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• Electronic trading is a mode of trading that uses information technology to bring together a buyer and a seller through electronic media to create a virtual market place. • . Compared to the Western countries, online trading is still in its infancy in India. • e-Trading, refers to screen-based on-line trading of and investing, and other transactions in equity stocks and several other financial products,

Indiabulls is the brainchild of IIT Delhi graduates, and started its operation as a trading platform in 2000. From an online brokerage company, Indiabulls has diversified into securities, consumer finance, mortgages and real estate development, as well. Indiabulls, with its most effervescent strategic vision, has attracted the largest of global financial institutions like Fidelity Funds, Capital International, Merrill Lynch, Lloyd George Farallon Capital, and lately, L. N. Mittal, who has also picked up an 8.2% stake in the firm for Rs.900 million through LNM India Internet Ventures.

• Indiabulls is India’s leading Financial Services and Real Estate company having over 640 branches all over India. Having more than 4,50,000 customers with its wide range of financial services and products from securities, derivatives trading, depositary services, research & advisory services, consumer secured & unsecured credit, loan against shares and mortgage & housing finance 4000 Relationship Managers, Indiabulls helps its clients to satisfy their customized financial goals. Entered Indian Real Estate business in 2005.& become the first company to bring to bring FDI in real states.

Market captilalization of Indiabulls is around USD 2500 million.

Consumer Finance
• indiabulls being a retail focused organization fulfills the credit need of a large percentage of population in India. • The key aspect of Indiabulls business model is to provide an extremely unique customer experience. The blend of power of the Internet with personalized services allows Indiabulls to expand its geographical coverage and capture a greater share in the highly competitive retail market. • It offer consumer loans, home loans, personal loans, securities brokerage, and other financial products and services to retail customers from across 640 Indiabulls offices in 127 leading cities of the country.

Seven trade features of Indiabulls.
• • • • • • • Trading platforms Real time data Extensive branch network Trade on multiple exchanges Lowest brokerage Integrated terminal Equity analysis

Trading platform
• One can subscribe for online trading portal to trade from any where at anytime from trading website. • Indiabulls “power” is a desktop for comfort trading from desktop.

Real time data
• It provides facility to viwe real time prices of favourate stock. • Intraday charting facility allows to view intraday stock movement. • Facility to evaluate portfolio through various real time reports.

Extensive branch network
• One can access the bench network across india for broking needs.

Trade on multiple exchanges
• One can trade stock on both nse and bse from the same terminal without any hassle.

Lowest Brokerage
Indaibulls having a facility to offer lowest brokerage rates by providing facilities for both capital and F&O market’s NSE ,and BSE exchanges,offline as well as online.

Integrated terminal
• Now with internet facility no one need’s to maintain two separate terminal for capital Capital market. • To buy or sell equities and derivatives • For the same terminal itself.

Equity analysis
• Indiabulls provide equity analysis for it’s customer’s by providing them useful recommendation about stocks and derivatives for a real time growth.

Future plan’s of Indiabulls !
• Indiabulls is now looking at standardizing on Linux and is also considering migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux v.3 to further increase performance. With growing popularity of Linux on the desktop, Indiabulls is considering to port its client application to Linux. In doing so, it hopes to meet the needs of investors who prefer to use Linux desktops from their home or office in connecting to their services network.

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