Ethics in sports

Ethics in sports core values to sport ‡ Fairness ‡ Respect ‡ Equity .

´ .Ethics in sports ³An example of good ethics is players knowing the rules of a game and following them.

. ‡Respect for the rules of sports. recognition that natural talents and their perfection.ENHANCING DRUGS IN SPORTS ‡ Drugs Utilization has always been a debatable issue across the world of athletes ever since its inception.

‡ Sports would become a competition between pharmacologists if people wanted to use these drugs and if it were to become legal. they want to see the highest possible achievements by men and women in their own strength. .‡ People don't throng arenas to watch supercharged athletes.

‡ where such harmful actions bear no direct relationship to the rules and associated competitive goals of the sport. can we claim that all violence in sport is morally wrong and therefore should be penalized or banned outright ‡ VIOLENCE IN SPORT is a physical assault or other physically harmful actions by a player that takes place in a sports context .VIOLENCE IN SPORT ‡ As a society. .

VIOLENCE IN SPORT Violence in sport to policies or standards. it becomes clear that there are many questions to resolve. ‡ Intention ‡ Violence within the rules ‡ Accepted or expected violence outside the rules ‡ Informed Consent ‡ Scope .

amounts to gambling. ‡ Gambling becomes the irrational effort to maximize chance against reason. ‡ The SMS game introduced in IPL in which fans make ball by ball predictions for cash prizes.GAMBLING OR SPORTS BETTING ‡ The ethics surrounding the gambling issue is surprisingly complex. . ‡ Illegal gambling has already adversely affected sports. legalizing it would simply make matters worse ‡ Proponents of legalized sports betting generally regard it as a hobby for sports fans that increases their interest in particular sporting events.

ed registered .ETHICS IN SPORTS COACHING ‡ The coaching process is an inherently moral one with an inescapably ethical dimension ‡ Ethical issues in contemporary sports coaching: ± coaching special populations ± the ethics of talent identification ± understanding the limits of performance enhancement ± coaching dangerous sports ± expatriate coaching ± Setting professional standards in sports coaching.

SPORTS MEDICINE ‡ There are a number of ways in which sports medicine differs from the predominant form of practice in 'mainstream' medicine. ‡ The precise nature of their professional duties and allegiances depends upon the network of relationships in which they find themselves. whereas sports medicine is generally pursued in private ‡ The sports person should also be informed of his health status in case of injury or pain and its effect on his career. . physiotherapy and allied fields. ‡ Mainstream medicine and physiotherapy are hospitalcentred.

‡ There are certain ethical issues that affect what sports broadcasters can and cannot say on the air. trips. such as tickets. money or merchandise ± Truthfulness and Accuracy ‡ They must respect the dignity and privacy of the people they are reporting on . ± Personal Views ‡ Job is to present a fair account of what's going on in the game ± Freebies ‡ A sports broadcaster shouldn't accept freebies from any professional teams.ETHICAL ISSUES IN SPORTS BROADCASTING ‡ Sports broadcasters are an integral part of the sports experience and keep viewers up to date on every move and aspect of a game.

even player¶s auctions get fixed. ‡ There is a lesser transparency in the way the entire system works and this contributes to a lot of collusion and raises a lot of ethical questions.PRICE RIGGING (OR) COLLUSION ‡ The facts of IPL auction issue to see how price rigging had been done. . ‡ Just like how matches get fixed these days.

‡ Nike.CORPORATE AND SPORT SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ‡ Corporations in the business of sport have not escaped the watchful eye of community opinion. ‡ Corporate managers and sport managers alike can enhance the economic prospects of their organizations ‡ The social benefits that they deliver to society by better harnessing the power of sport to deliver on social and community objectives. . ‡ Sport organizations should first conduct an assessment of their social obligations. has suffered at the hands of an µanti sweatshop¶ campaign that has forced them to change their outsourcing practices and develop rigorous CSR policies. one of the most vilified companies in the world.

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