Pranic Healing

Mind and Body II Raúl Guzmán Vidal Dra. Milva Vega

.Introduction ‡ Pranic healing is a type of energy medicine that utilize universal life force or prana for the purpose of healing. ‡ Prana is known in India as the force or the body healing energy. The same as chi to the Chinese or mana to the polynesians. ‡ Created by a Chinese-Filipino spiritual taecher and energy master named Granmaster Choa Kok Sui.

practical. . optimum energy healing system that anyone could learn and use. In 1987 Choa Kok Sui published his first book and held his first workshop introducing Pranic Healing. Kaballah.Choa Kok Sui Choa Kok Sui spent years researching the root teachings of esoteric systems such as yoga. effective. chi kung. and many others in order to create a simple.

.Energetic Anatomy ‡ Pranic healing teaches that illness and health problems result from disturbances to the flow of prana through a network of power centers. the aura. and energy fields that interpenetrate the physical body called energetic anatomy or simply. passageways.

‡ Inner aura: inner shell of prana that begins inside the body and extends 5 outside. ‡ Meridians : body s energy channels that transfer prana to and from the chakras and nearby organs and parts of the body. . ‡ Health aura: 2 foot long rays that radiate from a persons pores.5 basic components of aura: ‡ Chakras: power centers of the body that take in and distribute prana. ‡ Outer aura: begins inside the body and extends several feet beyond inner aura.

.Aura Of the body s three auras outer. inner and health Pranic healing is most concerned with the inner aura.

Chakras .

‡ Pranic healing mostly works with the larger meridians because they control the smaller ones.Meridians ‡ Meridians are the body s energy channels. ‡ The two major meridians are the functional channel and the governor channel. . ‡ The body has several large meridians and hundreds of smaller ones.

conscious methods of acquiring prana can be employed to obtain a more powerful healing energy. We also get prana indirectly by the food we eat. the earth and the sun. . the ground prana is aquired by walking and the sun prana we get it by exposure to sunlight. more powerful. ‡ Other. ‡ We get air prana by breathing.Prana ‡ There are three principal sources of prana: the air.

if you have the proper training. ‡ Healing occurs in the energy body before it becomes apparent in the physical body. ‡ When there is an energetic disturbance in the body a disease state is created. ‡ You can sense. you are in a state of health. ‡ The body always moves toward homeostasis. ‡ Illnesses manifest in the energy body before they manifest in the physical body. ‡ The root cause of the energetic disturbances that cause many physical ailments is frequently negative thoughts and emotions stored in the body. and direct the body s supply of prana to improve your health . increase. .Basic Laws of Energy Self-Healing ‡ When energy flows through the body properly.

‡ Pranic breathing ‡ Energy manipulation ‡ Energetic hygiene ‡ Meditation ‡ Energy-generation exercises .Six steps to self healing ‡ Clearing negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

and limiting beliefs from the body. traumatic memories. . fears. ‡ They must be cleared in order to restore the body s energetic balance. where they block the flow of prana. phobias.Clearing negative emotions and limiting beliefs ‡ Includes several techniques for removing negative emotions. anxieties.

Pranic breathing ‡ Pranic breathing is an optimal breathing technique that promotes physiological and energetic health benefits. . and most important. an enhanced immune system. including improved circulation. the ability to draw in greater amounts of prana to be used for general energizing and specific self healing. reduced strain on your heart.

the method by which you use your hands to feel for energetic imbalances. ‡ They include scanning. the process of drawing in prana and supplementing depleted areas.Energy manipulation ‡ These are three unique Pranic healing techniques. . the technique for manually cleaning away dirty or congested prana. ‡ Sweeping. ‡ Energizing.

special physical exercises. an energetically clean home and work environment. breathing practices.Energetic Hygiene ‡ This is the practice of keeping your energy body as clean and charged up as possible through emotional regulation. . dietary recommendations. meditation. and the appropriate use of salt as a cleansing remedy.

and increase your flow of healing. . cleansing energy.Meditation ‡ Meditation helps still your there is a mini version of the full meditation. calm your body. ‡ in http://pranichealing. Meditation on Twin Hearts is a powerful meditation used in Pranic healing on peace and lovingkindness.

Energy-generation exercises ‡ There are many energy generation exercises from many disciplines such as yoga. Chi-Kung but the two most powerful routines taught in pranic healing include: ‡ Tibetan Yogic exercises ‡ Mentalphysics exercises . Tai-Chi.


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