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Oracle DBA/Apps training Java training

Objectives of IT professional
1.To know the significance of Information Technology(IT)for organization processes, 2.Learn the technology 3.Practice the technology 4.Implement the technology 5.And excel performance from technology.

Orafact Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Be smart & Reliable
‡ Every one is talented in one or another way. ‡ Right training revokes hidden skills and makes to reach perfection. ‡ We align your skills/knowledge to make you an IT professional.

What is Orafact
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ IT services organization Focused areas are education and recruitment 90% success rate in recruitment Training methodology is uniquely framed. Our experience and continuous research on training methodologies excels in recruitment process from us.


Interactive training methodology
‡ Fundamentals to Advanced. ‡ Technical issues with maximum functionalities. ‡ Real time cases and previous case studies. ‡ Screen shots ‡ Examples and illustrations. ‡ Tricks and tips to handling complexity and resolving it. ‡ Soft skills, Interview skills and faq s

What you can do in Orafact along with training?
‡ Experimentation:
± We don t bother for your experiments in your technology as we have most advanced infrastruture for you to do your innovative experiments.

Share & Explore ‡ Share your skills with your peers. Explore the innovative side of you. And finally reach the stage where confidence is your USP.
‡ In Orafact, we train you how to get confidence by considering factors affecting confidence.

Learn in an innovative way that you ve ever learned ‡ Our training, our lab, our assignments, your peers in class-rooms all these make you to learn in innovative way that you ve never and ever experienced.

It s not just a class-room!
It is like a work place. It is like a research hub. It is like a sharing and exploring knowledge. It is learning technology with excitement. It is place where IT aspirants exist around you. It is hub of innovations and road to your career

Expectations About Future

5 4

2 1

80% 70%

Make it secure and progressive growth

60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% A B C

We wait for your job! .

Pay fee after you get a job

Excellent Placements

‡ 90% success rate in placement

Today, our students are working for Oracle Corporation India (SSI,GSD groups),Genpact , Sierra Atlantic, AT & T(formerly called USinterne tworking Inc . ) , IBM india , APPS Associates Pvt Ltd., Fujitsu Consulting India ,Global Technology Services LLC, OSI Consulting Pvt Ltd, INTELLIGRO UP,Enrich IT etc.,

Shankar Orafact +91-9032719333 +91-9032719222

Email : shankar.orafact@yahoo.com
ORAFACT Solutions Pvt Ltd. Plot No. 532, UPTown Cyberabad Building A-Block, 2nd,3rd & 4th Floor ,100 Feet Road, Hitech City, Madhapur-5000081. Hyderabad, India

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