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Brand: Sprite

Category : Beverages Non-alcoholic

Product : Sprite Xpress pack 350ml

Creative & Production: Encyclomedia Networks Pvt. Ltd.

The Market Scenario

Absence of on-the-move beverage culture in India Choice made by most Indians is to stop at a particular place for tea, coffee and carry out their snacks.

Sprite Xpress !!

The Mobility factor of the product is the big Idea behind Sprite Xpress. It is more of a package communication, focusing on the new packaging. The Category context in which Sprite Xpress is rooted is that in India, while eating or snacking culture is rampant when individuals are travelling or on the move, the habit of moving around and consuming a beverage is largely underunderdeveloped. Sprite Xpress is the change catalyst that aims to open up this new space and provide consumers an opportunity to enjoy their beverages while they are on the move!!

Campaign Name :

Sprite Xpress Ghumo Ghumao!

The word Ghumo represents the take it anywhere quality of the product, and Ghumao is an attribute of today s go-getter youth, which symbolizes clarity of thought and smartness

Campaign Objective s

To build a stronger connection with the youth. Offer convenience to the end consumer. To adapt to the dynamic and on the move lifestyle of the consumers.

To emphasize on the mobility characteristic of the product.

Medium Used to create awareness:


The Creative angle

22 different outdoor media formats were used. Every media format had a customized creative designed specifically keeping in mind the media and it s size. The idea was to create a forced visibility scenario wherein the target audience sees the message while on the move !! The outdoor campaign was planned in a way that it reinforced the mobility of this pack. In the tagline, Ghumo Ghumao the word Ghumo represents the take it anywhere quality of the product and Ghumao is an attribute of today's go getter youth, which symbolizes clarity of thought and smartness. Based on this tagline and what it stands for, various high impact and eye catching creative's were designed and executed.

Media Formats Used

Billboards Bus Shelters Complete train Wrap (Mumbai) Volvo bus wrap ( Mumbai & Bangalore) Platform Branding (Mumbai) Elevators Escalators Delhi metro station branding. Metro in coach panels Metro Grab Handles Railway Led ( Mumbai) Suvarana bus wrap ( Bangalore) National Highway Boom Barriers ( Delhi) Pole Kiosks Center Medians. Truck Backs Car window graphics Glass Faade Branding, Subway Animation Car Glass Graphics Bus Back Panels Mall Drop Downs

When they are on the move

Billboards Building Facades Hoardings

When they commute !!

Bus Stops Highways Airports Railway Stations

When they ride !!

Bus Wraps Train Wraps In-train Panels Grab Handles

Subway In tunnel Advertising

About the Innovation .

It is common experience for most of us traveling in a lift or bus or a train to stare out of the window, at nothing. In a confined space, where people are forced to concede personal spaces, their discomfort makes them avoid looking at each other. Capitalizing on this fact Encyclomedia along with Sub Media India has come up with a media first - an innovation in the Delhi Metro for the brand. The Dark Tunnel through which the train passes is the place where this innovation is executed. The technology consists of two sets of processes one a specially designed display box, which houses the images, frame-by-frame placed next to one another; and -the other process consists of changing images in such a manner that when installed in the displays and watched by a moving audience, they appear moving without any blur, any distortions. The design of the boxes incorporates variables like speed of the train, distance of the viewers etc. The software consists of modifying the images in manner consistent with the above variables. Both these together along with the moving audience creates the motion picture effect. The technology in question is used essentially used play television commercial films but Encyclomedia took this innovation to another level when they designed and rendered a 15 second animation for Sprite Xpress .This animation had the new and improved 350ML bottle doing all sorts of outdoor sports such as skate boarding, surfing etc. accurately conveying the message that the new pack is for on-the move consumer. The animation was then broken frame by frame thereby making 280 frames which were then used for the innovation. This being achieved, when the train passed through the tunnel, the people inside the train could see a short animation film on the walls of the tunnel which had the new and improved 350ML bottle skate boarding, surfing and breaking through glass panels.

and the result.

The campaign received an overwhelming response and Sprite has been consistently gaining market share month on month. Spokesperson from Coca Cola India. Sprite has trounced PepsiCo's flagship Pepsi to emerge as the Number 2 in the pecking order of soft drink sales in India. Sprite overtook Pepsi in October 2008 and since then, its market share has inched upwards while that of Pepsi has slipped. Industry Source.