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CRM Strategy

Group 8 HARISH. RAMPRASAD. SUNIL. VIJENDRA. AKSHAI V NAYAK. 101202080 101202041 101202029 101202059 101202132

1. CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAM: - gathering information of customers - see all companies programs are used by customer 2. HOTEL REVENUE MANAGEMENT: - offering customers room at attractive tariffs - determined the availability and room rates across Harrahs properties - to ensure rooms were made available to highly profitable customers at the right place

3. PERSONAL CONTACT MANAGEMENT: - to target its marketing efforts at high value customers - initiative to sale force which served VIP customer - player contact system(PCS) was implemented for guest information 4. DECISION SCIENCE BASED TOOLS: - COGNOS & SAS tools used to study customer and predict the services and rewards each one would respond to.

 Massive data storage  Winner Information network(WINet) was used to

consolidate customer data and share information across Harrahs  Magnetic card of customers was used to collect data  Gaming tables in casino had AS 400 transactional system to collect information  Unix gateway was used to insert data to single repository patron database(PDB)

 PDB acted as an operational customer database

that helped to cater generated queries  All analytical work was carried out in Marketing Workbench(MWB)  COGNOS is a online analytics processing (OLAP) tool used to query data  SAS is a data mining tool used on MWB



- 7% increase in customer gaming budget . - Profits increased by 13% in spite of giving $251 million in reward to the customers. - Enrollments in Loyalty card program increased by 116.6% customers in the span of 6 years and revenue increased by 25% in 3 years.


- Sales from stores that have been functioning for more than one year - Harrahs was able to increase its same store sales between 1999 and 2002 CROSS MARKET PLAY - 9% increase in revenue from cross market play in 2 years which indicates loyalty. - Revenues increased from 2001 to 2004. - Total revenue increased by 52% in 2 fiscal years.


 Harrahs began treating millions of customers

depending upon their value in the company and divided into gold, platinum and diamond.  Customers could use Total rewards card in any of Harrahs properties in the US.  Use of COGNOS and SAS tools.  HRMS and PCM allowed Harrahs to develop relationships with its customers.  eTotal Rewards program, information on benefits and compliments was made available on the internet for customers to view it.