GNSS: Local Downstream Industry

Nurfarhana MN; Noor Azawani Wahap; Ooi Wei Han Dr Noordin Ahmad


Presentation Outline

‡ Part 1 : Current GNSS Business Overview ‡ Part II : Local Downstream Industry ‡ Part lll : Issues of GNSS Downstream Industries ‡ Recommendation/Conclusion


food security and emergency response .WHAT IS GNSS ‡ The Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) is extremely valuable tool across a broad range of applications. land and sea navigation. disaster management. creating opportunities for regional and international technological advances in the areas of positioning and location-based services. surveying and mapping. air.

social and economic progress and support priorities for sustainable development .‡GNSS technology provides opportunity for developing countries to take advantage of applications that improves the quality of life.


Part 1 : Current GNSS Business Overview ‡ GPS is a Global Public Service ‡ Benefits of next Generation GPS ‡ Global Satellite Industry ‡ Current GNSS Market ‡ Market Segmentation ‡ Market Drivers .

predictable.GPS is a Global Public Service (Current)  Free access to civilian signals  Public domain documentation ‡ Anyone can develop user equipment  Worldwide utility providing consistent. dependable performance  Owned and operated by the US Government .

Benefits of next Generation GPS (Future)  For civil users ‡ Higher standalone accuracy ‡ Robustness against interference ‡ Improved indoor. integrity and reliability ‡ Backward compatibility . mobile and urban use ‡ Interoperability with other GNSS constellation  For military : Enhanced navigation warfare  For all users: ‡ System-wide improvement in accuracy. availability.

Global Current GNSS Market  Until now. MEMS. nano technology  Based on access (US Gov. geodesy ‡ Component miniaturization. control) market segment exists: ‡ Professional/Business market (L1/L2 & L1 only) ‡ Consumer market (L1 only) ‡ Military market (PPS SAASM) . oil & gas. the market has been driven by steady stream of innovative GPS products and services already enabling vast multitude of applications ‡ Augmentation System (SBAS/DGNSS) in critical segment such aviation. maritime.

continued technological innovation leads to expanded application Selected Players Trimble Novatel Topco Leica Javad Furuno Fugro .Global Market Segmentation Market Professional (B-2-B) Selected Segment GIS Survey Construction Geodesy Aviation Commercial Maritime Natural resources Timing & Synchronization Characteristics Typical user requires better performance or more highly integrated solution than GPS alone can provide.

Recreational maritime LBS .car navigation Characteristic Many competitors fight for market share: high volume. adoption rates depends on perceived value by consumer. RFMD u Blox Garmin .Global Market Segment (cont) Market Consumer Selected Segment Recreational hand-held. Low margin. Selected Players SiRF. Qualcomm.

Galileo will offer global integrity signals and service guarantee  Continued miniaturization and power consumption reduction of electronic components will positively impact size and cost  Improvement of other technologies such as Geographical Information Systems. memory technologies and cellular and wifi communication .Global GNSS Market Drivers  Technological innovation by the scientific community. manufacturers and services provider created new technique by further increasing system capabilities allowing more application to use GNSS  GPS modernization  Design of Galileo signals and modulation schemes.

Part II : Local Downstream Industry ‡ Malaysia Space sector ‡ Space Industry in Malaysia ‡ Downstream application of GNSS .

.Space Sector in Malaysia (ANGKASA) ‡ Segments under Malaysian Space Sector: Space Science ‡ Micro-graviti Experiments ‡ Astronomy & Astrophysics ‡ Solar-terrestrial rel. RazakSat-2 ‡ Communication Satellite ‡ Sensor Development ‡ Propulsion Technology ‡ Space ²based Industry and commercialization ‡ ‡ ‡ Sat-Nav Industry Sat-Com Industry Remote Sensing Industry ‡ ‡ ‡ Space Infrastructure Assembly Integration & Test Facilities MCC of RazakSAT-2 & CommSat ‡ ‡ Education & Public Awareness Policy and law ‡ ‡ Space Policy Space Law .space weather ‡ Angkasawan Program Space System ‡ Satellite System ‡ Earth Observation: RazakSat-1.

Launch vehicle manufacturing and launch services iii. i.UPSTREAM iv. Commercial iii. Satellite operations . Satellite manufacturing . Military ‡ Each sector participates in the following space industry segment . Civil ii.Malaysian Space Industry ‡ In context of the space activities. RS and GNSS) DOWNSTREAM . the space industry is categorized into 3 sectors i.UPSTREAM ii. Ground segments .UPSTREAM v. Applications and services * (Comm.

Integration and Test Centre (AIT Centre) or doing launching services. ‡ Downstream Segment ‡ Involves the application and services that use the space technology from the satellite system such as ‡ Navigation ‡ User terminal receivers ‡ Fleet management ‡ Vehicle tracking system ‡ Positioning ‡ Timing .Malaysian Upstream and Downstream Segment ‡ Upstream Segment ‡ Encompasses activities of the technology provider such as satellite manufacturing. having Assembly.

000 trucking companies nationwide. Johor and Penang  It is estimated there are more than 1.police. Majority located in Klang Valley. ambulance. Eg: JPJ driving school. Penang and Johor (with important sea ports)  Majority of trucking companies are individual operators/ proprietors will small fleet size CV population (2004): 800.Downstream Application of GNSS Commercial Vehicle (CV) Telematics Malaysia Telematics Market Overview and Potential Telematics Market Potential  Trucking companies  658 trucking companies under Freight Forwarders & Logistics Association of Selangor. armed force .000 units HCV account for at least 1/3 of trucks owned by trucking companies   Trucking companies: primary target market for telematics penetration Other niche market potential: based on project basis.400 units CV owned by trucking companies: approximately 300.

airbag. Difficult to locate and uninstall 3G Communication Allow faster data transfer Enhance voice and data capability Declining Cost for telecommunication Services Lower SMS and GPRS rate encourage the use of telematics More Sensors for Telematics With respect to increasing popularity on fleet management. braking.Downstream Application of GNSS Malaysian Market CV Telematics Technology Trend Smaller Device Size More compact. Eg: temperature. engine status Digital Map Technology Trend Improved digital map offered by global map providers such as Tele Atlas. Eg: hidden antenna Eg: . speed. fuel level. Navteq WebWeb-based Monitoring WebWeb-base monitoring gain popularity due to privacy and cost factor Integrated System Function Operation and HR function integrated in telematics Enhance Theft-proof TheftFeature More difficult to uninstall the system.

Location based services .2-D. Description (attribute) 2. Digital map provides i. Support application for . Mapping requires i. Mapping of features which include .visualization . modeling the earth ii. 3-D and 4-D mapping .virtual reality .Spatial Information System and Management . Capturing objects of the earth 3.multimedia methods 4.Spatial analysis .Downstream Application of GNSS Digital Maps Update 1. Location ii.

SC WB.Downstream Application of GNSS CV Telematics Market ² Product Summary Company OTC Cybertowers Fleetware Netstar Omnitrak Guardnet Kwikfleet Siemens VDO Astrata DG TMAVL Ceanet GlobalTrack PGV3 Talktrack Product V Trac 3M Cybertrack C-Track Captor M-Trak Guardnet Ensemble Fleet Manager GLP TMAVL Megatrax Millenium Falcom Stepp V3Transmetics Talktrack Monitoring Method WB. SC N/A GPS ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ Trunk radio GSM ¥ ¥ ¥ GPRS Others RF ¥ . CS. CS WB. CS N/A WB. CS. CS. CS SC WB. SC CS. CS WB. CS WB. SC WB WB. CS WB.

(TOPCON) 3. . Bhd. (TOPCON) . Bhd. (NIKON).(350 of LS Firms in Malaysia) 2. Precise GNSS Instruments Supplier Topcon Instruments Sdn. Bhd. Top Optics Sdn.Downstream Application of GNSS Other Related GNSS downstream application 1. Land Surveying Firms Jurukur Perunding .GeoInfo. Perunding Ukur KSN. Vehicle Navigation Instruments Supplier TIBO HOLUX GPS Nuvi LST A lot of them in Malaysian market«. Siber Hagner (M) Sdn. (LEICA) Global-trak Systems (TRIMBLE). Survtech.. Jurukur Mutiara. Top Systems Sdn. Wira Ukur Consultant. Bhd. MK Survey .

Part lll : Issues on GNSS Downstream Industries 1) Downstream industry areas have to be clustered. . electronic parts. guideline and etc to stimulate technology advancement. act. regulations. components. and etc. RMK-9 (RM235 mil) 3) The need to focus on development of a specific/small scopes such as hardware. 2) The constraint: Financial aspect and lack of expertise for space infrastructures development. 4) Highlight on certain aspect and issues include existing policies.

4) SOUTH KOREA ² in 2008 ~ USD 300 mil.Part lll : Issues on GNSS Downstream Industries ² Space Programme Funding 1) INDIA ² Indian Space Programme 2006-2007 ~ USD 0.85 bil. (annual increased ~ 10%) 2) CHINA ² annual development budget from 2001-2005 ~ USD161 mil. 3) JAPAN .~ in 2008 approx. USD 2.61 bil. with annual increase up to 4% 5) MALAYSIA ² RMK-9 ~ USD64 mil (RM235j)««.RMK-10 ???? .

Incubator product to be commercialized intensively. A continuous supply will create market. South East Asia.Recommendation ‡ Certain industry with higher demands should more aggressive to support consumer needs (example: topographic maps). Allocation of grants and funds to the young researchers and graduates to cultivate new players. Equator. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ . Collaboration and cooperation between government and Industries should be tightened. etc. Government should coordinate series of space program to compete with international markets and development which is beneficial to the Malaysia.

The needs of ongoing updates (database) on the downstream industry players. Strategic collaboration between government ² industry The needs to create awareness and understanding of GNSS usage to the public to promote market growth. Lack of funding allocations and local expertise are the main constraints to bind the industry from growing. .Conclusion Most of the local users still in doubt about the usage and important of GNSS/RS technologies even though its existence almost 20 years in Malaysia.

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