In Search of Engagement

16th December, 2005

Agenda      What is Employee Engagement ? Why Engage Employees ± the value proposition A Case Study ± How ABC Engaged Sumit ? A Model ± A Culture of Employee Engagement Conclusion ± 10 Engagement Commandants .

and helpful to.What is Employee Engagement ? Employee engagement is a step ahead than employee Satisfaction:       Belief in the organization Desire to work to make things better Understanding of business context and the µbigger picture¶ Respectful of. colleagues Willingness to µgo the extra mile¶ Keeping up to date with developments in the field .

Why Engage: Value Proposition  Linkage with business results  Hewitt Study: High positive correlation between engagement scores & Total Shareholder Return/ sales growth   Towers Perrin Study: 17% higher operating margins Mercer Study: Increase in employee engagement reduced employee turnover by 3% and resulted in ROI of $3 million  Great Places To Work Institute & Russell Investment Group: Stock market performance of best employers in US outperforms major stock indices  Our study on stock market returns of Best employers in India .

507 5.696 % increase 150% 75% 2004 1000 5696 2005 1435 6556 % increase 44% 15%  Limitations    Data available only for 2 years Not all Best Employers are listed on the stock exchange Market Capitalization figures for Best Employers not easily available .Study: Market Returns of Indian Best Employers   Methodology Finding  The Great Places to Work Index (GPTWI) outperformed BSE Sensex for two years Summary of findings Index GPTWI BSE (Sensex) 2003 1000 3250 2004 2.

who experienced culture of Engagement at ABC First day @ ABC    Warm welcome ± Bouquet.A Case Study: How ABC Engaged Sumit ?    ABC is one of the biggest IT Company situated in Delhi NCR region Case is about Sumit. individual performance Individual development plan Conducive Work Environment First year @ ABC     . ready joining kit Buddy from day one Comprehensive Induction   Meeting with manager Discussion with manager Expectations from Sumit ± organization values. teamwork. name on the soft board.

corporate quiz etc Employee drive communities Various communication channels to express individual views  Sumit¶s Final Words  Choosing the right fit and giving a realistic job preview to the employees Strong induction and orientation program Employee development opportunities for growth Keep up the morale of the employees and drive them towards excellent performance Regular feedback to all Effective communication channels to express views Maintain the quality of work-life An open and transparent culture to empower its people        . sport events.A Case Study: How ABC Engaged Sumit ?  Life @ ABC     Open & transparent culture Cultural activities.

Model . team work.Culture of Employee Engagement Strong foundations & Systems Building organizational confidence Strong leadership showing direction. initiative & collaboration . accountability. developing confidence in people Culture open communication.

2. 5. 3. 6. processes & programs Communication. including periodically sharing of future plans of the organization 4.Conclusion: 10 Engagement Commandants 1. Open. 8. 7. 10. Strong leadership to build confidence in employees Robust and employee friendly systems. fair and transparent work environment Defined goals and expectations Better support from immediate manager Focus on employee development Rewards and recognitions for the good performance Competitive compensation and benefits Work life balance & fun at work place . 9.

Are you engaged ? .

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