Asperger¶s Disorder

Krystalle Carren R. Refe

Refe . Has a world of their own and a certain object or interest Their focus wasin readingon huge difficulty primarily themselves. lines or between the ‡ ´Little Professorsµ verbal signs understanding non such as body language. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Krystalle Carren R.Brief History Hans Asperger The boys had characteristics in They disliked changes common such as obsessive ´Lonersµ preoccupation with a routines.

or ageappropriate self-help skills. Refe . in Asperger·s disorder no significant delays occur in language. including cases in which very subtle social cues are missed. cognitive development. but overall social interactions are mastered.Definition Kaplan ‡ characterized by impairment and oddity of social interaction and restricted interest and behavior reminiscent of those seen in autistic disorder. Unlike autistic disorder. Krystalle Carren R. It occurs in a wide variety of severities.

and other peculiar mannerisms. obsessions.Definition ‡ AS is characterized by poor social interactions. odd speech patterns. ‡ They usually have average and sometimes above-average intelligence. Krystalle Carren R. Refe .

Characteristics Triad of Impairments 1. Speech and Language Krystalle Carren R. Restricted and Repetitive interests and behavior 3. Social Interaction 2. Refe .

Characteristics Social Interaction ‡ The lack of demonstrated empathy ‡ People with AS are not usually withdrawn (Insensitive) ‡ around others. those rules. ling winded speech about a favorite topic. Refe . ‡ May display selective mutism which ‡ Their attempts are unsuccessful makes them outsiders in their peer groups (difficulties in basic elements of social interaction) Krystalle Carren R. Inability to understand and use the rules of ‡ They may engage in aact according to social interaction and one-sided.

‡ and are sometimesrepeated in longer or These are typically abnormally intense bursts and focused.Characteristics Restricted and Repetitive interest and behavior ‡ Stereotyped and repetitive motor behaviors They often display behavior. and are a core part of the diagnosis repetitive activities that are restricted and of AS. Refe . Krystalle Carren R. less ‡ Pursuit of specific and narrow areas of rhythmical and the most striking features of interest is one ofless often symmetrical. which are usually faster. look more voluntary or ritualistic than tics. AS. interests.

professorsµ Krystalle Carren R. Refe .Characteristics Speech and Language ‡ No delays in language development. they Speech may convey a sense of ‡ Children with good grammatical skills and incoherence. teasing. sophisticated vocabulary at a young age tangential and circumstantial speech. and and have been colloquially called ´little marked verbosity. ‡ are of clinicalAS may have an unusually Children with interest: poor prosody. an advance in areas of non-literal that bore aspects include humor. irony. the conversational style often usually have AS appear to have particular weaknesses vocabulary at topics includes monologues aboutan early age. and ‡ language that of communication patterns Threethe listener.

Characteristics Individuals with Asperger·s syndrome may have signs or symptoms that are independent of the diagnosis. Krystalle Carren R. but can affect the individual or the family. Sleep and Emotions. Refe . These include differences in Perception and problems with Motor Skills.

and other stimuli. Refe . Krystalle Carren R. light.Characteristics Perception ‡ They may be unusually sensitive or insensitive to sound.

or problems with visual-motor integration. ‡ They may be poorly coordinated. or have an odd or bouncy gait or posture. Krystalle Carren R. poor handwriting.Characteristics Motor Skills ‡ Hans Asperger·s initial accounts and other diagnostic schemes include descriptions of physical clumsiness. Refe .

‡ AS is also associated with high levels of alexithymia Krystalle Carren R. Refe .Characteristics Sleep and Emotions ‡ Children with AS are more likely to have sleep problems.

and /or sight. often very Obsession in a restricted. Unusual. light. touch.conversations temperature. smell. subject ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Krystalle Carren R. Refe . Sensitivityunderstanding other·s feelings One-sided pain. taste.Signs & Symptoms Socially inappropriate behavior Inflexible adherence to routines Lack of understanding social Apprehensive about change cues Difficulty to sound. formal style of speaking ‡ Developmental delays in motor skills ‡ Odd behaviors particular. Limited use of gestures and Visible clumsiness and poor absent or inappropriate coordination facial expressions.

body postures. gestures to regulate social interaction pointing out objects of interest to other (2) failure to develop peer relationships people) appropriate or emotional reciprocity (4) lack of socialto developmental level Krystalle Carren R. Qualitative impairment in social interaction. or such as eye-to-eye gaze.. as manifested by at least two of the following: (1) lack of impairment seeking to (3) a markedspontaneousin the use of multiple nonverbal behaviors share enjoyment. or by a lack of showing. facial expression. achievements with other people (e.Diagnostic Criteria A. Refe .g. and bringing. interests.

as specific. or complex wholebody movements) that is abnormal patterns of interest (4) either in intensity or focus with parts of persistent preoccupation objects Krystalle Carren R. Refe .g.Diagnostic Criteria B.. and activities. Restricted repetitive and stereotyped patterns of (2) apparently inflexible adherence to behavior. at least one routines or manifested by nonfunctionalof the following: rituals (3) stereotyped and repetitive motor mannerisms (e. hand or finger (1) encompassing preoccupation with flappingmore stereotyped and restricted one or or twisting. interests.

specific important areas of functioning. adaptive behavior (other than in social D. skills. The disturbance causes clinically significant impairment nosocial.F. and curiosity about the in language (e.metsignificant delay in E. by age 2 words used environment in years. communicative phrases used by age 3 years). Krystalle Carren R. cognitive development or in the Pervasive Developmental Disorder or development of age-appropriate self-help Schizophrenia.Diagnostic Criteria C. singlechildhood. Criteriain clinically for anotheror other There is are not occupational. Refe . There is no clinically significant general delay interaction)..g.

‡ Scientists have always known that there had to be a genetic component to AS and the other ASDs because of their tendency to run in families. ‡ The most recent research indicates that there are most likely a common group of genes whose variations or deletions make an individual vulnerable to developing AS. Krystalle Carren R. Refe .Causes ‡ Current research points to brain abnormalities as the cause of AS.

‡ Recent research establishes the prevalence of Asperger's Syndrome as approximately 1 in 300.Prevalence ‡ The onset of Asperger·s syndrome commonly occurs after the age of 3. Refe . ‡ When a child begins to develop socially and is placed in a school or playgroup setting. affecting boys to girls with a ratio of 10:1. symptoms of Asperger's may become more apparent. Krystalle Carren R.

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