Kennedy in 1960 61. .IN POLITICS y Robert F. a position Robert took and held before he was later elected senator. President John F. Kennedy was selected to be US Attorney General by his brother.

movie stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith were co-producers of the movie. His breakout role was in 2006's The Pursuit of Happiness. where he played the son of Will Smith's character.IN ENTERTAINMENT y Jaden Smith played the lead role in the remake of The Karate Kid. . His father being one of the producers of the film. His parents.

. Donald Trump. Jr. . Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump are Executive Vice Presidents of Development & Acquisition in their father's company.IN BUSINESS y Donald Trump's children.

without regard to their merit.DEFINITION y The word nepotism comes from the Latin word nepos. meaning "nephew". y Nepotism is favoritism granted to relatives or friends. . y Practice of appointing relatives and friends in one's organization to positions for which outsiders might be better qualified.

when some catholic popes and bishops. who usually had no children of their own. or revenues on any relative. y This practice was finally ended by Pope XII by preventing people from bestowing estates. . with the exception that the one can qualify on merit base. gave their nephews such positions of preference as were often accorded by fathers to son. offices.HISTORY y Nepotism gained its name after the church practice in the Middle Ages.

y Creates more social problems for society. .EFFECTS OF NEPOTISM y Somehow creates a fear in a student regarding his future which ends as not stepping in higher education. y Act as a barrier in the development of the society and country. y Results in corruption.

the only way to stop nepotism is by bringing a change within an individual that I am only good for the position or post for which I can qualify on merit rather than by my father`s relatives or social groups.HOW TO AVOID NEPOTISM y Although in few countries there are policies to avoid nepotism. . but its unfortunate that we don t have any such policy. y According to me.

A .THANK YOU No person connected with me by blood or marriage will be appointed to office.S. Rutherford Birchard Hayes 19th President of U.

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