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Payment Gateway

Onno W. Purbo

Issu Utama

Payment Method Security Certificate Authority Cyberlaw

Transaction Security

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) SET (Secure Electronics Transaction)

SSL (Secure Sockets Layers)

is a program layer created by Netscape for managing the security of message transmissions in a network. Netscape's SSL uses the public-andprivate key encryption system from RSA, which also includes the use of a digital certificate.

Payment Method

Transaksi model ATM. Pembayaran 2 pihak tanpa perantara. Pembayaran 2 pihak dengan perantara. Micropayment. Anonymous Digital Cash.


2 pihak

Bank- Customer Bank - Bisnis - Customer Bank - Bisnis - Bisnis

3 pihak

B2C Transaction
GUI (Web Browser) Shopping Cart Order Processor Product Search Product Database Delivery Service Transaction Server CA Merchant Bank Customer Bank

A Total E-Commerce Solution for B-to-C EB-to-

1. I ll take those items 2. URL Redirect to CSP

Seller/Mall/Retailer Buyer
10. Smart Receipt 9. Transaction status update 3. Authorize purchase 5. Authorization return code

Payment Process.
4b. Card limit Check 7. Debit the Card

6. Batch settlement (e.g Hourly)

4a. Valid card check 8. Credit merchant a/c

Card Issuing Bank

Merhants Bank