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Hindu way of approach to Theory of motivation
The Rishis of this holy land after spending generations on experiment have found that the real cheer and satisfaction of a man lies not in the outer world but in his own inner subjective world. Employees, therefore, need to be chastened to work beyond their selfish need by bringing forth in them the 'Yagna-Spirit'- the spirit of service and selfless sacrifice.

Ishtan bhogan hi vo devah dasyante yajna bhavitah .


this treatise is the first ever book written on Practice of Management.  It consists of 15 chapter. .  In all probability.Arthashastra  The treatise on Economic Administration was written by Kautilya in the 4th century before Christ. 380 Shlokas and 4968 Sutras. It is essentially on the art of governance and has an instructional tone.


Purohit.Hierarchy by Kautilya KING AMATYA COUNCIL COUNCIL INCLUDES Mantris. the Ministers. the Heir Apparent or identified successor to the throne . the warlord or the Defence Minister. Senapati. the Chief Justice and Yuvaraj.

labor and employment. namely. as an organization. is a social organization with economic aim. . he shows the depth of his knowledge of the major element of effective and efficient implementation of business processes. calamities and control of vices. individual industries. At this stage.Human aspect of management Arthashashtra has detailed policies for the society. the human aspect of management. He observes that the State.

. meaning inactivity. meaning excess Alasya.HE WARNED HIS SWAMY ABOUT TWO ATTITUDES Pramada. to be watched for and avoided.

Qualities of a good leader ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Drudhachitta (power of concentration) Shilavan (character) Pragna (thinking capability) Vangmi (communication skills) Daksha (observation / vigilance) .


Goals in Life ‡Kama: Desire ‡Artha: Material attainments wealth. the apparent reason for action ‡Dharma: Code of conduct ‡Moksha: Excellence in work. . the nonapparent reason for action. to go beyond material desires.


Teachings From Bhagwat Gita "asamyatatman a yogo dusprapa iti me matih vasyatmana tu yatata sakyo¶vaptum upayatah" .

"karmany evadhikaras te ma phalesu kadachana ma karma-phala-hetur bhur ma te sango ¶stv akarmani" .

emphasizing team work . . co operation. harmony and trust and indeed potentially sacrificing lower needs for higher goals. putting others before oneself. dignity.Theory Of Self-Transcendence ‡ Self-Transcendence It involves renouncing egoism." It is the ego that spoils work. ‡ "Work must be done with detachment.


‡ Jamwant motivated Hanuman about his powers ‡ Sri Ram motivated vanaras in the construction of bridge to Lanka ‡ Story of a little squirrel¶s contribution to the construction of the mighty bridge to Lanka ‡ Dedication of Bharat towards his brother .

You are virtuous and modest.Jamwant to hanuman ji: ³You are immortal. .Always let your employees know they can deliver. Crossing the sea is no hard task to you´ Lesson . You alone can help us to fulfil Rama's purpose.

an effort should always be appreciated. . and however small.Every task is equally important.Lesson. A project can never be completed by the main people alone. They need the support of all.


. tantras. or five. which may be translated as Moral Science or Ethics. It teaches us: How to succeed and enjoy happiness in this world of men with varying dispositions by using the pancha.THE ORIGIN Panchatantra is a book that belongs to a branch of study called Neeti Shastra.

Lesson ±Always involve your workforce for the achievement of any task. . Also make them realize of their true potentials.

Implication of Motivation lessons from Ancient scriptures .

" . shirking your duty and losing your reputation. you will incur sin. infamy brought on a man enjoying popular esteem is worse than death. He says: "If you refuse to fight this righteous war then.Tips to win from Mahabharata Narayan Murthy case: The supreme management guru Krishna comes and gives a management insight to Murthy. people will also pour undying infamy on you.nay.

It is the the Pandavas and Kauravas theory of management. A weapon.Be it Narayan Murthy or The Ambani brothers Mahabharata is the battle for money. . than can be used to save and foster or to harm or exhort. power and land The corporate Mahabharata is the study of the use and abuse of power.

1941 one of the great defining moments in history .Sunday December 7.

Attack on Pearl Harbor USA s Arizona (navyl ship) sinking during the attack. .

fleet.350 out of which 1. At 06:05 hours on December 7 The six Japanese carriers launched a first wave of 183 aircraft and second wave of 170 Japanese aircraft bombing pearl.S. Nine ships of the U.The attack was devastating in loss of life and damage to the U. fleet were sunk and 21 ships were severely damaged.S. Three of the 21 would be irreparable The overall death toll reached 2.177 were from the Arizona .

Roosevelt ³ Brave American soldiers with just 16 aircraft hit the heart of Japan ³spark of motivation´ . President ³speech by Franklin D.Declaration of war against Japan by mr.

Roosevelt Declaring state of War and Motivating Americans .Speech by Franklin D.

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