore for building repairs and has sponsored 22 yearold Madhavi Pardeshi, who was selected for the Junior Asian Power Lifting Championship in South Korea. • Playwin Foundation also has the sponsorship contract for 10 Ambulances for 12 months in Mumbai with Ambulance Access for All. The Ambulances have attended over 6000 calls out of which more than 900 calls to the poor have been absolutely free.

• BLOOD DONATION DRIVE : Playwin was proud to be associated with a social programme held at North Kolkata on 9th Oct 2005 named as Puja Parikrama, organized by “Calcutta Blood Donor’s Forum”. • ADOPTION WEEK : Playwin Foundation continued to lend its support to social causes like “Adoption Week”, a 30 second commercial created by Ogilvy & Mather and aired on the Zee network channels Play TV, ETC Punjabi and Zee Punjabi. • UMBRELA DISTRIBUTION • INTER-SCHOOL QUIZ COMPITITION

“Gambling- All type of gambling is driven by greed and subsists on greed,” that makes it morally bankrupt from its very foundation. Gambling creates addicts, breeds, crime, and destroys families. We need courageous office holders who will begin the processes of shutting down lotteries, casinos and other gambling outlets.

-James Clayton “Jim” Dobson

Chairman, Focus on The Family (NGO),

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Online Lottery Kiosk in Bangalore

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